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BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Gehäuse - rot

  • BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Gehäuse - rot
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  • Schicker roter Mini-ITX-Cube mit Platz für max. 9 Drives, einen Dualradiator, große Lüfter und lange Grafikkarten
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    • GEBF-061
    • BFC-PRO-300-RRXKR-RP
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Being fairly compact, with the ability to hold large CPU coolers, an ATX PSU and a long graphics card and standard optical drive, the chassis is the perfect base for a high performance, yet compact and portable system.
Hannes meint: Das bisher beste Mini-ITX Gehäuse auf dem Markt!
Das Mini ITX Gehäuse weiss zu überzeugen. Das Design des Prodigy Gehäuse sieht nicht nur toll aus, sondern bietet obendrein auch noch ausreichend Platz für entsprechende Hardwarekomponente.
We have seen mini ITX gaining systems are gaining popularity and we got to say if you are looking for a case for your next mini-ITX build, definitely consider the Prodigy from BitFenix.
Wer sich nicht daran stört, dass sein Mini-ITX-Gehäuse etwas größer ausfällt, ist mit dem Prodigy für fast alles gerüstet. Lange Grafikkarten, Tower-Kühler oder ein paar Festplatten mehr - alles kein Problem für das Gehäuse mit den Tragegriffen.
PC Games Hardware 09/2012 - BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Gehäuse
Spar Tipp - 09/2012
Wer also mit dem Gedanken spielt einen Gaming PC aufzubauen, dabei aber ein handliches Format bevorzugt, der wird mit dem Wunderkind aka BitFenix Prodigy sicher glücklich.
This is far from the first cabinet I look at, and there have also been some mixed pleasures of working with this cabinet. And it will never come around.
There is nothing to dislike about the Prodigy. It’s small, but you know it’s small when you go to buy an mITX case. Front to back, top to bottom, the Prodigy is the perfect base on which to build your dream small form factor system.
Mini-ITX cases have often been really cheap, or not the kind of thing you'd want nestled in your living room. With the Prodigy case BitFenix threw out all our preconceptions and delivered a case which has all you can desire and also looks the business.  Mehr …Weniger …
Available in a multitude of colours for our modern lives, it's the best compact case around.
Mit dem Prodigy hat BitFenix ein rundes Produkt abgeliefert, das den Einsatz leistungsstarke Hardware auf kleinem Raum ermöglicht. Große CPU-Kühler und Grafikkarten stellen für dieses Mini-ITX-Gehäuse kein Problem dar, zudem gibt es reichlich Platz für Festplatten und Solid-State-Laufwerke.
Otherwise, there is a box frame u very well thought design, which can make you want to throw in the Mini-ITX cheaply.
The BitFenix ​​was one of the last manufacturers to join this market. With the release of the Prodigy, the manufacturer finally entered a segment which had no product. Prodigy's success was immediate, leading to the release of different variants and accessories.
For an excellent price / performance ratio you BitFenix ​​Prodigy deserves a medal. Without discussion. :-)
The BitFenix ​​Prodigy lets you configure a high-performance computer into a very compact chassis plate by using a mini-ITX and modular system for storage drives. Lovers of modding have in her a high quality product in which to unleash their creativity as to install two 240 mm radiators is not something that all formed higher towers can boast.
Wenn wir das Wichtigste am Bitfenix Prodigy in einem Wort beschreiben müssten, dann wäre das definitiv "flexibel". Kein anderes Gehäuse hat sich in unseren Händen bisher so vielseitig gezeigt wie das kleine Schwarze. Ein Blick über den Tellerrand zeigt, dass diese Flexibilität bei den Käufern gut ankommt, denn die Individualisierung fällt mit diesem Gehäuse besonders leicht.
In conclusion, this case is nearly perfect for those people wanting to build a competent Mini-ITX gaming system. With brilliant support for air and water cooling, stylish design in a range of colours, admirable cooling performance and acoustic performance, considering that we were using a smaller cooler than normal with it being an ITX chassis.
BitFenix ​​Prodigy is an excellent option for organizing a beautiful and productive system format mini-ITX. Going back to the very first reflections on the concept of successful compact housing and development strategies, we can safely say that the team BitFenix ​​is ​​absolutely correct way
The BitFenix ​​Prodigy is certainly one of the most attractive ITX enclosures that are currently available on the market. It offers by far as much room capacity for powerful hardware like normal sized cases and the opportunity for adequate cooling, both water and air cooling is really good.
I was really surprised at how many options there really are in a small cabinet. There are many options for mounting various discs here if you want to use the server or the like where there should be room for hard drives. But there is also room for that one can make a good gamer setup here, even if you want to run with water cooling.
BitFenix ​​Prodigy is an excellent option for organizing a wonderful and productive system format mini-ITX. Going back to the very first reflections on the concept of successful compact housing and development strategies, we can safely say that the team BitFenix ​​is ​​absolutely the right way.
Bitfenix Prodigy - die Neudefinition des Mini-ITX-Gehäuses
BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Gehäuse - rot

Schicker roter Mini-ITX-Cube mit Platz für max. 9 Drives, einen Dualradiator, große Lüfter und lange Grafikkarten

Art.Nr.: GEBF-061

79,90 EUR *

inkl. 19 % MwSt., exkl. Versandkosten

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