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Cougar Puritas: The Modder's Dream Case

Attention modders: Cougar's Puritas case is ready to realise your water-cooled, RGB-lit dreams complete with tempered glass on the top, sides and front. The interior also comes with plenty of space for all manner of water cooling and RGB lighting to fully expressing your creativity.

Buy the Cougar Puritas at Caseking today!


Play like the pros! The XG-M1 gaming mouse and H1 headset from Xtrfy help players get those headshots while making sure no one sneaks up behind them. Even professional gamers like Ninjas in Pyjamas opt for the superb peripherals from Xtrfy - and as a result they gave them their sought after official NiP seal of approval.

Xtrfy's new premium and durable products are available now at Caseking!


Overclocking legend Ian "8Pack" Parry is presenting the next generation of his top-of-the-range series of PCs at Computex 2018. The "8Pack Polaris MK2" is a premium system that is overclocked to the very limit and equipped with a custom water cooling loop and extreme high-end hardware. Every Polaris MK2 is built with specially selected components by 8Pack himself, tested and then undergoes a series of torturous benchmark tests. The result is an absolute performance beast capable of meeting any demand placed upon it while being guaranteed to overclocking like no other.

See 8Pack's Polaris MK2 as Computex 2018!


The Bodensee Maker Faire 2018 is set to take place in Friedrichshafen from the 2nd to the 3rd of June, which is part exhibition and part fairground attraction. The Bodensee Maker Faire is a "family-friendly festival for innovation, creativity and technology" according to the organisers. As the same time the sixth edition of the We-Mod-It Modding Masters will also be taking place, and during the Live Modding Event Ali "THE CRE8OR" Abbas will also be ready and waiting with some incredible surprises!

Get ready: Ali "THE CRE8OR" Abbas is on the way to the Modding Masters!


More options for cooling and support for larger motherboards: Phanteks' Eclipse series receives a new addition, this time with colourful highlights! Of course, it also comes complete with a tempered glass side panel to allow users to put their gaming hardware centre stage.

The Phanteks Eclipse P350X is available at Caseking now!


Gaming graphics cards remain a hot topic. Whether it's regarding the influence of cryptocurrencies on availability or speculating on the names of the new NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Fortunately stumbled upon some of the first rumours and specifications back in April concerning the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180!

Update: GeForce GTX 1180 located in the TechPowerUp database?
Update 2: Tom's Hardware: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180 set for release this summer


The freshness and variety of intense colours, the modern materials and the user friendly design, all these things have combined to make the Nitro Concepts S300 series incredibly popular. The Nitro Concepts S300 Urban Camo Gaming Chair adds to the collection with a new model with a digital camouflage pattern, something that gives it an authentic high-tech military aesthetic

Computer-generated digital camo like this is used by armies all over the world to enable better concealment in urban warfare.

The new Nitro Concepts S300 Urban Camo Gaming Chair is available now at Caseking!


Is delidding the new Ryzen CPUs worth it? Professional overclocking guru Roman "der8auer" Hartung has been on the case and has prepared an interesting video on the topic. In a further video Roman demonstrated how well the new Pinnacle Ridge processors overclock while setting a new world record for overclocking an 8-core CPU!

AMD Ryzen delidding and overclocking - with videos from der8auer


Fantasy Basel - the Swiss Comic Con - is taking place this year from the 10th to the 12th of May. Over an area of 60.000 square meters, this is the largest Swiss convention for everything to do with films, games, comics and cosplay. There are on the starting line will, of course, be Ali "The CRE8OR" Abbas alongside some of his best builds and projects. This year he also has something special in store: "Armageddon: The Sum of All Fears".

More information on Fantasy Basel is available here!


Phanteks is expanding their highly sought-after Eclipse P300 series to include three additional models in Black/Red, Black/White and White. The features of the standard Midi-Tower, previously only in black, include a large tempered glass side panel as well as shroud for concealing power supplies and undesirable cabling. This allows the case to offer an exceptionally clean and tidy interior. RGB-LED lighting and superb craftsmanship have been blended together to create the exceptional Eclipse P300.

The new Phanteks Eclipse P300 colour editions are available at Caseking now!


