Casemods on Tour: Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas Presents his Fantastic Casemods

Caseking Team 1. Feb, 2019 - 4 min Lesezeit

The Casemods of Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas are real-life masterpieces and he has earned a well-deserved place on the pantheon of the greatest and most successful case modders in the world. Those wanting to take a peek at some of his creations don’t necessarily need to take a trip to Berlin however, because this year Ali is taking his casemods on the road with him!

The first big date is at the German Casemod Championship (DCMM), which will take place in February during Dreamhack in Leipzig. This will be where „LAGERTHA, THE SHIELD MAIDEN“ and „Spartacus – Mod of the Arena“ two of his mods, enter the battle for the top spot. All the following dates that are currently confirmed can be viewed in summary below:

Spartacus - Mod of the Arena
TonySaurus bakes

Casemodding meets Cakemodding

At the DCMM, Ali has two dates setup with „Monsters & Explosions“, the Twitch channel (external link) from GameStar, GamePro, Mein-MMO and IGN Germany. Firstly, THE CRE8OR will do an interview regarding casemodding, then he’ll team up with “cakemodder” extraordinaire Tony Rain to decorate a cake. On Instagram (external link) you’ll find a few of Tony’s masterpieces on show, and it doesn’t take long to appreciate the extent of the talent and creativity on show!

TonySaurus bakes
TonySaurus bakes
TonySaurus bakes
TonySaurus bakes

Casemods of Ali Abbas at MediaMarkt

The Warm-up for Ali’s Big Tour

In order to take the big Ali Abbas Casemod tour on the road, we first need to do a little test drive: As a result the „CRE8OR“ will be showing off a few of his mods at an electronics retailer in Berlin in Wedding (Pankstraße 32-39, 13357 Berlin). On the 9th of February from 10:00 onwards you’l be able to check out his incredible creations. And if you’re impressed by the casemods, why not check out the new gaming PCs we have on offer too at where we have a huge selection of high-end gaming systems. In addition to overclocked gaming hardware for more performance, we also offer gaming PCs with custom watercooling.

The Black & White Gaming System
The Dynamic Pulse Gaming System
The Hologram Gaming System
The Orion X Gaming System

Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas: Geniale Casemods & Unique Mods to Order

The Sky is the Limit, but Let’s Push It a Wee Bit Higher!

— Ali Abbas

Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas is one of the most successful casemodders in Germany and has numerous national- and international modding competitions under his belt:

  • Most successful casemodder in Germany
  • More than 61 national and international titles
  • Maker of exclusive mods, some for NVIDIA, ZOTAC and Bethesda
  • Developer of the SAGE GPU support

Those wanting a custom gaming PC with a unique paintjob or even an extravagant case conversion to call their own can get in touch with Ali at any time. THE CRE8OR welcomes all questions. Of course, other case mods away from the world of gaming will also be present such as mods in the shape of a toaster or even a car – as Ali always says, anything is possible!

>>> To get in touch with Ali Abbas directly <<<
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