PHANTEKS Eclipse P600S: Super Quiet or Awesome Airflow? You Decide!

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PHANTEKS Eclipse P600S

The Netherlands-based premium case manufacturer PHANTEKS is pushing the envelope once more with an exceptionally innovative and well-made case. The Eclipse P600S can be switched with ease from being an acoustically-oriented case into a setup that prioritises airflow. Moreover, it also supports the installation of two systems at once. This versatility makes it the perfect case for any PC, irrespective of whether your preference is for quiet operation or increased airflow.

The PHANTEKS Eclipse P600S is available in enclosed variants as well as open variants that include a tempered glass side panel. Both side panels of each version can be quickly and easily folded outwards to enable convenient access to the interior. The top- and front panels are also surprisingly versatile given that the panels with sound insulation can be removed to improve airflow.

PHANTEKS Eclipse P600S Silent Midi-Tower, Tempered Glass - Black PHANTEKS Eclipse P600S Silent Midi-Tower, Tempered Glass - Anthracite PHANTEKS Eclipse P600S Silent Midi-Tower, Tempered Glass - White PHANTEKS Eclipse P600S Silent Midi-Tower, Closed - Black

Up to seven fans can be installed in the PHANTEKS Eclipse P600S, and three 140 mm fans come pre-installed. Furthermore, a fan hub is located on the reverse of the motherboard tray which supports up to three 3-pin and five 4-pin fans. This allows the case to offer unparalleled control over airflow, especially in conjunction with the removable covers. Naturally, PHANTEKS included dust filters on the case’s openings to prevent dust building up on the interior. Air cooling aside however, the case also happens to be perfect for watercooling setups given its compatibility with 360/420 mm radiators in the roof or front of the case respectively.

Further highlights of the case include vertical GPU mounting as well as the option of installing a secondary system. As the GPU can be mounted in this manner, PHANTEKS has equipped the case with three slots to ensure compatibility with high-end graphics cards. All that is needed for vertical mounting is a riser cable (available separately). Speaking of additional options: it’s tough to beat the choice of installing an entire secondary system in your case! An additional frame allows a Mini-ITX system to be located in the roof of the case. This is a highly sought after feature among streamers in particular, meaning they are able to save significant amounts of desk real estate while amalgamating their secondary PC into their primary system.

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