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Formula 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply - 650 Watt

  • 80 PLUS Gold power supply with four +12 Volt rails
  • Extensive failsafes
  • DC-DC technology and extra quiet 120 mm fan


from 20.08.20


Item number: NEBF-011

EAN: 4712883216473


Manufacturer: BitFenix


Product information - Formula 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply - 650 Watt

BitFenix's Formula series has made an addition to its prestigious 80 PLUS Gold class power supplies. With up to 92 percent efficiency at medium load, precise voltage regulation, quiet 120 mm FDB fan and numerous connectors, the four new models rated from 450 to 750 Watts are impressive in every respect. The model offered here is capable of supplying 650 Watts of continuous power.

BitFenix describes the Formula series as the little brother of its successful Whisper M series. In fact, the Formula power supplies have almost identical technical features. This begins with modern electronics and the efficiency that goes with that, which results in a particularly low level of waste heat. The 120 mm fan can turn particularly slowly as a result. The specially developed fan control allows operation at just 500 RPM at low to medium load.

The grill design of the fan cover is particularly low resistance and this helps to reduce air turbulence at the air inlet. This means that the air flow is, subjectively speaking, virtually silent at low and medium loads while still (very) quiet at full load. Possible noise from the bearings is avoided over the lifetime of the product by using an encapsulated FDB bearing. In cooler surroundings (up to around 25 degrees room temperature) the Formula 80 PLUS Gold produces 18 dB(A) at 60% load.

State-of-the-art technology under the hood of the non-modular power supply unit: In the primary range, BitFenix relies on Active PFC and LLC resonance conversion, in the secondary range, DC-DC down-conversion is used. Unlike many competitors, BitFenix does not have to rely on an existing platform of a contract manufacturer and was instead able to develop its own PCB for the Formula series in order to fully meet the expectations of its customers.

In addition to the particularly high efficiency due to the reduced conversion losses, the main benefit of the numerous optimisation measures is the voltage quality include the fact that due to the independently regulated voltages, the total rated power of 650 watts can be provided on the +12 volt rail for CPU and GPU, something which is vital today. On the so-called minor Rails +3.3 and +5 Volts, up to 100 Watts of load are permissible - sufficient for large amounts of high-end storage and a dozen drives.

Even highly asymmetrical loads do not result in significant deviations of the voltages from the set-points. Intel's new processor generations with the current C6/C7 power saving modes are of course fully supported. High-quality Japanese 105-degree electrolytic capacitors and polymer solid capacitors ensure perfect voltage smoothing and minimum residual ripple. In short: the performance values of the formula are first-class in every respect.

In the case of protection circuits, BitFenix is determined to prevent damage to other components of the computer in all cases. The protective circuit package is complete with protection against overload (OPP), overheating (OTP), overvoltage and undervoltage (OVP, UVP), short-circuit (SCP) and overcurrent (OCP). In addition, BitFenix relies on optimised multi-rail technology. The 650 Watt model has three separately fused, but single main transformer powered +12 Volt rails. Combined with the appropriate trip values for each of the rails, the manufacturer combines optimum safety with unrestricted suitability for demanding components and overclocking. In addition, the power supply units of the Formula series are protected against interference from the mains by generously proportioned filters, inrush current limiters and a varistor as primary overvoltage protection (SIP). Load-free operation is also possible (NLO).

Modern electronics with high-quality components have yet another advantage: BitFenix finds it easy to demonstrate confidence in its own products: the manufacturer's warranty for the Whisper series is a full five years. Buyers of this power supply are therefore not only getting the best performance today, but also outstanding reliability for a very long period of time. In the unlikely event of technical problems, customer service is available in English and German.

To ensure that the BF-650G's enormous performance also reaches the components, BitFenix provides sufficient connections. The connection is made with completely black ribbon-style cables of sufficient length for optically pleasing cable laying, even in large housings: the 4+4 pin connection is, for example, a whole 65 cm long. The ATX main connector and the graphics card connector have equally generous room for manoeuvre with 60 centimetres and 55 centimetres respectively. A total of two 6+2 pin PCIe connectors and two Molex and six SATA connectors are available. The ATX cable is additionally equipped with electrolytic capacitors, which on the one hand decouple disturbing interferences, smooth the voltage and on the other hand serve as a buffer for sudden load peaks in the supply voltage - an ideal power supply for overclockers and modders.

