The Making of: „PC Reforged“ & „The 67th Brigade“ Casemods

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Here we are on the home stretch to Gamescom 2017 and The 67th Brigade and PC Reforged represent another two of the six total casemods created courtesy of Ali Abbas that are ready to amaze at our stand. While „PC Reforged“ employs the letters that revolutionised the world of computing, „The 67th Brigade“ tackles the world of firefighting. Ali Abbas and overclocking legend Roman „der8auer“ Hartung will also be meeting at Gamescom to experience the latest and greatest gaming hardware and unique casemods!

PC Reforged

The PC Reforged Casemod is Ali’s tribute to the two letter that revolutionised the world of technology and data processing. In almost every household and office today stands a Personal Computer. The first PCs were realised in 1976 and led a computing revolution. Regardless of whether we are talking about a computer in the workplace, a multimedia PC in the living room or a gaming PC: we come into almost daily contact with a PC of some description.

Here is a short overview of some of the money features offered by the PC Reforged casemod:

  • Tribute to two letters that changed the world
  • Mini-ITX case in wood
  • Constructed 100% by hand!
  • First international casemod success
  • With custom curved veneered wood
  • Removable window in the rear
  • Individual components are inscribed
  • Mouse, keyboard, mousepad, speaker & monitor in the reforged style
  • The PC Reforged Build Log (external link)

The PC Reforged casemod takes the letters „P“ and „C“ as a starting point, giving them their very own case. The „font“ of the case is the good old „New Times Roman“ of MS Office fame and the case is completely hand-made. The PC Reforged also represented a kind of revolution for Ali, as the case represented his first success on the international scene as well as his first use of curved wood (four layers).

PC Reforged is a premium PC which uses a Mini-ITX motherboard as a platform and the „blacksmith“-inspired aesthetic means the case looks as if it was put together in a forge. Since the motif of this mod is the lettering, individual components like the DVD drive and the power supply come come inscribed with wooden lettering. The rear of the case comes equipped with a plexiglas window.

Besides the casemod itself, Ali has also redesigned its peripherals in the ‚blacksmith‘ look including the speakers, mouse, keyboard and monitor frame to shine in copper. Another feature to highlight is the standing display containing a blacksmith whose every strike of the anvil is accompanied by ’sparks‘!


The 67th Brigade Rides Again

Golden highlights, red paint and chrome bring to mind old fashioned fire trucks. The 67th Brigade was not just Ali’s homage to these impressive vehicles, but also a respectful tip of the cap to the brave lifesavers of fire services everywhere. Aside from using old heating components, a fruit basket, the thermostat from an espresso machine as well as the fan taken from an old scanner, an Enermax case serves as the foundation for this casemod.

Here is a short summary of what Ali used to create this casemod:

  • Inspired by fire engines through the ages
  • Uses a thermostat from an antique espresso machine for monitoring temperatures
  • Hardware cooled with the help of a custom water loop
  • Fan from an old HP EX SCSI scanner
  • An Enermax case forms the basis of the casemod
  • Converted fruit basket used as the front grille
  • Old copper components taken from heating equipment
  • Multiple hand-carved details like helmets and tools
  • A colourful blend of the colour red along with gold stickers
  • See the build log here (external link)

With the help of an array of ingenious and exotic components Ali has managed to take an Enermax Midi-Tower and turn it into an absolute masterpiece. The thermostat of an old espresso machine measures the temperatures of the custom water-cooling and old pipes, connectors and valves from a heating system lend the case a certain classic look. Additionally Ali also uses other components like a fruit basket and sheet metal as well as plenty of wood, all hand-crafted by the renowned Ali Abbas. After liberally applying bright red to the mod, this elite case modder also added stickers from a collector’s album to add some bright gold flourishes to the case.

The following four pictures shed some light on Ali’s inspirations.


However, the extent of Ali’s creativity is not limited to his ability to create fantastic cases, as the following poem he created especially for this casemod demonstrates:


The Fire Fighter Computer

With a will of forged steel and a titanic strong soul.
He is a man on a mission, knowing only one goal.
His boots, axe and helmet, are his closest of friends.
He eye to eye´s danger, and will fight to the end.
He serves amongst heroes, he never shows fear.
While saving our beloved ones, and all we hold dear.
Just dial up that number, and he will rush to our aid.
I salute all those heroes, of THE 67th BRIGADE.
(Ali Abbas 2014 AD)

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