Fantasy Basel: Ali „The CRE8OR“ Abbas is on his Way to Comic Con!

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Fantasy Basel – the Swiss Comic Con – is taking place this year from the 10th to the 12th of May. Over an area of 60.000 square meters, Fantasy Basel is a Swiss convention for everything to do with film, games, comics and cosplay. It goes without saying that Ali „The CRE8OR“ Abbas himself will be there alongside his best case building projects and case mods. This year he also has something special in store: „Armageddon: The Sum of All Fears“.

More information on Fantasy Basel is available at the Comic Con Basel website (external link)

„Armageddon: The Sum of All Fears“ on the Way to Basel

Ali has worked for over four years on this special build in parallel with other projects, and in 2016 – following 2500 hours of work – his incredible case conversion was completed. The massive desk case is the deluxe version of an All-in-One-PC and contains the water cooled hardware, two monitors as well as the necessary gaming peripherals.

This incredible build offers a range of tiny details, and it is partially this attention to detail that made it such a great candidate for entrance into the German Case Modding Championship (DCMM). In addition to the honour of receiving the award for best case conversion and second place against a range of spectacular cases, Ali received first place in the „Case on the move“ category for the use of multiple moving mechanical parts.

In terms of moving parts, the conversion includes two monitors that rise up from the table, a keyboard that embeds itself into the desk and a foldaway USB hub. To ensure top quality sound, the conversion offers two loudspeakers on the table while a subwoofer is concealed within the body.

In terms of design, the Armageddon really is designed to look like it was buried in Arctic ice and, as such, it looks „worn“ accordingly. When it comes to the individual components used in creating the case, Ali explains everything thoroughly in the following video:

Custom Mods to Order

Feeling the need for your own unique case mod?

From customised laser-engraved gaming PCs up to elaborate full-blown case conversions, anything is possible! If you would like to buy your own unique casemod, you get in touch with Ali „The CRE8OR“ Abbas directly. Every detail can be worked out with Ali personally so that the end result is your dream PC. From looking like it’s made out of solid steel to a treasure chest: Ali has mastered a multitude of techniques to help make your very own exclusive masterpiece! That said, case mods created by our resident creative genius in chief are not created solely for gamers – the possibilities truly are endless.

>>> To contact Ali Abbas directly<<<
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