Lian Li's PC-O11 Dynamic: The Midi-Tower for Overclockers

Lian Li has created the new Midi-Tower PC-O11 with the help of overclocking guru Roman "der8auer" Hartung to be perfect for passionate overclockers. Up to three 360 mm radiators will fit simultaneously in this airflow-optimised case. The case also provides abundant space for gaming hardware and cable management, all of which can be admired from afar thanks to the tempered glass side panel.

The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Midi-Tower is available at Caseking.


Phanteks' universal RGB fan frames are available now and come with digitally addressable RGB-LEDs. The Halos Digitals allow even unlit fans to look fantastic, without compromising on performance. They lend just about any system a truly special look, while the fan blades enable breathtaking light shows. Crafted from solid aluminium in the Lux variant or premium plastic in the standard versions, both offer superb lighting and fantastic aesthetics.

The Phanteks Halos Digital are available now at Caseking!


The exclusive gaming chairs from noblechairs blend ergonomic design with premium materials to allow you extensive customisability when it comes to achieving the perfect seated position. The noblechairs footrests build on the comfort of a traditional gaming- or office chair by making it adjustable up to 57 degrees, perfect for combining it with a recliner. As we have come to expect from noblechairs, the footrests come in premium materials and use the highest quality craftsmanship as well as in a range of material- and colour combinations.

The noblechairs footrests are available now at Caseking!


The Zofos Evo Full-Tower from Raijintek offers a huge amount of space for long graphics cards, massive motherboards, plenty of drives as well as water cooling. With its RGB lighting and great looks, the Zofos Evo makes for the ideal case for both gamers and modders, although it's primarily designed with workstation users in mind. The Zofos Evo comes with a few pleasant surprises!

Buy the Zofos Evo Full-Tower case at Caseking today!


"The Lancer Unleashed" was created by Ali "The CRE8OR" Abbas on behalf of the NVIDIA GeForce Garage. The case conversion was created for a Gears of War 4 promotion from developers Black Tusk Studios. With that in mind, we are proud to once again present an incredibly unique case.

NOTHING is standard here!


While designing the Panzer Evo Big-Tower, Cougar placed its focus on a stylish look combined with high functionality. The four large tempered glass panels combined with LED fans provide a fascinating view of the built-in hardware, which is easily accessible thanks to the tool-less design. In addition, the massive case comes with clever features such as a headset hook, sturdy handles with storage space for a keyboard, and an Air Guide diverting a part of the airflow from the front fans to the drives behind the mainboard tray.

The Cougar Panzer Evo Big-Tower is availabe at Caseking now!


The Caseking PC configuration tool is the perfect choice for building your own PC quickly and easily. With just a few mouse clicks a range of gaming systems, home office PCs or workstations opens up to you. Simply select one of the configuration tools, select your hardware and the custom PC of your dreams awaits!

Read on for a look at Caseking's PC configuration tools!


The GX-F Series from Cougar is aimed at gamers that values performance, style and efficiency. Cougar has even gone the extra mile and added 80 Plus Gold certification to the package, along with a quiet fan, smart and fully-modular black cabling as well as more than enough connectors for modern gaming PCs. Rated between 550- and 750 Watts, Cougar has succeeded in covering a range of performance requirements from luxury high-end systems with dedicated high-performance GPUs to SLI- and crossfire configurations. And all at an extremely affordable price!

The Cougars GX-F Series: Available at Caseking now! gave away three Casemods from the workshop of Ali "The CRE8OR" Abbas. These incredible casemods were so well received in the Wargaming community and by Wargaming themselves that Ali was immediately tasked with producing two further casemods. While we can't reveal what exactly Wargaming is planning to do with the two new mods just yet, we can show you them!

The new mods for from Ali Abbas can be viewed here!


There’s no case where high-end gaming hardware would feel more at home than in Kolink’s designer cases, the Stronghold and the Oberservatory. The spacious interior of these cases allow for a variety of powerful components to be installed – and then admired via that tempered glass side panels. Kolink demonstrates once more that good design needn’t cost the world… But a small investment in some attractive lighting wouldn’t go amiss either!

Kolink’s Stronghold and Observatory will be available at Caseking soon.


The wait is finally over! The popular Glacier CPU watercoolers from Phanteks are finally here and available to buy in sleek black! Incredible high-end cooling matched with a similarly attractive and appealing visual design. Altogether this package represents an incredible upgrade for a powerful gaming PC. Needless to say, Phanteks’ product range also includes some special offerings for RGB enthusiasts as well.

