The Raijintek Ophion & Ophion EVO: Compact & Stylish High-Performance Mini-ITX Cases!

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Raijintek has produced two incredibly stylish and premium quality SFF (Small Form Factor) cases in the form of the Raijintek Ophion and the Ophion EVO, cases that use every last centimetre available to them to enable users to enjoy the benefits of their powerful gaming hardware with the smallest possible footprint. The ingenious dual-chamber design separates the motherboard and the graphics card, putting them back to back with one another, by means of an included PCIe riser cable. This ensures efficient and effective cooling in this diminutive case, where up to three fans can also be installed. The larger EVO even offers sufficient room to allow space for an AiO with a 240 mm radiator. Here we have up space for up to four 2,5″ drives, while the smaller Ophion still allows for the installation of three.

Raijintek Ophion & Ophion EVO

The Features of the Raijintek Ophion & Ophion EVO Mini-ITX Cases at a Glance:

  • Ultra compact dimensions with 16,9 and 20,1 litre volumes respectively
  • Premium brushed aluminium exterior
  • Two 3 mm thick tempered glass side panels
  • Perfectly designed for efficient air- or water cooling
  • Supports dual-slot graphics cards up to 33 cm in length
  • Includes riser module with PCIe 3.0 x16 connectivity
  • Designed for Mini-ITX format motherboards
  • Space for an ATX power supply & three 2,5″ drives
Raijintek Ophion & Ophion EVO
The exterior of both Ophion cases is as impressive as their cleverly designed interiors. Unusual in the context of SFF cases, these include tempered glass side panels that come complete with thumbscrews. Spacers between the tempered glass side panels and the case also add to the unusual look of the case while also offering other benefits as well, such as improved airflow. The front and roof panels consist of black, brushed, anodised aluminium. Furthermore, air inlets in the side of the case also contribute to the excellent airflow. The sleek front panel is kept stylish and minimalist with a simple on/off switch with a white LED along with a USB 3.0 Type A- and a Type C port. This case makes for a compelling and attractive offering a perfect balance of style and functionality.
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