The Making of: „Samurai Sacrilegium“ & „The Dark Knight: To Server and Protect“ Casemods

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Samurai Sacrilegium“ and „The Dark Knight: To Server and Protect“ are two casemods from Ali Abbas that will be ready to wow crowds at Caseking’s stand at Gamescom 2017. The meticulously-crafted mods, some making ingenious use of everyday household objects, examine the subject of the samurai. While „Samurai Sacrilegium“ takes inspiration from the traditional image of the noble warrior of feudal Japan fame, „The Dark Knight“ occupies itself with the noble crusade for law and justice in modern times, as embodied by the „Batman“ of DC Comics fame.

Caseking at gamescom 2017: Modding Area with Ali Abbas & 6 Master Mods

With his repeatedly award-winning mods, that he manufactures with improvised parts manually like Mac Guyver, Ali Abbas regularly amazes his fans. We are exclusively presenting six of his very best creations at our booth at gamescom 2017 in Cologne. In three making-of blogs we introduce you to all the six exhibited case mods in detail:


Find us here: Hall 8 / Booth C-040 from 23. – 26. August 2017

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Samurai Sacrilegium

Some might say that drawing parallels between modern PC hardware and the storied history of the samurai is almost sacrilegious, and it is from this sacrilegious juxtaposition that Samurai Sacrilegium takes its (fitting) name! Samurai Sacrilegium is essentially an All-in-One-PC in a design that recalls the Samurai of feudal Japan in the middle- and early modern ages. Built by hand with an extraordinary level of attention to detail, the case mod won silver at the DCMM2014 and 2015 modding championships.

Here is a short overview of just some of the many features of the Samurai Sacrilegium:

  • Design inspired by a Japanese archway
  • Adorned with Samurai „kabutos“ and „menpos“
  • Samsung monitor concealed beneath the ingenious design
  • Fully-functional SoC PC
  • Ten-keyless keyboard that slides out on rails
  • Bamboo place-mats cleverly customised to resemble air inlets
  • Speakers behind „nippon“ windows
  • Custom-made Japanese „bokken“ (a type of wooden sword) USB stick
  • See the complete build log with pictures here (external link)

Technically speaking the Samurai Sacrilegium is an All-in-One PC consisting of a Samsung monitor, an SoC motherboard (System on a Chip) as well as a keyboard. The particularly compact ten-keyless keyboard is located on a sliding tray that can be completely hidden. The case for the monitor has been replaced with a wooden cladding reminiscent of a Japanese-style archway thereby setting the thematic background for the case mod.

The requisite air intakes for the monitor as well as the „kusazuri“ (a type of protective skirt) have been ingeniously designed with the help of bamboo place-mats, while small bands of fabric secreted in strategic positions around the case raise the equisite attention to detail yet further. Furthermore several „kabutos“ (engraved helmets used by the samurai) are also to be found on the case mod. Accompanying these helmets are, naturally, the infamous samurai face masks or „menpos“ whose distorted and intimidating visages were originally forged with the express intention of inspiring fear in one’s opponents.

A custom-made Japanese „bokken“, the wooden training sword for samurai, is located on a ceremonial sword stand or „katanakake“ on the rear. The wooden sword also comes with a USB stick integrated into its handle. The case mod itself comes in a dark tone reminiscent of cherry wood and its discretely placed LEDs underscore the colour tones with red lighting.

The Dark Knight: To Server and Protect

„If Bruce Wayne had a server, a „Bat Server“ if you will, how would it look?“

Ali Abbas asked himself this very question, and now we have an answer: The Dark Knight. It was with this very case mod that Ali won the „Best Casemod“ category at DCMM 2014 and was twice rewarded with gold at the Modding Masters 2014 (Best Casemod, Most Spectacular Casemod). Thematically the case draws inspiration from the „Dark Knight“ trilogy brought to prominence courtesy of director Christopher Nolan as well as older films and PC games that portrayed Bruce Wayne aka „Batman“.

Here is a short overview of what Ali brought to bear in the name of creating this futuristic Batman-style case mod:

The foundation of the Dark Knight is formed by a single server case mounted on its side which is then enclosed by two wooden boards on the sides (or the upper and lower sides of the rack mount). To summon forth the spirit of the Bat-mobile amidst a futuristic case mod, a multitude of ingenious everyday household objects were brought to bear – as well as even more wood. Right at the front of the case mod, with its Batman-inspired motorcycle appearance, is located a display and I/O panel that originate from a disused server.

The shock absorbers in the upper section of the case mod are air pumps with small wooden spoons used for spices located at the ends, and the blue, illuminated fan covers are made from parts of citrus presses. A camcorder that looks a little like a torch also found a home on the case, one which after a little customisation, now looks like a telescopic sight and – thanks to an electric motor – can rotate 360 degrees.

The case mod is rounded out with the help of a completely custom-made mouse with an extensively modified keyboard. Both are similarly styled in black and leave quite the impression with their blue LEDs. The Dark Knight case mod is adorned with a multitude of lovingly crafted details and is, from a design and technical point of view, a truly eye-opening piece that fulfils its promise of channelling the gritty mood of the Dark Knight trilogy with ease.

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