The Phanteks Glacier C350ip & C350ap CPU watercoolers are available at Caseking now!


The Phontum represents a fresh addition to Cougar's range of gaming headsets, a model that offers superb HiFi-quality stereo sound and a variety of applications. The Phontum brings high-end sound quality compared to competitors in its price range thanks to its dual-chamber driver unit in addition to being seriously comfortable due to the two ear pad sets bundled with it. One set is designed to prioritise comfort, the other maximises portability and convenience when on the road. Thanks to the included adaptors the headset is also quickly and easily connected to mobile devices or consoles.

The Cougar Phontum Gaming Headset - Available Now at Caseking!


AMD's Raven Ridge APUs combine a Ryzen processor with an integrated Vega GPU. In addition to many optimisations when compared to previous generations of APU, Raven Ridge offers significant improvements in terms of performance and efficiency along with a lower TDP. Both new 2000-series Ryzen APUs support RAM clocked at up to 2.933 MHz.

Discover the Ryzen APUs now at Caseking!


Thermaltake MFC Season 2: Mod of the Arena - Update

For the Thermaltake MFC2 Ali "The CRE8OR" Abbas is working with "Spartacus: Mod of the Arena" on his newest and most ingenous design. The Modding Fighting Championship Season 2 is the collision of the ten best casemodders under the sponsorship of Thermaltake. Ali's mod is an homage to the gladiators of ancient Rome while drawing inspiration from the clashes of the best casemodders.

Ali's incredible casemod for the Thermaltake MFC2 can be viewed here!


Superior technology, high configurability and outstanding haptics: The Surpassion is Cougar's ultimate gaming mouse. The Surpassion helps to ensure that every jump and every shot is on point, and the durable Omron switches paired with the PMW3330 PixArt sensor mean that the Surpassion will be your go-to mouse for a very long time indeed. The extensive range of settings on offer helps you to make the mouse your own, and its rubberised sides and large glides give it an exceptionally comfortable feel even over sustained play sessions.

Order the Cougar Surpassion gaming mouse at Caseking today!


With the ingenious Orcus AiO cooling solution Raijintek is setting new standards. The renowned manufacturer has shifted the pump towards the radiator, nor has Raijintek shied away from other design changes: The heatsink now allows you to monitor the coolant flow, illuminated with stylish RGB lighting. The complete version from Raijintek includes the Orcus AiO and two of their efficient IRIS fans. Two further bundles are optionally available that include high performance fans from Noiseblocker.

Raijintek's AiO water cooling Orcus now at Caseking!


The official SL Benfica Special Edition from Nitro Concepts, a comfortable gaming chair adorned with the SL Benficas emblem and motto (E Pluribus Unum) - the spread wing eagle and the ideals connected to it: Striving for victory, teamwork and seizing the initiative. In keeping with these values, values that are essential in competitive gaming sind - Nitro Concepts has brought forth a unique gaming chair for all gamers and football fans!

Now available in limited numbers at Caseking: Secure your own official SL Benfica gaming chair!


The Kolink Rocket: A Superb & Stylish ITX Case!

Slim, compact, light - and yet more than enough space for powerful hardware: These are the most important features of the Kolink Rocket in a nutshell. But this extraordinary Mini-ITX format case has so much more to offer. The stylish brushed aluminium case is a sight in and of itself. The interior allows for plenty of powerful hardware, and the ingenious design ensures a plentiful supply of air without overloading the pre-installed fan..

The premium Mini-ITX Rocket case from Kolink is available now at Caseking!


Premium, ergonomic design, the best technology and RGB lighting. These things are essential features of professional gaming gear. Cougar's Revenger and Revenger S gaming mice as well as the Attack X3 RGB and Attack X3 RGB Speedy gaming keyboards are, without doubt, true professional-level accessories.

Experience Cougar's gaming peripherals for yourself!


The patent-pending Skylake-X Direct Die Frame from overclocking champion der8auer is a veritable masterpiece of German engineering. The black, anodised aluminium CPU mounting frame completely replaces Intel's ILM (Integrated Loading Mechanism) along with the CPU cooler mounting holes. This inconspicuous component opens a world of possibilities when it comes to CPU performance enhancement, resulting in record breaking overclocks with either standard-
or liquid coolers. Modern Socket 2066 Skylake-X CPUs can now safely be used without the integrated heatspreader.

