CRE8ODORE: The 80’s Style „Wolfenstein Youngblood“ PC!

Caseking Team 1. Aug, 2019 - 3 min Lesezeit

CRE8ODORE: The 80’s Style „Wolfenstein Youngblood“ PC

Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas was tasked by NVIDIA alongside the games developer and publisher Bethesda Softworks to build a new mod: the CRE8ODORE. For the „Wolfenstein Youngblood“ promotion, Ali took an original Commodore CM Model 8032 from the 80s and kitted it out with the latest and greatest hardware. It is also intended to pay tribute to the original Wolfenstein game that started it all, being published for the first time back in 1981 – long since earning its rightful place as a classic in the pantheon of great PC games.

Just like bringing a classic hot rod up to date with the latest technology, Ali took the Commodore CM Model 8032, removed the outdated hardware, and instead subtly modded the case to enable cutting-edge hardware to be installed. To ensure „Wolfenstein Youngblood“ runs silky smooth on this new PC, Ali made sure nothing but the best the world of PC hardware had to offer made it into this build. Needless to say, Ali has succeeded in creating what must be the fastest Commodore of all time.

Let’s put things into perspective. Just how far has PC hardware come since the first Wolfenstein was released? Well here are some figures: Installing „Wolfenstein Youngblood“ would require 15.883 170 kB 5,25″ floppy disks and the installation itself would require some 18 months!

Ali installed the following hardware into the Model 8032:

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
  • AMD RYZEN 7 2700X
  • ASUS Strix X470-I Gaming
  • Team Group T-Force Nighthawk, 16 GB, 3200 MHz
  • Team Group P30 NVMe SSD, 240 GB
  • Seasonic Focus SGX 80 PLUS Gold SFX PSU, 650 Watt

The CRE8ODORE build log is available to watch here:

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