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beyerdynamic MMX 300 High-End Headset - Facelift 2012

This headset could easily have been our all time favorite because it combines so many great virtues. Its greatest vice besides the hefty price tag is without a doubt the 1:1 conversion rate going on at the moment. In Europe this headset is available for a staggering €299 and in the states it sells for the same amount just in Dollars.  Mehr …Weniger …
Considering the exchange rate between the two currencies, Europeans are effectively paying 30% more than buyers in the USA. Besides the obvious pricing issues the beyerdynamic MMX 300s proved to be quite a treat for the ears. Compared to other headphones and headsets costing around € 200-300 they can definitely hold their own even when it comes to music reproduction and detail retrieval. It is clear that the MMX 300s have a slightly modified sound signature compared to the other beyerdynamic models I have come across, but I suspect this is to make it better for gaming. The bass is quite prominent and has a tendency to drown some lower midrange details, but this is easily remedied by using an equalizer.


+ Best sounding headset

+ Good comfort

+ Good microphone

+ Easy to drive well

+ Good imaging

+ Highly resolving
Wer 300 Euro Budget hat, bekommt mit dem MMX 300 ein großartiges Headset. PCGH-Wertung: 1.49
Die Klangqualität, sowohl der Lautsprecher wie auch des Mikrofons, überzeugen auf ganzer Linie und die Verarbeitung ist echte deutsche Wertarbeit. Die USB Sound Karte ist eher eine „Dreingabe“. Die Wertung ist eindeutig Gold.
I have really enjoyed my time with the beyerdynamic MMX 300 headset. OK I admit the packaging was not up to much considering the premium nature and premium price! But there’s no doubting its build quality, the headset feels bullet proof, and it must be as beyerdynamic offer a 5 year warranty! It looks good too, no it doesn’t shout Gamer it’s subtler than that, it’s cool that’s what it is…
beyerdynamic MMX 300 High-End Headset - Facelift 2012

Ultimatives High-End Headset von beyerdynamic für Gaming und Hi-Fi in der 2012er Facelift-Edition - MADE IN GERMANY!

Art.Nr.: GAPL-336

269,00 EUR *

beyerdynamic MMX 300 High-End Headset - Facelift 2012 Verfasser: Epi84

Kundenmeinung: So kann mich erstmal meinen Vorpostern anschließen das Headset ist über 1A, sowohl Verarbeitung, Klang als auch der Tragekomfort ( bin Brillenträger ).
Was aber unablässig für dieses Headset ist, ist eine GUTE Soundkarte. Hatte bis gestern ...

Mehr... 5 - königsklasse

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