Leto and Juno-X: Compact & High-Performance CPU Coolers from Raijintek

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Mehr Infos zu Raijinteks Leto, Leto Pro und Juno-X

The Leto and Leto Pro from Raijintek represents a direct successor to their popular CPU series, and the low-profile design guarantees high compatibility while still offering superior cooling performance. Despite its low overall height of 155 mm, the Leto Pro has an above-average cooling surface area. In addition, Raijintek has increased the number of heatpipes from three to four. They are still located directly on the CPU to enable optimal heat transfer. Raijintek also continues to refrain from soldering the heat pipes when fitting the radiator body to the heat pipes, instead opting to press the two elements together in order to obtain a further boost in heat transfer.

Raijintek Leto Pro RGB

The Leto Pro CPU Cooler from Raijintek at a Glance:

  • Tower cooler with optimal cooling performance
  • Four copper heatpipes with direct CPU contact
  • Mounted aluminium fins without soldering
  • Low 155 mm height
  • Two Iris high-performance fans with RGB lighting or white LEDs
  • Compatible with all current AMD- and Intel sockets


Raijintek Leto

Choose Your Fans

While the Leto is delivered with just one fan, the Leto Pro gets a second included to raise cooling performance even further. Those wishing to install their own additional fan on the Leto can also count on a significant increase in CPU performance.

Maximum Cooling Performance with Raijintek’s Iris Fans

The fans also originate from Raijintek’s Iris series. These offer high-performance cooling with superior airflow of up up to 95,14 m³/h even at low speeds. The stylish fans with RGB lighting or white LEDs include a 120 mm model with a 4-pin PWM connector. They can be regulated by the motherboard, enabling performance to be customised in accordance with the needs of the CPU. This means the cooler can be whisper-quiet or powerful for maximum cooling performance when required. The fan comes with vibration-absorbing pins instead of brackets.

Juno-X RGB: Compact Radial-Style CPU Cooler

The Juno-X from Raijintek additionally represents a small, compact and light offering to their range of CPU coolers. With a TDP of up to 70 Watts it is ideal for HTPCs and other small computers. The “radial”-style fan is made entirely of aluminium and the powerful 92 mm PWM fan is is surrounded by the fins of the cooler. Thanks to its low height of just 50 mm the Juno-X RGB is primarily designed for use in low-profile cases that only offer limited space.

Raijintek Leto Pro RGB

The Raijintek Juno-X RGB CPU Cooler at a Glance:

  • Radial-style aluminium CPU cooler
  • 92 mm PWM fans with RGB-LED
  • Designed for HTPCs and small computers
  • 1.200 – 2.500 RPM
  • 88,35 m³/h / 0,94 mm H2O / max. 26 dB
  • Compatible with all current AMD- and Intel sockets
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