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Hydra – Italian Premium Cases are Coming to Caseking!

Caseking Team19. Sept, 2017 - 2 min Lesezeit

The Italian brand Hydra with their range of premium cases is available now at Caseking. Hydra has taken it upon themselves to create innovative PC cases along with developing and producing their respective accessories. The cases have been developed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. To achieve this, they asked themselves three simple questions:

  • What do PC enthusiasts want?
  • What do we expect from a product?
  • How can we improve on current products?

The questions were answered with the help of the community and one of the requests that came from this consultation was for unique, customisable, elegant Italian designs that utilised premium materials. Hydra believes that individual customisation should be an essential part of a case. That’s why all of their products can be completely dismantled with the help of an Allen key.

The Most Important Features of the Hydra Desk Case at a Glance:

The Hydra Desk is a spectacular desk case that offers a no-compromises modding experience while pairing premium materials with modularity. The massive amount of space on offer makes it the ideal basis for a custom water-cooled high-end system.

  • Premium aluminium desk case
  • Extreme radiator support
  • Impressive tempered glass surface
  • Up to 16 storage devices
  • Supports up to 2 PCs
  • Modular construction for easy modding

>>> To the Hydra Desk in the Caseking Shop <<<
(click here)

The Most Important Features of the Hydra NR-01 Open Midi-Tower at a Glance:

The Hydra NR-01 can function as an open or closed Midi-Tower, but is also at home as a benching table in the vertical orientation. Combined with its modularity, design enthusiasts and modders get a multi-functional platform that can be customised to meet their personal preferences.

  • Open Midi-Tower or bench table
  • Vertical or horizontal orientations possible
  • Space for long gaming graphics cards
  • Radiators up to 360 mm
  • Modular construction for convenient modding
  • Vertical installation of two graphics cards

>>> To the Hydra NR-01 Open Midi-Tower in the Caseking Shop <<<
(click here)

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