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be quiet!

be quiet!
Dark Base 900 Full-Tower - Silver

  • Modular Full-Tower in black-silver from be quiet! with sound insulation
  • 2-in-1 side panel
  • PWM hub
  • fan controller & three pre-installed SilentWings 3 fans


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Item number: GEBQ-016

EAN: 4260052184936

MPN: BG012

Manufacturer: be quiet!


Product information - Dark Base 900 Full-Tower - Silver

The be quiet! Dark Base 900 Full-Tower is an exceptionally versatile and quiet case that combines modularity, compatibility and functionality in one. Apart from the extensive array of configurations possible, the case also offers three pre-installed be quiet! SilentWings 3 PWM fans and provides the potential for superb air- and water cooling. The distinguishing characteristic of this case could be said to be the way it intelligently combines high-end materials with useful everyday functions, making the Dark Base 900 the perfect housing for a high-end gaming system, overclocked of course, or a watercooled system that operates in near silence.

The be quiet! Dark Base 900 Full-Tower at a Glance:

  • Modular interior thanks to versatile motherboard tray and HDD slots
  • Intelligent airflow & extensive air- or watercooling possibilities
  • Three pre-installed be quiet! SilentWings 3 PWM fans
  • 2-in-1 side panel for silent operation or two additional 120 mm fans
  • Space for an E-ATX-, XL-ATX-, ATX-, Micro-ATX- or Mini-ITX motherboard
  • PWM Hub & manual fan controls
  • I/O Panel with 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 and HD Audio

Modular Interior with Multiple Options for Users

The stylish Full-Tower supports motherboards from E-ATX, XL-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX down to Mini-ITX, this is due to the fact that the motherboard tray is designed in a manner versatile enough to meet the precise requirements of the user. As a result, it is fully height adjustable and can be installed on the left side of the case (inverted) for a fresh new look or to change the case's airflow characteristics. Moreover, it can be completely removed in order to serve as a bench table. The ODD cage as well as the drive slots are similarly adjustable and customizable, the sum total of these design choices is a case whose interior allows users to have things set up in just the way they want.

Apart from the modular configuration options that be quiet! offers, the Dark Base 900 also holds up to two 5,25"-, seven 3,5" and/or fifteen 2.5" drives. The drives can be installed without the need for tools into individual slots, slots which enjoy the added benefit of silicon anti-vibration rails designed to minimize the transfer of vibrations to the cages. Furthermore, the slots can be removed on an individual basis to even enable users the option of increasing the space available to graphics cards or watercooling components.

The added space this case offers comes in handy for a lot of high-end hardware, enabling graphics cards up to a length of 325 mm to be installed. Without HDD slots, this space increases to a full 470 mm. CPU coolers up to a maximum of 185 mm in height and PSUs from 150-184 mm long will fit in the Dark Base 900 with ease.

Premium Design with Elegant Aesthetics

The design of the be quiet! Dark Base 900 remains, as was the case in previous models, both elegant and stylish, making a great first impression. What is new, however, is the 2-in-1 side panel that offers an opening which can either be closed (for silent operation) or left open and kitted out with two further 120 mm fans. The closed front and the roof both offer attractive brushed aluminium. The side panels have black mesh strips around the edges to aid in providing optimal airflow, and the silver adds a dash of much appreciated colour to proceedings. As was also the case with its predecessors, be quiet! opts against typical "gaming" aesthetics and instead focuses on providing a more elegant look.

Smart Air Cooling or Watercooling

Three 140 mm SilentWings 3-PWM fans come pre-installed in the Dark Base 900, two in the front and one in the back. The fans operate at up to 1.000 RPM and, thanks to their low vibration motors and durable fluid-dynamic bearings, and their funnel-shaped air vents, operate exceptionally quietly. The airflow design of the Dark Base 900 Full-Tower also opts to use innovative noise dampening air vents around the case, these are also designed to optimize airflow. In order to maximize the case's ability to operate at low noise levels, the case is also fully insulated and even includes spacers on the motherboard tray, PSU tray and the drives.

When it comes to air cooling, users have free rein. The roof alone can support up to four 140 mm fans, although 4x 120-, 1x 180- or 1x 200 mm could also be installed. The bottom of the case offers space for two 140 mm- or 120 mm fans. The front can, with the ODD cage removed, support a further 120- or 140- fan. Of course the aforementioned locations can also be used for mounting radiators in order to watercool your PC. The front offers space for a 420 mm radiator, as does the roof. The rear of the case meanwhile has space for a 140 mm radiator and the bottom is even capable of supporting a 280 mm radiator. Multiple smaller radiators can be installed in place of large radiators, should you prefer.

Thanks to the integrated PWM hub and manual fan controls, up to three PWM- and three 3-pin fans can be controlled. This means users can enjoy the benefits of just the right amount of cooling, cooling that can be adjusted to your exact requirements in fact. In order to protect your high-end gaming hardware, the case includes protective dust filters located in the front as well as the bottom. These are removable to enable convenient cleaning and maintenance.

