The Kolink Rocket: A Superb & Stylish ITX Case!

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Straight Power 11 from be quiet!

The Rocket from Kolink represents a coup for the company. Rarely has such a well thought-out design manifested itself in such a compact housing. Its exterior is certainly stylish, featuring large mesh surfaces, but the effect of this is twofold: It also ensures that the spacious interior is capable of housing high-end hardware. Thanks to this ingenious design, the heat it produces can be managed by a single quiet case fan. The Rocket is constructed entirely from aluminium with a stylish brushed gunmetal finish.

The Rocket ITX case from Kolink

The Features of the Kolink Rocket at a Glance:

  • Highly compact form with 9.6 litre volume for powerful hardware
  • High-quality anodised- and brushed aluminium exterior
  • Room for Mini-ITX format motherboards (all sockets from AMD & Intel)
  • Supports dual-slot gaming graphics cards up to 31 cm in length
  • Riser module supporting full PCI Express 3.0 x16 speeds
  • Space for powerful SFX or SFX-L power supplies & two 2.5″ drives

Perfect Use of Space

In spite of the Rocket’s exceptionally diminutive dimensions of 125 x 235 x 328 mm (W x H x D) the interior still has a volume of 9.6 litres – approximately the size of a shoebox. The fact that a complete gaming PC can be installed in the Rocket in spite of its size is the result of a well thought-out design and a simple trick: the graphics card is placed in parallel to the Mini-ITX motherboard in a separate chamber and connected by a Riser cable through PCIe 3.0 with full 16 lanes, so that every single square centimetre of the Kolink Rocket is made the most of. Standard tower designs on the other hand generally leave a lot of space completely unused. You just can’t build a smaller gaming PC!!

Efficient Ventilation

The clever cooling design, which requires only the one pre-installed case fan and makes the most of the cooling integrated into the installed hardware saves precious space. In order to ensure that all components receive enough cool air at all times and that their waste heat can be dissipated effectively, the two side panels of the Rocket are replete with circular air holes spread over a large area.

High-Quality Aluminium Case

On the outside, the innovative tiny case impresses with its ascetic design and its flawless aluminium with its anodised gunmetal finish. The 1,5 mm thick aluminium also makes a lasting impression. The unobtrusive front panel of the Rocket boasts just two USB 3.0 ports with internal motherboard connections. Taken together, the features of Kolink’s Rocket add up to an extraordinarily beautiful case with an array of unique features.

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