PHANTEKS Introduces New Watercoolers, Backplates & PCIe Risers!

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Update 1 – Phanteks präsentiert neue Watercoolers, Backplates & PCIe Risers!
Original Post – PHANTEKS Glacier G2080 FE & G2080Ti FE – Full-Block Watercoolers for RTX Graphics Cards

Update 1: PHANTEKS Introduces New Watercoolers, Backplates & PCIe Risers!

The premium brand PHANTEKS has made some fresh additions to their product range in the form of new full-block GPU watercoolers and PCIe risers. Furthermore, the manufacture now offers backplates for the GPU coolers too!

Phanteks Glacier

After the successful release of the Glacier G2080 FE and Glacier G2080Ti FE watercoolers, PHANTEKS is now bringing out full-block watercoolers for the high-powered graphics cards from ASUS and Gigabyte Aorus. Compatibility is now expanded to include the GeForce RTX 2080 as well as the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. The full-block watercoolers have impressed us once again with their incredible cooling performance due to their use of high-quality materials. The digital lighting, which is addressable via the 3-pin header, allows the watercoolers to look better than ever.

While the new watercoolers can use ASUS’s and Gigabyte’s backplates, PHANTEKS has now introduced compatible backplates in black or chrome to fit the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition as well. Without doubt a serious upgrade and the perfect addition to a full-block watercooler from PHANTEKS!

Phanteks PCIe Risers

Those wishing to upgrade their graphics card to watercooling and make them into the centrepiece of their next gaming PC will also want to take a look at a new PCIe riser cable courtesy of PHANTEKS. Naturally these are as great for air-cooled graphics cards as well. In addition to the vertical GPU bracket, which can be mounted directly into the PCI slots of a case, PHANTEKS also offers straightforward PCIe risers that can be screwed into the bottom of the case and can turn the graphics card by either 90 or 180 degrees. Customising the graphics card’s angle means that nothing stands in the way of making your dream custom build.

Original Post: PHANTEKS Glacier G2080 FE & G2080Ti FE – Full-Block Watercoolers for RTX Graphics Cards!

Phanteks Glacier

The Glacier G2080 FE and G2080Ti FE from PHANTEKS represent the latest and greatest in full-block watercoolers for the new RTX-series of graphics cards from NVIDIA. The premium manufacturer has, as we’ve come to expect from NVIDIA, utilised high-end material technology alongside superb design and aesthetics to make for a truly awe-inspiring piece of technology. These cards are designed for the ground up to meet the challenges of real-time Ray Tracing technology.

The Glacier cooler shines with its RGB-LED lighting in all the colours of the rainbow, making it the perfect addition to any gamer, overclocker or general hardware enthusiast’s rig. The lighting of the G2080Ti FE is even digitally addressable! This can be controlled by means of MSI Mystic Light or ASUS Aura technology directly through the motherboard. This makes it possible for the PHANTEKS Glacier watercooler to look right at home in anz PC, no matter the colour scheme.

The Features of the PHANTEKS Glacier G2080 FE & G2080Ti FE Watercooler at a Glance:

  • Cool design with RGB-LEDs, aluminium & acrylic glass
  • RGB-LED lighting compatible with ASUS Aura & MSI Mystic Light
  • Effective cooling performance thanks to nickel-plated copper base
  • Four G1/4″ ports for custom loop integration
  • Designed for GeForce RTX 2080 & 2080 Ti reference PCB graphics cards


The Glacier G2080 FE and Glacier G2080Ti FE GPU coolers are compatible with the Founders Editions of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti. Custom AIB-design graphics cards may also be compatible, as long as the PCB utilises the standard reference design. Due to the nickel-plated copper base plate as well as a black- or chrome-plated aluminium and acrylic glass cover the waterblocks not only look the part, they also provide excellent cooling performance.

Furthermore, PHANTEKS  offers two new case passthroughs and stop valves in black or chrome-plated brass. The G1/4&ldquo fittings are kitted out with Viton O-rings to guarantee maximum reliability and durability. As high-flow connectors, they are also suitable for use with soft tubing as well as hard tubing.

The new PHANTEKS Glacier G2080 FE and G2080Ti FE Full-Block Coolers are available now for 149,90 Euro at Caseking and will be dispatched from September 28th.

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