BitFenix Formula Power Supplies: The Best Possible Protection for Overclocked Hardware!

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More Information on BitFenix' Formula Gold Power Supplies

New BitFenix Formula Power Supplies Offer More Protection for Hardware

The high-end BitFenix Formula Gold power supplies are available in five variants ranging from 450 Watts to 750 Watts and set new standards when it comes to manufacturing quality and performance. Equipped with the most premium components the BitFenix Formula Gold power supplies offer an impressive arsenal of reliable protective circuitry, the likes of which much of the competition can only dream, including: Over Current Protection (OCP), Overvoltage Protection (OVP), Undervoltage Protection (UVP), Overload Protection (OPP), Short Circuit Prevention (SCP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP), No Load Operation (NLO), Surge- and Inrush Protection (SIP). Even the ATX cable is equipped with electrolytic capacitors, which decouple interference, smooths the voltage and acts as a buffer against sudden load peaks in the supply voltage – an ideal power supply for overclockers and modders!

Buy BitFenix Formula Gold Power Supply

BitFenix Sets New Standards with the Formula Gold Power Supply:

  • Highly efficient: 80 Plus Gold certification with up to 92 % efficiency
  • Whisper-quiet 120 mm fans with encapsulated FDB bearings (automatically temperature regulated)
  • Extreme reliability with 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Available in 450 Watt, 550 Watt, 650 Watt and 750 Watt
  • Premium 105 degree Japanese capacitors
  • Polymer solid capacitors for the perfect voltage regulation and minimum ripple


BitFenix also attaches particular importance to low operating noise. Thanks to the modern electronics and the resulting efficiency, there is a marked reduction in waste heat. The 120 mm fan can thus turn very slowly. The specially developed fan control allows operation at just 500 Revolutions Per Minute at low to medium loads. The grille design of the vent offers minimal resistance and this drastically reduces turbulence at the air inlet. This means that the air flow is subjectively near silent at low and medium loads while still remaining (very) quiet at full load.

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