The Streacom DA2: A Mini-ITX Case with One-of-a-Kind Versatility!

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Streacom DA2

The DA2 from Streacom represents a striking new SFF case (Small Form Factor) with an innovative and ingenious interior design. Sliding braces replace the usual array of trays and brackets. Despite ist small volume of just 17,5L, the Streacom DA2 offers superb versatility in terms of supporting remarkably high-end hardware. Want to install a fully-fledged gaming PC with 280 mm water cooling in a SFF case? Now you can!

180 x 286 x 340 mm – These are the dimensions of the Streacom DA2. With a volume of just 17,5 L space is at a premium, and yet thanks to the use of unique sliding braces, this Mini-ITX case offers the greatest possible degree of freedom when it comes to positioning the motherboard, graphics card, radiator and power supply. Turning things around by 180 degrees is even an option. What is unusual here though, is that not only are SFX power supplies supported, but that even ATX power supplies will fit in the Streacom DA2. Those expecting to have to sacrifice drives to fit in the 17,5 L volume will also be pleasantly surprised, given that the Streacom DA2 can support up to three 3,5- or six 2,5” drives.

The Streacom DA2 Mini-ITX Case at a Glance:

Streacom DA2 Mini-ITX Case - Silver
  • Ultra-compact dimensions (18 x 28,6 x 34 cm) with 17,5 Liter volume
  • Premium anodised aluminium exterior with polished surfaces
  • Unique bracket design concept for greater modularity
  • Supports dual-slot gaming graphics cards up to 33 cm long
  • Riser module not required for GPU installation
  • Supports Mini-ITX format motherboards (all AMD & Intel sockets)
  • Space for powerful ATX- or SFX PSUs
  • 6x 2,5“ drives or 3x 3,5“ drives supported

Powerful gaming PCs are usually characterised by their oversized heatsinks, GPUs and CPU coolers. This is where the Streacom DA2 comes into its own, since GPUs up to 33 cm long and CPU coolers 145 mm tall are both supported. Additionally, nearly all current high-end graphics cards will fit inside the case’s compact dimensions. Hardcore gamers will presumably opt for watercooling by means of 240- or 280mm radiators that offer better cooling performance than traditional air cooling. Fans from 40 to 180 mm can also be installed. The issue of dust is minimised thanks to the presence of three dust filters.

But that’s not all: the Streacom DA2 Mini-ITX impresses with its aesthetics as well as its specs. Flawlessly crafted, anodised aluminium encompasses the steel frame – with black or silver colour options available. With a thickness of 2 mm as well as an elegant hairline finish, the case is unmistakable and unique. In order to complement that modern design, the I/O panel in the front is kept sleek and simple, limiting itself to just a small LED alongside the power button and a USB Type-C port.

The DA2 from Streacom represents a step away from the norm, building on the traditional design of an SFF case with the addition of much greater modularity. Relative to the form factor, it is remarkably spacious and supports powerful hardware and even a radiator for keeping it all cool. The Streacom DA2 is the perfect case for modders and discerning PC builders everywhere!

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