The der8auer Skylake-X Direct Die Frame is available now at Caseking!


How do you get even more power and efficiency into an already fantastic power supply? It's simple: you add even better electronics. This is exactly what the renowned manufacturer be quiet! has done with its Straight-Power series, increasing all previous power levels by 50 Watts. For the first time there is also a 1,000 Watt version for the series. Thanks to the new components, the fans also remain quiet.

These power supplies with their extraordinary price-performance ratio are now available in the Caseking shop!


The Thermaltake Modding Fighting Championship Season 2 represents the clash of ten of the very best casemodders out there. Since November 9th 2017, these highly talented modders have been competing against one another in the Battle of the Champions. Amidst this cohort of modders is, of course, our very own Ali "The CRE8OR" Abbas, Germany's most successful casemodder as well as Caseking's resident creative expert!

Read on and prepare to be amazed at Ali's incredible casemods for the Thermaltake MFC2!


noblechairs, the premium gaming chair brand, has today released a new model in their award-winning line up of EPIC Series chairs, this time in black Nappa leather. The new model is adorned with deep black Nappa leather that covers the entire contact area with a filigree diamond-pattern stitching. The luxurious aesthetics of this chair also extend to the two colour-coordinated black cushions that come with it which feature gold "noblechairs" stitching.

The noblechairs EPIC in the new black Nappa leather edition is expected to be available from 07.02.2018 here at Caseking!


Ali "TheCre8or" Abbas has created three unique casemods on behalf of For World of Tanks our case modder extraordinaire selected, appropriately enough, the Cougar Panzer MAX, a Full-ATX case. A Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX forms the foundation of the World of Warships Casemod, while a Dark Base Pro 900 from be quiet! was chosen for Total War Arena. The gaming hardware is kept at full combat readiness with the assistance of custom watercooling.

Discover the Ali Abbas casemods for World of Warships, World of Tanks and Total War Arena!


Sometimes a Christmas gift does not hit the mark, or a product is defective. At Caseking this is not a problem and German customers have long appreciated our free parcel stamps when it comes to 14-day withdrawals of at least 40 Euros total value and recognised RMA claims. Those free parcel labels are now available for 27 countries all over Europe!

Each parcel stamp is sent by e-mail within 24 hours (business days only).


The Glacier R160- and R220 reservoirs from Phanteks are high-end reservoirs that are perfect for custom watercooling setups with their unusual design and large aluminium heatsinks. Equipped with multiple mounting holes and G1/4" ports for particularly easy and flexible installation. Furthermore they come ready for mounting a D5 or DDC pump as well as a bracket for mounting on fans or radiators, this makes them the ideal starting point for a stylish and compact reservoir/pump combo. Thanks to the premium materials and next-level craftsmanship, as well as the integrated RGB lighting with Aura Sync compatibility, they are sure to become a centrepiece of any case.

The Phanteks Glacier reservoirs are available for pre-order now in the Caseking shop!


The case specialists at Phanteks have expanded their popular Enthoo Pro series with two new models sporting tempered glass. Apart from the usual slim and black version, Phanteks has also introduced a special edition with a white interior and Halos RGB fan frames. Both models combine features we have come to expect from Phanteks with some stunning new visual highlights. Thanks to the view of the interior, modders will now be able to make the most of LED strips and lighting effects as well as showing off custom watercooling loops.

The new Phanteks Enthoo Pro TG & TG SE Midi-Towers are available for pre-order at Caseking now!


For hardcore fans of the gaming clan H2k, noblechairs now has the perfect gaming chair: the stylish H2k logo is emblazoned on the back and front of the headrest. This special edition of the popular EPIC chair is available in black with blue stripes. A real eye-catcher and a must for H2k fans!

The noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair H2k Edition is now available at Caseking!


The cooling experts at Raijintek have introduced their low-profile CPU coolers for compact cases. The radial-style Juno-X and its low profile is ideal for HTPCs. The larger tower-style Leto at 155 mm also fits in Micro-ITX cases and its Pro version uses two fans to provide overclocked CPUs powerful cooling while remaining quiet!

The Leto, Leto Pro and Juno-X CPU coolers are available now at Caseking!


