Twitchcon is Coming to Berlin – and Caseking will be There!

Caseking 3. Apr, 2019 - 2 min Lesezeit

Caseking, as the online shop of choice for PC gaming enthusiasts that need something a little more special than is ordinarily on offer, is pleased to announce that we’ll be present at Twitchcon’s very first European event. Needless to say: This is not an event to be missed! On the 13th and 14th of April, the Caseking stand will be present in the CityCube at Messe Berlin to show off some incredible gaming PCs, premium gaming chairs and much more besides. Featuring an array of famous faces from the world of streaming, this is looking to be an unmissably entertaining event.

Gaming isn’t the only reason to buy a faster PC however, in fact it is streaming that is driving forward the uptake in enthusiast-class hardware right now. That’s why Caseking will be showing off some exciting new PCs that are designed to fulfil both purposes with ease. This includes a powerful PC housed within the PHANTEKS Enthoo Elite. Thanks to an Elgato Capture Card, users will have the option of making recordings and streaming at the same time without lags. In terms of the performance necessary for gaming and streaming, Intel, NVIDIA, EVGA and Ballistix are all present and correct. When it comes to providing optimised cooling of high-performance hardware, an impressive custom watercooling setup with components from EK Water Blocks is installed. Thanks to CableMod, even the cabling in the system becomes an attractive feature rather than an eyesore.

For a complete all-rounder streaming setup however, the PC alone isn’t quite the be all and end all – and Caseking’s Twitchcon exhibit has been assembled for the purposes of creating the very ultimate streaming setup, and that can only mean the presence of a smorgasboard of high-end peripherals. Apart from first-class gaming chairs from noblechairs, and Nitro Concepts, there will also be a variety of vibrant gaming monitors from AOC and Philips in attendance. The Elgato Keylights are responsible for illuminating Caseking’s streaming setups at Twitchcon, and Audio Technica’s award-winning microphones and headsets help ensure perfect sound recording.

Make sure you don’t miss out, and come check out the latest in PC hardware at Caseking’s Twitchcon stand – if you’re on the lookout for some inspiration for your next streaming- or gaming setup, it doesn’t get much better than this. Aside from Caseking’s resident experts, successful streamers like Flying Uwe, Lost Aiming, MckyTV, Tanzverbot, SandcoolTV, LeClumsyFox, Sweet Anita and many more will be present for when we put together the ultimate streaming setup. And just to show how serious we are about getting your streaming career on the road, we’ve even reduced the price on a range of PC hardware at Caseking for a short time. In fact, rumour has it there might even be a few prizes and giveaways in the pipeline, so make sure to stay tuned!

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