Ducky Shine 7 Blackout & Gunmetal with PBT Double-Shot Keycaps and RGB-LED Lighting!

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The seventh generation of Ducky’s legendary Shine series is in stock and available now at Caseking in “Blackout” (black) or “Gunmetal” (grey) each of which are also available in six different Cherry MX switch variants. Just one look at the Ducky Shine 7 series and it’s easy to see why it’s back again by popular demand. Highlights of this mechanical masterpiece of gaming keyboard engineering include, among other things, scratch-resistant zinc lettering, RGB-LED lighting as well as PBT Double-Shot key caps.

The Ducky Shine 7 Gaming Keyboard in Blackout & Gunmetal at a Glance:

  • 5Ducky Shine 7 Blackout & Gunmetal with PBT Double-Shot Key Caps and RGB-LED Lighting!Premium Cherry MX key caps in 6 versions
  • Scratch resistant surfaces with zinc lettering in 2 colour variants
  • Impressive RGB-LED backlighting
  • Powerful ARM M3 microcontroller & 1.000 Hz Polling Rate
  • PBT Double-Shot key caps for maximum durability
  • Full Anti-Ghosting with N-Key-Rollover via USB
  • Macro- & multimedia function keys
  • Removable USB Type-C cable with gold-plated connectors
  • Rubberised stand-offs: height adjustable in 3 steps

Ducky Shine 7 Blackout & Gunmetal in the Caseking-Shop

PBT Double-Shot Key Caps for Increased Durability:

The (key caps) are made from polybutylenterephthalate (PBT) using a Double-Shot process, meaning that as a result they are significantly more durable than ABS keys. In this process, plastic is poured into a mould so as to make both parts fit with one another. The lower part of the button consists of a transparent materials, while the top layer permits no light to pass through except for via the engraved lettering – this means that the LEDs below the keys are better able to illuminate the keys.

Ducky Shine 7 Blackout & Gunmetal with PBT Double-Shot Key Caps and RGB-LED Lighting!

Mechanical Cherry-MX Switches in 6 Versions:

  • MX Speed Silver are designed for professional gamers due to their extremely fast response times and the ease with which they can be actuated repeatedly. They also impress with their very short actuation point as well as a soft, linear feel to their action.
  • MX Brown represent a popular all-round choice for multiple scenarios, including gaming- and typing, and offer a light actuation feel as well as a tactile switching style and no audible click.
  • MX Red keys offer a very light, almost seamless linear actuation style and are designed to suit gamers that need low actuation pressure. This makes them ideal for a long succession of actions in a short space of time, as might be useful in FPS or RTS games.
  • MX RGB Silent Red switches represent a twist on the original MX Reds combined with patented noise reduction to minimise unwanted noise and making them perfect for use in office environments and in-game communications.
  • MX Blue switches have a very precise actuation point and give plenty of tactile- and acoustic feedback. Thanks to the relatively high activation force required, they are popular among typists and people who enjoy the greater degree of feedback over competing switches.
  • MX Black are similar to the linear MX Red switches and offer a very light, almost imperceptible actuation point – but they offer one distinct characteristic, which is the greater amount of pressure needed in order to activate them. This makes them equally suitable for both gamers and people who type a lot.

Stylish RGB-LED Backlighting:

The highlight of the Ducky Shine 7 is the RGB-LED lighting which allows users to get incredibly creative and really express themselves to the full. It offers a total of eleven different lighting modes. With the LED Zone Customization Mode, users will enjoy the option to create their own lighting profiles and further customise the lighting to their heart’s content. The stand-out feature of the Ducky Shine 7 series lies in how their RGB-LED lighting can be configured entirely without resort to software. All settings and changes can be adjusted and stored by means of an array of button combinations. Alternatively, the RGB-LED lighting can also be controlled via Razer’s Chroma Broadcast software if you so prefer.

Note: The design of the spacebar changes due to Ducky’s altering it to match the Chinese zodiac of the keyboard’s year of manufacture. As such, the pictures will not correspond to the exact design of the keyboard in all cases.

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