Cougar Puritas: The Modder’s Dream Case

Caseking20. Juni, 2018 - 2 min Lesezeit

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The Puritas from Cougar offers lots of room to express your own ideas. Five radiators can fit inside the case simultaneously to make a custom loop or you could employ multiple fans to make the most of the air-cooling prowess of the Puritas. Three fans with red LEDs come pre-installed and illuminate the case’s clean and tidy interior. Tempered glass panels around the whole case make for a truly breathtaking view of your creation. Take it to the limit!

Cougar Puritas

The Cougar Puritas Midi-Tower at a Glance:

  • Front, top and side panels in Tempered Glass
  • Three pre-installed LED fans; total of ten slots available
  • Extensive water cooling support
  • I/O-Panel with 2x USB 3.0, fan control & HD-Audio
  • Graphics cards up to 425 mm
  • Space for Mini-ITX-, Micro-ATX- & ATX form factor motherboards

Tempered Glass in Abundance for the Perfect Look

Both side panels, front and even the top, are covered in tinted tempered glass. All panels have cut-off corners to give the Cougar Puritas its own unique look. The tidy and generously proportioned interior offers a huge amount of space for all manner of water cooling solutions as well as a PSU shroud with the Cougar logo (removable) and space for extra large reservoirs or RGB-LED power supplies. Everything will look great in this case. Buy the Cougar Puritas today to realise the full potential of your next build!

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