Technical Details:
  • Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 140 mm (W x H x D)
  • Fans: 120 mm (FDB bearings, automatic control with particularly low RPM)
  • Colour: Black (PSU, fan)
  • Efficiency: minimum 91/90/88 % at 50/20/100 % load (115 Volt input voltage; efficiency up to 2% higher at the 230V common in Europe), 80 PLUS Gold Certification
  • Active PFC
  • Form Factor: ATX12V 2.4
  • Performance: 650 W
    +3,3V: 20 A
    +5V: 20 A
    +3,3V & +5V Combined: 100 W
    +12V1: 25 A
    +12V2: 25 A
    +12V3: 30 A
    +12V4: 30 A
    +12V Combined: 650 W
    -12V: 3,6 W / 0,3 A
    +5Vsb: 12,5 W / 2,5 A
  • Connectors (Modular):
    1x 20+4-Pin ATX12V/EPS12V
    2x 4+4-Pin ATX12V/EPS12V
    4x 6+2-Pin-PCIe
    8x SATA
    4x 4-Pin Molex
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee: 5 Years

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Technical Details

PSU formfactor ATX
Power category 551 to 650 Watt
DC output (accurate) 650 Watt
12V power 650 Watt
12V Rail distribution Multi Rail
modular no
semi-passiv no
6+2-Pin PCIe 4x
CPU power supply 2x 4+4-Pin
4-Pin connectors 4x
SATA connectors 8x
PSU fan 120 mm
Illumination no
Colour black
Depth 14 cm
Case fan controller no
Software Interface (digital) no
Efficiency 80Plus 80 PLUS Gold
Efficiency Class Cybenetics ETA A
Volume Cybenetics LAMDA A++

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  • The FPS - BitFenix Formula Gold 550W Power Supply

    The BitFenix Formula Gold 550W is a passing power supply today. The Formula Gold 550W gave us excellent build quality, passing voltage regulation, passing DC Output Quality, and very good/excellent Transient Load results while also being very quiet. As you see, this is a bit of a mixed bag. However, that is somewhat expected for more entry-level products as you can’t get everything for a low low price.

  • HardwareLuxx - BitFenix Formula Gold 550W im Test - günstiges Einsteigernetzteil mit 80 PLUS Gold

    Positive Punkte bei dem BitFenix Formula Gold 550W

    + hochwertige Komponenten, funktionierende Schutzschaltungen, Multi-Rail-Design
    + gute Effizienz (80 PLUS Gold), überdurchschnittlich hoch bei niedriger Last
    + hohe Leistungsfähigkeit (LLC-Resonanzwandler-Design mit DC-DC-Technik)
    + stabile Ausgangsspannungen, niedrige Ripple-/Noise-Spannungen
    + leiser Lüfter mit vergleichsweise niedriger Drehzahl über fast den kompletten Lastbereich
    + 5 Jahre Herstellergarantie

  • HardZone - BitFenix ??Formula Gold (650W), review: 80Plus Gold power supply with excellent security measures


    + Most cables are flat.
    + 80Plus Gold certification.
    + Good safety measures in electronics and wiring.
    + Very silent
    + Adjusted Price.
    + 5 years warranty

  • PC Perspective - BitFenix Formula Gold 750W Power Supply

    + 750W Continuous DC output at up to 50°C
    + Very good voltage regulation (±2% on the three main outputs)
    + Very quiet throughout most of the power range
    + Good efficiency (80Plus Gold certified)
    + Good AC ripple and noise suppression
    + Japanese made capacitors
    + Safety protections: OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP, SCP, OTP, and SIP
    + Compact chassis only 140mm deep
    + Competitive pricing
    + 5-Year warranty

  • AnandTech - The BitFenix Formula Gold 650W PSU Review: Balanced

    The Formula Gold is made with very high-quality parts and, true to their word, BitFenix is sourcing all capacitors from Japanese manufacturers. Our only complaint lies with the relatively small heatsinks that, as we have seen in the previous pages of this review, can definitely impact the thermal performance of the unit. Slightly better heatsinks would have increased this unit's thermal performance significantly, though admittedly it would also increase its manufacturing cost.

