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NZXT Phantom 530 Midi-Tower - weiß

This chassis has a purpose, high end or extreme system builds that are focused on performance and cooling, anything less isn’t going to do it justice
The Phantom 530 is a chassis that is too good to let pass you by. The modularity, feature set, pricing and optional cooling abilities really shows that NZXT is on point and deserving of your hard earned cash.
Well let’s start with build quality. The 530 is built to a very high standard. It's sturdy, the paint finish is excellent, the Rubber grommets are amongst the best we've ever seen, and the judicious use of screws as opposed to rivets in key locations enable the modder to largely dismantle the case. Why is this important, well if you're not a modder you won't understand, and if you are a modder, then you'll know the first rule of "Mod Club".
By offering excellent water-cooling support, loads of space, and nifty features, like LED lighting, a fan controller, and the separate tray for the SSD, NZXT has made the Phantom 530 a great choice for those wanting something that is more traditional in size—all while still featuring the cool look and excellent paint job of the Phantom line.
Der NZXT Phantom 530 Midi Tower ist rundum gelungen. Sehr hübsche Optik, aktuellste Technik, Flüsterlüfter, Staubschutzfilter, Fronttüre, Kabelmanagement, Stauraum und Verarbeitung. Hier passt eigentlich fast alles.
NZXT has reduced its 820 luxurious and gives the Phantom 530, which is quite a big success! It is spacious, keeps all the advantages of his two older brothers. The chassis is robust, the still look elegant and neat.
Considered one of such quality and care of all aspects of the sale price, equivalent to about € 130 can not be considered fully justified, as it lets you win a product really eslusivo and original, both for design and for their aesthetic value, that the quality of design in the complex and the solutions implemented.
The reference to the Phantom is clearly visible, but clearly dominated by fresh design and design changes for the better. It's not just all a bunch of bizarre-shaped and special-purpose plastics. Phantom 530 is a modern cabinet with excellent cooling performance, quiet operation and lots of practical features.
The quality of NZXT cases have increased dramatically over the years to the point where they have become one of those handful of companies that you just know there products are going to be good, even before you get them out of the box. The Phantom 530 is no exception to this either, but it isn’t just the main features that make it exceptional.
NZXT Phantom 530
NZXT Phantom 530 Midi-Tower - weiß

Weiße Midi-Version des Allround Phantom Gehäuses von NZXT mit 2 Lüftern, entfernbaren HDD-Käfigen und Lüftersteuerung

Art.Nr.: GENZ-098

139,90 EUR *

NZXT Phantom 530 Midi-Tower - weiß Verfasser: Apfelkonzentrat

Kundenmeinung: So,
das Phantom Gehäuse habe ich von einem Freund gekauft und ich muss sagen es gefällt mir sehr ich werde das hier in Pro und Kontra aufteilen damit ihr einen besseren ...

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