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Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer - Payment in Advance from Germany or the EU

A prepayment is done by bank transfer. If you place an order and choose payment in advance, you will receive an automated eMail with our bank data and your order number. Please note, that depending on the day of the week and processing time of the banks it can take between 1 to 7 days until we receive the payment. Sadly we have no influence on the processing time of the bank, but you can be sure that your shipment will leave our house the same day we receive the payment. (if you chose stock goods).

Attention! To ensure the fastest processing of your order from our side, we would ask you to pay attention to the following guidelines:

  • Please make sure that your first and last name are transfered with the transaction, as well as your ordernumber, which you find in the eMail we sent you. If you did not receive the eMail, you can check your order in "my account" at any time online on

  • Please enter the exact amount of your invoice. If you pay less or even if you want to do us a favour and send a bit more, your payment cant be automatically processed and might get delayed.

  • Please transfer the whole sum in one payment. Separate payments would also lead to a longer processing time.

  • Please definately make sure that the costs of your transfer are paid by yourself and not by the recipient. Do not choose the option to divide and share the costs with the recipient and please ask your bank assistant to make sure of that. In many cases a bank transfer from a foreign country outside germany will use a second or third bank in between until the payment reaches us. In this case mostly all entered informations about your name or ordernumber are lost. So if on top of that the total sum is not exactly matching we have no way of knowing to which order the transfer belongs.

Payment in Advance from Switzerland or Outside the EU

Please note, if you are ordering from Switzerland or another country, which is taking toll and duties, Caseking has no influence or knowledge of the extra charges you need to pay. In this case please inform yourself before you place an order. These charges are NOT being charged by Caseking and are NOT included in the shipping costs.

If your country demands taxes when you order items from outside, like in Switzerland, your order will exclude the German tax.

Bank Account Data

Recipient: Caseking

Bank: Berliner Volksbank

IBAN: DE10 1009 0000 8088 0880 00


Please note: We would ask you to write us an eMail if you havent received the shipment 5 days after it was send out.

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