THE CRE8OR: Spartacus – Mod of the Arena – Pronounced Casemod of the Year at Bit-Tech!

Caseking Team23. Jan, 2019 - 2 min Lesezeit is an English language website for PC enthusiasts as well as a popular forum for case modders from all over the world. The Bit-Tech forum attacks some of the biggest names in the business, including Caseking’s Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas, one of the most successful case modders of all time. With his „Spartacus – Mod of the Arena“ mod, Ali received the prize for the best casemod of 2018 (externer Link). The mod itself, along with plenty of other awesome mods, will be available to view live at Dreamhack in February 2019.

Spartacus – Mod of the Arena

The work on Spartacus – Mod of the Arena began in December 2017. The casemod, based on a Thermaltake P90, represented Ali’s entry for the Thermaltake Modding Fighting Championship 2. The mod is a tribute to the gladiators of ancient Rome, and takes its name from the most famous gladiator of all: Spartacus, using the stories of his travails in the arenas of the Roman empire for creative inspiration. Apart from winning the title of „Mod of the Year“, Spartacus was also crowned Best Mod of November 2018 to boot. Combined with the „Project of the Month“ title he also received for LAGERTHA, THE SHIELD MAIDEN – this makes for a unique situation: the first hat-trick of modding awards.

Enjoy the phenomenal attention to detail in the „Spartacus – Mod of the Arena“ gallery and be sure to check out his YouTube channel (external link) where the CRE8OR recorded a VLOG on the build process for this incredible casemod.

The full work log can be seen in the Bit-Tech forums (external link).

Check out Live Casemodding: The DCMM in Leipzig

The 17th German Casemod Championship (DCMM) (external link) takes place from the 15th to the 17th of February 2019 in Leipzig at the 3-day long gaming festival known as Dreamhack (external link). Apart from the live modding challenge, where the best case modders face off against one another under the gaze of the general public, tonnes of fantastic casemods also get their first showing. Of course, the best casemods and casecons are also brought out to receive their honorary prizes.

ALI ABBAS THE CRE8OR: Brilliant Casemods & Modding on Demand

The Sky is the Limit, but Let’s Push It a Wee Bit Higher!

— Ali Abbas

Ali „THE CRE8OR“ Abbas is one of the most successful casemodders in Germany, having won numerous national and international modding competitions:

  • Most successful casemodder in Germany
  • More than 61 national and international titles
  • Creator of exclusive mods, including for NVIDIA, ZOTAC and Bethesda
  • Developer of the SAGE graphics card support

Those wishing to give their gaming PC a unique paint job or even an extravagant complete conversion can get in touch with Ali at any time. THE CRE8OR responds to all requests personally. Of course the mods don’t have to be related to gaming, and can come in any shape you wish – whether it’s in the form of a toaster or your first car, anything is possible!

>>> Get in touch with Ali Abbas <<<
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