  • Computerbase - BitFenix Formula Gold 550W

    + Wirkungsgrad nach 80Plus Gold
    + Durchgängig sehr geringe Lautstärke
    + FDB-Lüfter
    + Volle Leistung bei 50 °C
    + Hervorragende Schutzschaltungen
    + Feststoffelkos als Ausgangsfilter
    + Überzeugende elektr. Messwerte
    + Nur 140 mm tief
    + 5 Jahre Garantie

  • Toms Hardware - Bitfenix Formula Gold 650W PSU

    + Affordable
    + Full power at 46°C
    + Efficient
    + Ripple suppression
    + Load regulation (minor rails)
    + Hold-up time
    + Accurate Power Ok signal
    + Transient response
    + Silent
    + Build quality
    + 2x EPS & 4x PCIe connectors
    + Compact dimension

  • Gamezoom - BitFenix Formula Gold 750W

    + saubere Verarbeitung (Gehäuse)
    + gute Qualität bei den Bauteilen
    + Lotqualität
    + gute Messwerte
    + hoher Wirkungsgrad
    + ordentliche Leistung
    + sämtliche Schutzschaltungen vorhanden
    + recht leiser Lüfter
    + ausreichend Anschlüsse
    + ausreichend lange Kabelstränge
    + genügend Power für Multi-CPU-Systeme
    + fairer Preis

  • Mod-your-case - BitFenix - Formula Gold 650 Watt


    + Verarbeitung
    + Design
    + Stabile Spannungen
    + Anzahl und eingreifen der Schutzschaltungen
    + Geringe Lautstärke

  • Mod-your-case - BitFenix - Formula Gold 650 Watt


    + Verarbeitung
    + Design
    + Stabile Spannungen
    + Anzahl und eingreifen der Schutzschaltungen
    + Geringe Lautstärke

  • El Chapuzas Informatico - BitFenix Formula Gold

    Main advantages
    + Truly competitive price
    + Very precise and stable voltages
    + 80 Plus Gold Certification
    + Very low noise level, almost zero
    + Japanese condensers 105º.
    + 5 years warranty

  • BitFenix Formula 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply - 650 Watt - Jonny Guru - Bitfenix Formula Gold 750W

    Jonny Guru - Bitfenix Formula Gold 750W

    The Good:

    + excellent ripple control
    + excellent voltage regulation
    + fantastic build quality
    + reasonable price
    + shallow housing

  • RealHardTechX - Power supply unit BITFENIX Formula Gold 750W series

    The BITFENIX Formula Gold 750 W Series features outstanding performance and performance. Low noise at the outputs, good voltage regulation is the hallmark of this source. The implemented protections are also perfectly adjusted and in operation.

    With regard to connectivity, it is certainly not a modular source, but its flat cables and numerous connectors make the Formula Gold Series 750 W at the top of the list of users.

    The design is very elegant. Far from a gaming image, it offers a very good visual impact once installed in our box. Its 140mm length makes it suitable for use in boxes of super small dimensions, which gives it extra functionality.

  • TechPowerUp - BitFenix Formula Gold 750 W

    + Affordable
    + Delivered full power at 46 °C
    + Tight load regulation
    + Ripple suppression
    + Efficient
    + Silent
    + Transient response
    + Complete protections set
    + FDB fan
    + Dimensions

  • KitGuru - Bitfenix Formula Gold 750W PSU


    + Competitive pricing.
    + Technically solid.
    + Very low noise levels.
    + Compact.
    + 105c Japanese Capacitors.
    + Tight Load Regulation.
    + delivered almost 850 watts.
    + Good Ripple Suppresion.

  • TweakPC - Bitfenix Formula Gold 450 Watt


    + Gute Effizienz auf Gold-Level
    + Sehr leise und trotzdem gute Temperaturen
    + Ripple-Werte auf gutem Level
    + Spannungsregulation gut bis sehr gut
    + Timings und Holdup-Time OK
    + Gute Effizienz bei niedrigen Lasten

  • TweakPC - Bitfenix Formula Gold 450 Watt


    + Gute Effizienz auf Gold-Level
    + Sehr leise und trotzdem gute Temperaturen
    + Ripple-Werte auf gutem Level
    + Spannungsregulation gut bis sehr gut
    + Timings und Holdup-Time OK
    + Gute Effizienz bei niedrigen Lasten

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