der8auer & THE CRE8OR at the ASUS ROG Convention!

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The first ROG Convention is taking place on April 12th 2019 (external link) courtesy of ASUS. In Duisburg Nord nature park, the Taiwanese manufacturer is planning a celebration of their Republic of Gamers brand and will be offering some specialist workshops in addition to a variety of unique gaming stations – as well as the chance to win some awesome prizes.


Attendees will be treated with the opportunity to meet famous YouTubers like Debitor, Phunk Royal, Frank Sirius and Commander Krieger. When it comes to gaming on the new ROG hardware, Ubisoft has got things covered with the upcoming sequel to the Anno Series: Anno 1800. As for those who would rather opt for some deep space exploration, Cloud Imperium Games will also be demoing Star Citizen.

One of the undoubted highlights of the ROG convention has to be, of course, the attendance of two of the Caseking’s GR8EST: Roman „der8auer“ Hartung and Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas! Roman will be offering, among other things, an overclocking workship while Ali will have five of use unique mods in tow.

OC Workshop with Roman „der8auer“ Hartung“

Roman Hartung
Roman „der8auer“ Hartung (pronounced: „der Bauer“) is a qualified mechatronics engineer (B.Eng.), hardware enthusiast and professional overclocker from Germany. He began making waves in the overclocking scene very early on in life, creating a name for himself and being famous for building some truly ingenious enthusiast-level systems.


As a professional overclocker and Caseking’s own in-house engineer, der8auer focuses above all on innovation – with the result being that his place in the rankings of the world’s best overclockers remains a given year after year. Outside the world of competitive overclocking however, Roman has consistently pushed the envelope in terms of technical advancements and he always has an ongoing top secret project or two. Innovative cooling solutions are one of Roman’s specialities.

Roman offers a range of exclusive OC products at Caseking that enable home users to unlock breathtaking performance, whether in the form of massively overclocked extreme gaming systems for enthusiasts, overclocking bundles, homemade LN2/DICE containers for liquid or dry ice cooling as well as the renowned Direct Die Frames enabling Intel processors to be safely installed minus their heatspreaders and the Delid Die Mate which allows for the painless removal of the IHS.


Roman will be offering the following workshops and live events at the ASUS ROG Convention:

  • Overclocking with liquid nitrogen
  • Bending hard-tubes in the workshop with MarryFox
  • Overclocking Q&A workshop

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Fantastic Casemods with ROG Hardware from Ali Abbas

Ali Abbas at the DCMM 2019
Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas is the genius behind a phenomenal range of casemods. He offers a special combination of talent with an innate gift for taking his casemods from the drawing board and making them a reality – the result being some pieces that blur the line between the world of PCs and art. Over the course of the German Casemodding Championship (external link) in February, Ali succeeded in winning six titles across five categories. „Spartacus: Mod of the Arena“ was a particular success, walking away with three out of the six titles alone. And this is the masteripiece onlookers will get the chance to enjoy in person during the DCMM!
It goes without saying that Ali has several more of his phenomenal casemods in tow and the following will be available to admire at the ROG convention:


  • Spartacus: Mod of the Arena
  • Amageddon
  • The Lancer Unleashed
  • Piracy n Prophecy
  • Lagertha, the Shield Maiden

Check out the following video for a look at „The Lancer Unleashed“:

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