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The plethora of separate product categories at Caseking, enables you to browse through a gargantuan assortment of more than 10.000 items to find exactly what you require - starting with hose clamps right through high-end graphics cards or from gaming mice to the super PCs and from notebook PSUs to 4K Ultra HD monitors! In the process, you may use our comfortable comparison function or keep an eye on interesting products over a longer time period with your very own wish list. Our product texts offer outstandingly detailed information, which is accompanied by also predominantly self-made product pictures.

Above that, in our own Youtube channel Caseking TV, you can often find presentations of our distinct product ranges or elucidating video overviews on more general topics. If there are still questions left, our customer support knows the answers and will gladly advise you thoroughly. Thereby, we do not limit ourselves to telephone and e-mail, but are also at your service on Facebook, Twitter and the largest German hardware forums. On the Caseking shop page, you’re guaranteed to encounter only the best products the market has to offer, available sooner than everywhere else - because there is nothing “standard” here!

The Glacier G2080 FE and G2080Ti FE from PHANTEKS represent the latest and greatest in full-block watercoolers for the new RTX-series of graphics cards from NVIDIA. The premium manufacturer has, as we've come to expect from NVIDIA, utilised high-end material technology alongside superb design and aesthetics to make for a truly awe-inspiring piece of technology. These cards are designed for the ground up to meet the challenges of real-time Ray Tracing technology.

The new watercoolers from PHANTEKS are available now at Caseking!


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060: Available now!

Graphics cards have been launching in quick succession recently, and to no one’s surprise, the rumour mill is spinning up once again. This time it concerns graphics cards from NVIDIA, particularly the GeForce GTX 2060. Or the GeForce RTX 2060. Sources currently differ on the exact nomenclature. It remains unclear whether the GTX/RTX2060 will utilise Turing- or Pascal GPU architecture.

Update: NVIDIA's RTX 2060 is available now!


AMD Ryzen 3000: New 7 nm Processors with PCIe 4.0

At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, AMD's CEO Lisa Sung introduced - among other developments - a short tech demo of a Ryzen 3000- processor. The processors includes 8 cores and 16 threads, achieving a remarkable CineBench score of 2057 points and coming out ahead of even their own previous top releases such as the Ryzen 7 2700X by approximately 15 percent. The optimised CPU architecture courtesy of the chiplet design aside, we also see a significant performance increase thanks to the 7 nm process when compared to the chip's immediate predecessors.

AMD Ryzen 3000: New 7 nm processors with PCIe 4.0!


AMD introduced the Radeon Vega VII at CES 2019 in Las Vegas! CEO Lisa Su presented a fascinating talk concerning the first 7 nm gaming graphics card. The Vega 20 GPU-based graphics card is rumoured to boost up to 1.800 MHz and come with 16 GB HBM2-VRAM. The Radeon Vega VII could arrive in February and offer, according to AMD, in up to 42 percent more FPS in games than the Vega 64.

AMD Radeon Vega VII: The first 7 nm gaming graphics card!


The stylish and durable Deskmats from Nitro Concepts aren't just the perfect surface for gaming mice and keyboards, they also upgrade the looks of any gaming setup. The luxurious design not only coordinates perfectly with Nitro Concepts' line of high-end gaming chairs, it adds some serious style to just about any gaming station.

The new Deskmats from Nitro Concepts are available now at Caseking!


The brand new gaming graphics cards from NVIDIA are here! The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and the GeForce RTX 2080 from NVIDIA represent the fastest cards out there for gamers and successfully redefine the meaning of the words "high-end"! The combination of Turing architecture and GDDR6-VRAM has given RTX 2080-series cards unparalleled gaming performance, opening the door to Ray Tracing and portraying incredibly realistic real-time lighting and shadow effects!

Update: GeForce RTX: Ray-Tracing with DLSS minimises FPS cost!


