Intel Architecture Day: New Processors, Integrated Graphics and Gaming Graphics Cards

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Quo vadis – Where Are We Headed?

At Intel’s Architecture Day the chip manufacturer released new information about upcoming products. Processors as well as new graphics units took the limelight and Intel introduced the latest generation of iGPUs (integrated Graphics Processessing Unit) and exciting enthusiasts the world over with the prospect of new high-end graphics cards. Here’s a short rundown about the new roadmap Intel has revealed.

Intel Sunny Cove: CPU Architecture for Ice Lake Processors

Sunny Cove CPU Architecture (Source: Intel)
The successor to the Skylake CPU architecture will be called Sunny Cove and will form the foundation for the new Ice Lake family of processors. The Ice Lake CPUs are supposed to use Intels 10nm node and will apparently benefit from additional parallelisation improvements along with reduced latency thanks to new algorithms. More in-depth information on Sunny Cove CPU architecture is available at Computerbase (external link).

Apart from the new CPU architecture, Ice Lake processors will also use the new 10nm node and use a stapled transistor package design (3D stacking). The new Foveros Chiplet-Design is rumoured to use the Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) with 3D Stacking. EMIB (external link) enables multiple chips to function as one on a single die. With 3D Stacking, these can not just be situated next to one another on the die, they can also be stapled to one another. The individual dies can also be manufactured in a variety of node sizes, meaning that a 7 nm CPU chip could be, for example, connected to a 10 nm GPU chip and a 14 nm RAM chip on one die. Computerbase (external link) has additional information.

Gen11 iGPU & Dedicated High-End Gaming Graphics Cards from Intel

Intel Gen11 iGPU (Source:
The Gen11 GPU will use the new Ice Lake client processors from Intel. With 64 instead of the usual 24 Execution Units (EU) the 1 TFLOPS „barrier“ looks set to be broken. This will mean a dramatic improvement in performance of entry-level GPUs. The focus of the Gen11-iGPU is on, among other things, optimising media encoding/decoding while simultaneously supporting 11th-gen iGPUs with HDR and Adaptive Sync capabilities. also has additional information here (external link) and goes briefly into the subject of dedicated gaming graphics cards from Intel. Known previously by the code name „Arctic Sound“, this dedicated GPU (dGPU) is rumoured to be planned for release by 2020. The graphics cards are theorised to be gaming-oriented and target the mid-range segment up to and including enthusiast-level performance. From 2020 onwards, iGPUs and dGPUs will be merged into one with Project „Xe“.

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