The Ultimate Limited Edition 8Pack Gaming PC: The Supernova XL

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8Pack Supernova XL
The custom water-cooling loops alone within this unique high-end 8Pack Supernova XL make for an eye-catching attraction: silver tubes, black fittings and two striking reservoirs. One loop cools the pre-selected Intel Core i9-9990XE processor that operates at at least 4,7 GHz. The other loop cools the two NVIDIA 2800 Ti graphics cards and operate in tandem thanks to their NVLink connection. The special feature of this super PC however, one that we hasten to add is limited to just 5 pieces in total, is the remarkable STH10 Full-Tower case from Caselabs which was specially customised for this unique PC. Overclocking record holder Ian “8Pack” Parry strikes again!

The Features of the 8Pack Supernova XL:

8Pack Supernova XL8Pack Supernova XL
  • Specially modified Full-Tower Caselabs STH10 in the 8Pack Limited Edition
  • Two independent water loops fully-customised to these precise components, built from bespoke components for cooling the graphics cards and processor
  • ROG Rampage Xtreme Omega X299 from ASUS with Intel X299 chipset
  • Water cooled Intel Core i9-9990XE (Skylake-X) with 14 Cores, Hyper-Threading, 19,25 MB L3 Cache & overclocked to the max (at least to 4,7 GHz)
  • 2x Water cooled NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards each with 11 GB GDDR6 VRAM operating in NVLink
  • 128 GB of super-fast Trident X Royal DDR4-RAM from G.Skill clocked at 3.600 MHz
  • Two lightning-fast 1 TB PCIe NVMe SSDs from the Samsung 970 Pro series
  • Two large 10 TB 3,5“ hard drives
  • Powerful Leadex Super Flower 80 Plus Platinum PSU: incredible 1.600 Watt output, remarkable efficiency of up to 94 % (230V)

The Last Word in High-End PCs from Ian “8Pack” Parry the OC guru

8Pack Supernova XL
The Supernova XL 8Pack system offered here is limited to just five pieces. Ian Parry opted for the luxurious ASUS ROG Rampage Xtreme Omega X299 motherboard with the Intel X299 chipset to act as the foundation of the system. Moreover, 8Pack cherry picked the very best Skylake-X processors and overclocked the Intel Core i9-9990XE to a minimum of 4,7 GHz – perhaps even higher than that, due to the fact that 8Pack always pushes the limits of each CPU.
8Pack Supernova XL
This approach also holds true for the two overclocked NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards operating in NVLink mode, each with 11 GB of GDDR6-VRAM and more than capable of supporting the highest multi-monitor resolutions (far beyond Full HD) and more than capable of driving the most demanding PC games in flawless fashion. The Super Flower power supply is capable of delivering 1.600 Watts. 8Pack himself played a role in the development of the ultra high-end Super Flower Leadex Platinum 1.6 kW, and it impresses not only with the sheer amount of power it is capable of putting out, but also the incredible efficiency of up to 94% with which it performs this task!
8Pack Supernova XL
The chrome plated tubing passes through two mirrored acrylic plates. The transparent front of the case is also distinguished by the addition of a custom-made pass-through plate which allows you to see the liquid coolant flowing through it. Below that is a 7″ display with the 8Pack logo, although obviously you can personalise this to your heart’s content as well. The role of providing the perfect case for this water-cooled PC falls to the custom modded Caselabs STH10 8Pack Limited Edition. Aesthetics aside, in performance terms, the case’s stunning looks are backed up by the addition of 128 GB of premium Trident X Royal RAM from G.Skill clocked at 3.600 MHz, two fast PCI-NVMe SSDs with 1 TB of storage each and two large 3,5” HDDs from Western Digital, each with 10 TB of storage. Achieving the max possible overclock from the CPU and VGAs is possible thanks to the remarkable cooling system that 8Pack has integrated into the Supernova. With two independent water loops, each of which bring massive reserves of cooling power to ensure your components need never break a sweat. Both radiators are cleverly concealed behind coverings in the top- and bottom of the case. All this hardware combines together to make the Supernova-XL one astonishingly unique and powerful PC.
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