THE CRE8OR Presents: The Seasonic QUASAR

Caseking Team24. Mai, 2019 - 2 min Lesezeit

Update – Ali Abbas THE CRE8OR: Now nominated for Mod of the Month over at

Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas presents his new mod: the Seasonic QUASAR. Built thanks to a sponsorship from famous PSU manufacturer Seasonic, the newest mod from THE CRE8OR represents an homage to Sci-Fi spaceships. Inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and many more Sci-Fi genres, the QUASAR is surely the flagship of the Seasonic fleet.

The Creation of the Seasonic QUASAR Mod

Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas is renowned for his fantastic case mods. Some of these mods have been created, as in this instance, thanks to various sponsorships. Ali’s „Gears of War“: The Lancer Unleashed as well as the MEKPRESSO for ZOTAC – a coffee machine-PC hybrid – have both been the centrepieces at exhibitions around the world. Anyone looking for something to get the crowds excited at an exhibition are in the right place. This is why Seasonic got in touch with the CRE8OR after Gamescom 2018 and sponsored the creation of a new mod.

Seasonic is one of the most famous manufacturers of premium power supplies, the likes of which are the PSUs of choice for overclocking legends like Roman „der8auer“ Hartung. With more than 40 years of experience creating high-end power supplies, the Taiwanese company is a force to be reckoned with in the world of PSUs. Apart from well-known Prime- and Focus- series of ATX power supplies, both of which are commonly found in high-end gaming PCs the world over, Seasonic also offers a massive selection of industrial- and server quality units in their line up.

Here are just a few of the unique features found in the Seasonic QUASAR mod:

Seasonic QUASAR
  • Ship’s hull is made from wood
  • Created by hand
  • Represents THE CRE8OR’s first model-casemod hybrid
  • Ship details lasered on
  • Inspired by famous ships of Science Fiction
  • Functioning PC with Intel NUC
  • Ship’s engines created using plastic bottles
  • Ingenious uses of pieces scavenged from boardgames
  • „Sensor“ towers created using gold balls
  • Moving parts e.g. defense systems
  • Integrated LED lighting

The creation of the Seasonic QUASAR mod on YouTube now:

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