Florpad Protective Floor Mats for Gamers & eSports Athletes: Protect Your Flooring in Style!

Caseking15. Nov, 2018 - 2 min Lesezeit

Florpad Gamer-/eSports Protective Mat

Caseking is expanding their product range with the addition of yet another premium brand, Florpad! Florpad’s aim is to protect the floors of gamers in style. The manufacturer’s protective floor mats have been designed from the ground up in accordance with the needs of gamers and eSports athletes everywhere – as such they are highly durable and are even available with a variety of motifs and emblems.

Every Florpad is equipped with a striking design and is manufactured using the very best premium quality materials. On the underside, the protective floor mats include an anti-slip surface so as to prevent slipping, even in the heat of online competition. The Florpads not only look great, they also perform a valuable function in preventing gaming chairs from scratching their expensive parquet flooring or floorboards. Due to the mats‘ generous proportions, gamers are free to dive right into their favourite games without worrying about damaging the floors, and at the same time they are discrete enough that they don’t distract from the rest of your room or setup either.

The Features of the Florpad Protective Floor Mats at a Glance:

Florpad HyperBeast Gamer-/eSport Protective Floor MatsFlorpad Game Zone Gamer-/eSport Protective Floor Mat

  • Stylish protective floor mat for gamers- and eSports enthusiasts
  • Available in a variety of colours and motifs
  • Octagonal shape with impressive design
  • Premium materials and anti-slip underside
  • Water repellent and highly durable
  • Perfect protection for delicate flooring

Aside from laid back designs like the Chill or Health Zone, gamers also have more colourful and striking options available to them including the Beast or Ninja Zone. Of course no line up would be complete without a Game Zone. Particular highlights of the range include the Special and Team collections. The Florpad protective floor mats make for the perfect addition to one of our prize-winning gaming chairs from noblechairs or Nitro Concepts.

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