After the award-winning EPIC Series and the world-first real leather gaming chair, noblechairs is taking the ICON Series to the next level to become the leader in all classes. This executive chair is the remarkabnle result of optimised materials, manufacturing, improved design and fantastic aesthetics in an eccentric sports-car inspired design. The perfected ergonomics ensure a relaxed seated experience and envelopes the user in a sense of pure luxury.

Available for pre-order immediately at Caseking! The PU leather models are available in Black-Red, Black-Blue, Black and Black-Platinum White and the real leather variants will be available in black shortly.


The arrival of the Spectre Pro RGB fan series from BitFenix represents a new addition to their portfolio of RGB-illuminated products, this time implemented in close coordination with ASUS. TriBright RGB-LEDs have now been integrated into the renowned Spectre Pro fans. Thanks to patented TriBright technology the embedded LEDs are particularly bright, durable, and offer - in conjunction with ASUS Aura Sync software - an impressive range of RGB lighting effects. These lighting effects can synchronise with other Aura Sync components. Furthermore the fans are also available with RGB controllers while offering excellent performance along with low noise levels.

The Spectre Pro RGB fans are available for pre-order now at Caseking!


While gamescom 2017 heralded the arrival of some impressive new case mods from Ali Abbas at the Caseking stand, a new mod from Ali has also emerged for DCMM 2017, one which we are proud to introduce today. "THE EXTRAORDINARY CASE OF BEING SAFE AND SOUND" is not only the case with the longest name ever entered into the DCMM, it is also the first case mod that Ali has entered for Caseking. Together with his teammate Johannes Löw created this great casemod that secured them third place in the 24h Live Modding Challenge.

Find out more about these incredible casemods from Ali Abbas!


The arrival of the Revenger S mouse and the Attack X3 RGB Speedy keyboard from Cougar represent the ultimate accessories for hardcore gamers. The 2.000 Hz polling rate ensures that every shot hits its mark. The Attack X3 RGB Speedy has modern Cherry MX Silver switches with a low travel distance of 1.2 mm for extremely fast reaction times for when in game.

These new gaming peripherals from Cougar are available at Caseking now!


The Enso from BitFenix is a stylish, spacious Midi-Tower in two colour variants and comes with integrated RGB lighting. It is compatible with ASUS' Aura Sync tech, however it can also be controlled using the installed controller via the I/O panel. The sleek case accepts motherboards up to E-ATX and comes with a tempered glass panel, tool-free removable dust filters and support for water cooling. The new Alchemy 3.0 LED strips are equipped with individually addressable RGB-LEDs, offer Aura Sync compatibility, and are also available with controllers to ensure spectacular RGB lighting effects in every case!

The Bitfenix Enso case and the Alchemy 3.0 RGB-LED strips are available at Caseking now!


The Ultimus RGB and Minos X5 from Cougar represent two new premium input devices for ambitious gamers and those wanting to become pros. The Ultimus RGB gaming keyboard is technically based on its highly successful predecessor with its steel design and TTC switches, now it uses stylish RGB button lighting however. The Minos X5 gaming mouse on the other hand offers a precise optical sensor, RGB lighting and an exchangeable back cover as well as a high polling rate of 2.000 Hz, perfect for any gamer.

The new premium input devices from Cougar are available immediately at Caseking!


The BitFenix Formula series of high-end power supplies are available in five variants ranging from 450 Watts to 750 Watts and set all-new standards when it comes to manufacturing quality. Equipped with the most premium components the BitFenix Formula power supplies offer first-class performance specifications while providing an impressive arsenal of reliable protective circuitry, the likes of which much of the competition can only dream, including: OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP, SCP, OTP, SIP and NLO.

The extremely reliable Whisper Formula models run almost silently and offer a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee!


Allow Raijintek to present the COEUS Evo TC and Elite TC, two extraordinary designer cases in two sizes, whose front, side and roof elements consist entirely of premium tempered glass panels - allowing, when combined with the installed LED fans - a spectacular view of the installed hardware. In order to present the interiors in a similarly dramatic manner, a conversion kit with a riser cable to enable vertical GPU installation is also available. LAst but not least, the PAEAN Micro is a compact show case with multiple mounting points for custom watercooling.

The Raijintek case and the riser card kit are available to order at Caseking now!


Cryorig develops innovative products related to overclocking and PC cooling that bring together functional design with ingenious features. To achieve this Cryorig relies on the use of premium materials as well as straightforward installation methods.

Cryorigs premium products are ideal for overclockers.

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