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Become a Racing Pro with the Next Level Racing F1GT Simulator Cockpit!

Caseking Team13. Apr, 2017 - 2 min Lesezeit

Was it your childhood dream to become a racing driver, but somehow things just didn’t pan out that way? Then get a hold of the F1GT Formula 1 and GT Simulator Cockpit from Next Level Racing and live the dream and win all the trophies you ever wanted! The professional dual-cockpit design offers you the ultimate in realism and total immersion gaming, as well as enabling authentic F1 & GT racing positions.

The Next Level Racing F1GT Simulator Cockpit at a Glance:

  • Premium racing-style cockpit manufactured in premium materials
  • Dual-cockpit for authentic F1 / GT racing positions
  • Adjustable mounts for steering wheel, gear stick & pedals
  • Comfortable racing seat with soft lumbar pillow
  • A dream for racing simulation fans everywhere

See the Next Level Racing F1GT Simulator Cockpit in the Caseking Shop!

Get in the Fast Lane with the F1GT Dual-Cockpit

Racing sim fans are always searching for the highest possible degree of realism to capture that sensation of racing on a real track as accurately as possible, as well as the adrenaline that goes with it! With a true racing seat such as the authentic F1GT simulator cockpit you can get closer to this feeling than ever before. The unique thing about this seat is that it allows you to get into either a Formula 1-style racing position or in a GT racing position as quickly as possible. The comfort of this black racing seat as well as the multitude of mounting options for a range of the most common steering wheels, gear shifters and foot pedals, all come together to heighten this authenticity to ensure you feel like you are right there in pole position. The only way to get any closer to that racing feeling is to get out on the track in real life.

Next Level Racing – The Professionals for Racing Simulations

As a premium Australian brand for racing and flight simulators, Next Level Racing maintains a strong focus on innovation and quality and has made a name for themselves as the manufacturer of „must have“ hardware when it comes to the demands of realism and immersion for genre fans. This manufacturer not only offers interesting products to all kinds of gamers, but also products for professional racing drivers, the Australian military, and universities with space exploration programs – all of whom go to Next Level Racing for that feeling of authenticity in the context of simulations.

Besides the range of simulator cockpits, the repertoire of this manufacturer extends to various accessories and components required for authentic racing seats. This means that components such as steering wheels, flight sticks and even monitors can be built in. The manufacturer additionally offers a premium protective mat to prevent floor damage as well as a professional platform for perfect motion simulation. Anyone looking for the pinnacle of realism needs look no further than the extensive product range from Next Level Racing.

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