Connectivity & Additional Features

The Dark Base 900 has an I/O panel with two USB 3.0- and USB 2.0 ports, as well as HD Audio connectors for headphones and microphones. A total of eight expansion slots are available to allow for plenty of upgrades in the future.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 243 x 585 x 577 mm (W x H x D)
  • Material: Steel, aluminium, ABS plastic, glass
  • Weight: ca. 14,2 kg
  • Colour: Black, Silver
  • Form factors: E-ATX, XL-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Total possible fans:
    3x 140/120 mm (front) (with ODD cage, only space for 2 fans)
    1x 140 mm (rear)
    2x 120 mm (side panel) 3x 140 mm, 4x 120 mm, 1x 180 mm or 1x 200 mm (roof)
    2x 140/120 mm (base)
  • Pre-installed fans:
    2x 140 mm PWM (front; be quiet! Silent Wings 3, max. 1.000 RPM, 22,2 dB(A), 73,41 m³/h, 0,82 H2O)
    1x 140 mm PWM (rear; be quiet! Silent Wings 3, max. 1.000 U/Min, 22,2 dB(A), 73,41 m³/h, 0,82 H2O)
  • Radiator Mountings (max dimensions, smaller radiators may be installed):
    120, 140, 240, 280, 360, 420 mm (front)
    120, 140 mm (rear)
    120, 140, 180, 240, 280, 360, 420 mm (roof)
    120, 140, 280 mm (base)
  • Filter: Front, bottom (removable)
  • Drive Bays:
    2x 5,25" (removable)
    7x 3,5" (separately removable)
    15x 2,5" (1x on motherboard tray, 14x in the HDD slots; removable)
  • PSU: 1x Standard ATX (optional)
  • Expansion Slots: 8
  • I/O Panel:
    2x USB 3.0 (internal connection)
    2x USB 2.0 (internal connection)
    1x Audio In/Out
  • Max GPU length: 325 mm (no components removed)
  • Max GPU length: 470 mm (without HDD slots)
  • Max PSU length: 150 - 184 mm
  • Max CPU cooler height: 185 mm

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be quiet!



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Technical Details

Case type Big-Tower, Aluminium case, Dampened case
max. Mainboardformfaktor E-ATX, XL-ATX
Form factor E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, White, XL-ATX
Colour black
Primary colour black
Secondary colour silver
Width (exact) 243
Height (exact) 585
Depth (exact) 577
Width 200 - 300 mm
Height 500 - 600 mm
Depth 500 - 600 mm
Weight (exact) 14.2
Weight 14 to 16 kg (30.8 to 35.2 lbs)
Material plastic, aluminium, steel
max. CPU Kühler Höhe (exakt) 185 mm
max. Grafikkarten Länge (exakt) 325 mm, 470 mm
max. Netzteil Länge (exakt) 184 mm
max. CPU Kühler Höhe 180 - 200 mm
max. Grafikkarten Länge 300 - 399 mm, 400 - 500 mm
max. Netzteil Länge 140 - 199 mm
Side panel with mesh
Front Door ja
Position I/O Yes
USB 2.0 4x
USB 3.0 2x
Audio Out
Audio In
Cardreader nein
Fan controller yes
LCD/TFT Display nein
internal 2,5" 15x
internal 3,5" 7x
external 5,25" 2x
Hot-Swap nein
PCI-Slots 8
HDD Isolation ja
Motherboard tray no
Case cable management yes
PSU formfactor ATX
PSU position Hinten Unten
Preinstalled fans 3x 140mm
120 mm Fans 11
140 mm Fans 9
180 mm Fans No
200 mm Fans Plastic
Fan colour black
Radiator Mounting 4x Single (120mm), 4x Single (140mm), 2x Dual (240mm), 3x Dual (280mm), 2x Triple (360mm), 2x Triple (420mm)
Filter yes
Dampening yes
Illumination no
Remote control nein
Schlauchdurchführung nein
Serie Dark Base
Volume in L 81,69
Transport System nein

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  • be quiet! Dark Base 900 Full-Tower - Silver - Mod-your-case - be quiet! - Dark Base Pro 900

    Mod-your-case - be quiet! - Dark Base Pro 900


    + Sehr edles und hochwertiges Design
    + Sehr gute Verarbeitung
    + Hochwertige Ausstattung
    + In verschiedenen Farben erhältlich
    + Kühlmöglichkeiten (Wasser und Luft)
    + Moddingpotential (Echtglasfenster und LED-Leisten)
    + Platzangebot
    + Modularität
    + Sehr gut gedämmt

  • TechTesters - be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

    While overkill (or pricey) for the masses is the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 a beast of a case and an example of how we like to see products for the enthusiast: functionally innovative, well built, and with a finish where you say against you; a true flagship.

  • Vortez - be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

    + Sleek, stylish design
    + Premium build materials
    + Qi Charger
    + Plenty of modular storage options throughout
    + Good cooling performance
    + Includes a fan controller
    + Can house high-end hardware
    + Flexible support for water cooling

  • Vortez - be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

    + Sleek, stylish design
    + Premium build materials
    + Qi Charger
    + Plenty of modular storage options throughout
    + Good cooling performance
    + Includes a fan controller
    + Can house high-end hardware
    + Flexible support for water cooling

  • PC Games Hardware - Be quiet Dark Base 900: Ausführliche Details und erste Eindrücke zu Be quiets neuem und voll flexiblem Gehäuseflaggschiff

    Besonders gefallen hat uns die Flexibilität beim Einbau des Mainboard-Schlittens, der gleichzeitig als Benchtable benutzt werden kann, sowie die sehr funktionalen Festplattenkäfige, die zudem noch sehr platzsparend montiert werden können. Ein weiteres Highlight ist die flexible Lüftersteuerung sowie die Dämmung. Wie immer muss sich natürlich noch zeigen wie es um die Kühlleistung bestimmt ist und welche Geräuschkulisse durch die Lüfter erzeugt wird. 

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