AMD Radeon VII: FireStrike & TimeSpy Benchmarks Leaked?

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Update 2 – AMD Radeon VII: FireStrike & TimeSpy benchmarks leaked?
Update 1 – AMD Radeon Vega VII: First benchmarks online?
Original post – AMD introducing a new graphics card: Radeon Vega VII in February?

Update 2: AMD Radeon VII: FireStrike & TimeSpy Benchmarks Leaked? (external link) spotted once again that Twitter user TUM_APISAK (external link) has served up some leaked FireStrike- and TimeSpy benchmarks for the Radeon VII. Here are the leaked Radeon VII benchmarks:

  • TimeSpy: 8.700 points
  • FireStrike Ultra: 6.800 points
  • FireStrike Extreme: 13.400 points
  • Firestrike: 27.400 points

Depending on the driver version used, we may be able to expect even higher scores. With 3.840 Shaders and a Boost Clock of 1.800 MHz, estimates the Radeon VII to have a processing power of approximately 13,8 TFLOPS. The resolution of 3.840 x 2.160P (4K/UHD) would allow the 16 GB HBM2-VRAM on the Radeon VII to be utilised to the fullest.

As soon as verified Radeon VII benchmarks are available, we will update the blog. The comparisons with high-end graphics cards of competitors will likely make for some very interesting reading indeed. The Radeon VII launch looks set to take place in the first week of February.

Update 1: AMD Radeon Vega VII: First Benchmarks Leaked?

According to (external link) the first Radeon Vega VII benchmarks have been published by ASUS. The performance improvement of the Radeon Vega VII compared with the Vega 64 is in the order of 29 percent. The largest performance increases occur in Fallout 76 and the Radeon Vega VII records 68,4 percent more FPS than its predecessor. With 7,5 percent more FPS in Hitman 2, this shows the smallest increase.

The tests were recorded at 4K (UHD, 3840 x 2.160P). The processor used is an Intel Core i7-7700K paired with 16 GB of 3.000 MHz RAM. Battlefield 5 on the Vega VII achieves more than 60 Frames per Second and Sid Meier’s Civilization VI even manages 97,1 FPS. The Radeon Vega VII is rumoured to be available from February 7th 2019.

According to Tom’s Hardware (external link) there won’t be any custom cards arriving for now, although this isn’t too bitter a pill to swallow given that the reference design of the Vega VII offers a triple-fan cooler design. This is a big departure from AMD’s traditional reference cooler on their gaming graphics cards, which has always been a radial-style design.

Here are the Radeon Vega VII benchmarks leaked from ASUS at a glance:

Game: Radeon VII Radeon RX Vega 64 Performance Increase
Battlefield 5 (DX12) 62,22 FPS 46,72 FPS 33,2%
Battlefield 1 (DX12) 80,52 FPS 59,22 FPS 36,0%
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 82,32 FPS 68,02 FPS 21,0%
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (DX12) 53,42 FPS 40,22 FPS 32,8%
Far Cry 5 62,02 FPS 49,02 FPS 26,5%
Doom (2016) 89,52 FPS 67,22 FPS 33,2%
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 36,02 FPS 28,02 FPS 28,6%
Fallout 76 76,62 FPS 45,52 FPS 68,4%
Destiny 2 65,12 FPS 50,92 FPS 27,9%
F1 2018 (DX12) 78,02 FPS 61,02 FPS 27,9%
Fortnite 46,92 FPS 37,42 FPS 25,4 %
Forza Horizon 4 (DX12) 72,82 FPS 62,82 FPS 15,9%
Grand Theft Auto V 76,22 FPS 60,12 FPS 26,8%
Hitman 2 53,32 FPS 49,62 FPS 7,5%
Just Cause 4 50,82 FPS 42,62 FPS 19,2%
Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War 54,32 FPS 41,62 FPS 30,5%
Monster Hunter: World 35,42 FPS 29,42 FPS 20,4%
Rise of the Tomb Raider (DX12) 58,32 FPS 46,02 FPS 26,7%
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (DX12) 47,52 FPS 36,32 FPS 30,9%
Civilization VI (DX12) 97,12 FPS 78,12 FPS 24,3%
Star Control: Origins 88,92 FPS 69,22 FPS 28,5%
Strange Brigade (Vulkan) 86,72 FPS 60,92 FPS 42,4%
The Witcher 3 55,42 FPS 41,42 FPS 33,8%
Ghost Recon Wildlands 36,32 FPS 29,22 FPS 24,3%
Total War: Warhammer 2 34,62 FPS 28,32 FPS 22,3%
Wolfenstein 2 93,42 FPS 74,2 FPS 25,9%

Original Post: New AMD GPU Coming: Radeon Vega VII in February?

AMD introduced the Radeon Vega VII at CES 2019 in Las Vegas! CEO Lisa Su presented a fascinating talk concerning the first 7 nm gaming graphics card. The Vega 20 GPU-based graphics card is rumoured to boost up to 1.800 MHz and come with 16 GB HBM2-VRAM. The Radeon Vega VII could arrive in February and offer, according to AMD, in up to 42 percent more FPS in games than the Vega 64.

The previewed reference design of the Radeon Vega VII comes with three large axial-style fans and a silver cooler shroud. This represents a break away from the traditional radial-style design for which AMD’s reference cards have previously been known. The cooler of the Radeon Vega VII is two slots high and the card itself is powered by means of two 8-pin PCIe power connectors.

The 16 GB HBM2-VRAM is divided into 4 stacks of 4 GB each. These are connected to the GPU using a 4.096-bit memory bus interface. The total potential throughput is twice that of the Vega 64. Moreover, the HBM2-VRAM is clocked markedly higher than its predecessors. The number of Shader Units on the Radeon Vega VII adds up to 3.840 and 60 Compute Units lower than in the case of the Vega 64 (4.096/64), while the total number of Render Output Units (ROPs) has been doubled to make a total of 128.

The Radeon Vega VII is reported to be coming towards the end of February.

The Specs of the Radeon Vega VII:

Here is an overview of the rumoured specs on the Radeon Vega VII gaming graphics card when compared directly to the Vega 64 and RX 590:

  Radeon Vega VII Radeon Vega 64 Radeon RX 590
FP32 Performance 13,8 TFLOPS 12,7 TFLOPS 7,1 TFLOPS
GPU: Vega 20 Vega 10 Polaris 30
Manufacturing Node: 7 nm 14 nm 12 nm
Shader Units: 3.840 4.096 2.304
GPU Boost Clock: 1.800 MHz 1.546 MHz 1.545 MHz
Memory: 16 GB HBM2 8 GB HBM2 8 GB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth: 4.096-bit 2.048-bit 256-bit
TDP: 300 Watt (?) 295 Watt 225 Watt

The uncut CES 2019 AMD keynote is available to view in the following video.

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