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BitFenix Ghost Midi-Tower schallgedämmt - schwarz

Finally, we conclude by telling you that the quality of construction and finishing reached a higher level than previous productions of the brand, which tends to demonstrate that the manufacturer seeks to join the brand's most views when regarding the price / quality ratio
Christoph meint: Gut ausgestattetes Silent-Case zum erschwinglichen Preis!
The Ghost offers a good compromise between a budget and a request for silent configuration.
Overall, the BitFenix Ghost brings a lot of cool aspects together for an appropriate price.
What we have then is a basic but very good value case. Quality is good, with a feature set you would expect for the price. Ok so a few little niggles to get in the way of perfention. Put it this way, if you've been looking at the R4 as a budget silent case your decission just got a little harder. A Ghost it may ben but a Slimmer it isn'
The chassis is pretty good as well, and have basic features are flourishing with, for example, a SATA dock.
If you want to buy a mid-tower case with dampening panels, the Bitfenix is a very good choice for its price.
Das Urteil fällt eindeutig aus: das BitFenix Ghost ist ein gelungenes Gehäuse, das sehr hochwertig ist, und bei dem an fast alles gedacht wurde.
That said, with a price of about 99 €, report quality / price of which remain attractive. The interior space is reasonable and will without major problems existing formats. Hardware is complete and does nothing wrong and installation is painless.
The design of the BitFenix Ghost Chassis is certainly functional, but at the same time, I quite like the sleek black look as it looks both serious and professional. It also fits into most environments, whether for work, for the kids, or for that new entertainment/gaming room.
Finally wanting to consider aspects of outfit, appreciate once again the capacity of BitFenix ​​to rationalize the costs, while offering complex in a bundle and a packaging absolutely satisfactory.
We feel that BitFenix did a great job with the Ghost Chassis by creating a silent computing case that allows for vast cooling options and the fit and finish gives the Ghost our Great Hardware Review.
Ghost is a case that BitFenix ​​presented as a structure designed for lovers of peace. Indeed, the use of side soundproofing mat should do much good, but the manufacturer forgot to properly plug the top hole on the radiator, which makes the noise but comes out easily on the outside and did not feel quieter operation compared to the competition.
Bitfenix Ghost for LTL 320 offers a solid appearance, convenient installation components, dust filters on both sides of the door opening, the external SATA hot swap connector, 240 mm radiator support and, most importantly, a very quiet operation. I am glad that Bitfenix asked for advice and added an extra door at the top do not use fans or water cooling.
When all is said and done the BitFenix Ghost is an all-around decent chassis and is sure to do it’s job and take care of whatever components you put inside. While the NanoChrome may not be to everyone’s liking, it is worth a look if considering a new chassis.
BitFenix Ghost Midi-Tower schallgedämmt
BitFenix Ghost Midi-Tower schallgedämmt - schwarz

Extrem leiser Midi-Tower mit Dämmung, NanoChrome-Oberfläche, Hot-Swap-Schacht, Radi-Mounting, LED-Option, USB 3.0

Art.Nr.: GEBF-064

99,90 EUR *

BitFenix Ghost Midi-Tower schallgedämmt - schwarz Verfasser: Quappe

Ein brauchbares Gehäuse. Die Qualität ist nicht schlecht, weißt jedoch eindeutige Mängel und Designfehler auf. Bei meinem Exemplar war der Power-Schalter defekt ...

Mehr... 3 - gut

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