Coeus TC & Paean M: Raijintek Introduces New Designer Cases & Riser Card Adapter Kit

Caseking Team 1. Nov, 2017 - 4 min Lesezeit

With Coeus Evo TC and Elite TC, Raijintek launches two extraordinary designer cases onto the market, of which the front, side and cover elements consist entirely of premium tempered glass panels. When combined with the built-in LED fans this allows spectacular views of the installed hardware. In order to accentuate the power of your graphics card yet further, a riser slot bracket with riser card cable which is compatible with multiple tower cases is also available for vertical GPU mounting. Last but not least, the Paean M is a semi-open show case with a variety of mounting options for custom water cooling.

Raijintek Coeus – Tempered Glass as Far as the Eye Can See

The foundations of Raijintek’s Coeus line up are based upon a filigree frame constructed with aluminium and steel elements, along with rubber feet at the corners. Four millimetre thick tempered glass panels are mounted on the sides as well as in the front and the roof of the case can also be removed without tools. The TC variant utilises a modern USB Type-C connector in the front panel which can be inserted in either orientation. The 120 mm fan is also kitted out with white LEDs. Both cases have identical dimensions in terms of their footprint. The Evo TC however is higher and is capable of holding motherboards up to E-ATX format.

The Features of the Coeus Evo TC Case:
Raijintek Coeus Evo TC

  • Premium Midi-Tower for motherboards up to E-ATX
  • Both side windows including front and roof are made of tempered glass
  • Mounts six fans – 4x Iris 12 fans with white LED pre-installed
  • Hose guides & space for 240 and 280 mm radiators
  • I/O-Panel with 2x USB 3.0 Type-A & 1x USB-Type-C
  • Four drive bays for 3,5″- or 2,5″ drives
  • Holds graphics cards up to 35 cm in length and CPU coolers up to 17,5 cm

The Features of the Coeus Elite TC Case:
Raijintek Coeus Elite TC

  • Compact chassis for Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX form factor motherboards
  • Both side windows and front & lid made of tempered glass
  • Five fans mountable – 3x Iris 12 fans with white LED pre-installed
  • Hose guides & space for 280 and 360 mm radiators
  • I/O-Panel with 2x USB 3.0 Type-A & 1x USB-Type-C
  • 3x 3.5″ & 1x 2.5″ or 4x 2.5″ drives
  • Holds graphics cards up to 35 cm long and CPU coolers up to 17.5 cm

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The Paxx Riser Card Kit at a Glance:Raijintek Coeus Elite TC

  • Special slot bracket for vertical GPU mounting
  • Adjustable base for altering the inclination
  • 200 Millimeter long ribbon cable with PCIe x16 slots
  • Compatible with standard-sized tower cases
  • Not compatible with Mini-ITX cases


Paxx – Vertical Graphics Card Installation for Almost Any Case

Raijintek’s Paxx modding kit is a response to the increasingly popular trend towards case modding. Consisting of a riser card extender cable and a special PCI slot shield, a graphics card can be installed vertically in almost all tower housings. The adapter slot cover is attached to the slot covers of the housing and supported by means of an adjustable stand on the bottom of the case or the PSU shroud. The riser cable connects the graphics card to the PCIe slot of the motherboard. Its x16 slot is electrically connected with 16 lanes lines and thus provides the full available bandwidth to graphics cards. A flexible ribbon cable with a length of 20 centimetres is used for data transfer.

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The Features of the Paean M Show Case at a Glance:Raijintek Paean M

  • Spectacular semi-open design with custom watercooling support
  • Tempered glass side panel and anodised aluminium base plate
  • Support for motherboards in Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX formats
  • Up to 3x 2,5″ & 1x 3,5″ SSDs/HDD and radiators up to 280 mm
  • Removable I/O panel with 2x USB 3.0 / 2.0 & Audio In/Out
  • Practical mounting options for reservoirs


Paean M – Semi-Open Show Case with Watercooling Mounting Options

The Paean M is a spectacular show case in Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX variants from Raijintek. The semi-open case, which can also be used as a bench table, also provides a stable base plate consisting of strong aluminium 3 mm thick in black, with a fine hairline-finish. On the right-hand side, the housing is completely open, while the left-hand side is covered with a 4 mm thick tempered glass panel. The I/O panel as well as the side panel can also be removed. Despiteits compact dimensions, there is space in the Paean M for watercooling including an ATX power supply and a 280 mm radiator.

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