As 2018 draws to a close and Christmas is upon us once again, some might just be looking forward to buying that new graphics card they've had their eye on - or even purchasing a whole new setup. Yet no gaming PC is complete without looking the part, and this is where an attractive and functional case can help out. Here we have our list of the best cases of 2018.

Read about the 10 best cases of 2018 at!


Intel Architecture Day saw the chip maker release new information on upcoming products. In the limelight today we saw new processors as well as GPUs. A new generation of iGPUs (integrated Graphics Processing Unit) was introduced and enthusiast-grade graphics cards look to be on gamers' horizons in short order.

Read on for a rundown of the latest information


The PHANTEKS brand stands for innovation, quality and distinctiveness. PHANTEKS’ presentation of the PH-TC12LS top-blower style cooler demonstrates once again just why they have been so successful in making a name for themselves. The low-profile cooler combines diminutive dimensions with impressive cooling potential as well as some strikingly unique aesthetics. Thanks to the cutting-edge nano-coating, its cooling is markedly better than similarly sized coolers from competitors. This makes it ideal for small HTPCs and Small-Form-Factor cases.

The PHANTEKS PH-TC12LS top-blower cooler is available at Caseking now!


The internet has been ablaze with rumours over the past few days about new graphics cards from AMD. The Texas-based chip manufacturer may be gearing up to present the Radeon RX 3080 based on the Navi GPU architecture. The RX 3080 and other gaming graphics cards from AMD that use Navi will apparently be manufactured in a 7nm node. This combination of new architecture and a node shrink could well result in some drastic performance improvements – all with a low TDP.

Rumour Mill: New High-End AMD Radeon RX 3080 Graphics Card?


As one graphics card launch ends, another begins - and to precisely no one's surprise, the rumour mill is bubbling away once more. This appears to relate to a NVIDIA's Turing-based graphics cards, or more specifically the GeForce GTX 2060. Or GeForce RTX 2060. Sources differ on the nomenclature. It remains unclear as to whether the GTX/RTX2060 will use Turing- or Pascal-based GPU architecure.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2060: Mid-range graphics card with 6 GB GDDR6?


Rumour Mill: New AMD GPUs and CPUs at CES 2019?

CES will be taking place between 8.01. and 12.01.2019 in Las Vegas. CES is one of the largest exhibitions for electronics companies in the world of PC hardware outside of Computex in Taipei. It also happens to be one of the most popular events for introducing new products. The Texan chip manufacturer AMD will - if rumours are true - use the show to demonstrate their brand new 7 nm graphics cards and processor series: Ryzen 3000 and Radeon RX 3000.

Rumour mill: New AMD GPUs and CPUs at CES 2019?


Nitro Concepts, renowned for their premium yet affordable gaming chairs, today introduces their Nitro Concepts Memory Foam Cushion Sets to make for a smart upgrade to any gaming chair. The first class memory foam increases the comfort of your seat as well as the overall ergonomics due to the reduced pressure placed on the user's back. The Nitro Concepts Memory Foam Cushion Sets consist of two cushions. The Nitro Concepts Memory Foam Cushion Sets consist of two cushions, one being for the neck and the other for the lumbar region. The black material is washable and comes supplemented with the addition of the manufacturer's own stylish flame logo in black, or in an attractive high-contrast red should you prefer.

The Nitro Concepts Memory Foam Cushion Sets are available at Caseking now!


Do cases get any better than this? BitFenix has brought us the proof in the form of the Enso Mesh: The flow-optimised front panel markedly improves the airflow of the stylish and functional Enso case. As a result, users' installed hardware will always be kept under control, regardless of whether you opt for water- or air cooling. The added mesh panel makes the installed RGB-LED fan look even better too!

The BitFenix Enso Mesh is available at Caseking now!


Functional yet attractive: Kolink’s Inspire K1 Midi-Tower offers a spacious interior for hardware and cooling, without compromising in the aesthetics department. Behind the tempered glass front lie two RGB-LED fans that glow through the attractive mesh panel. The acrylic glass side panel allows users an unobstructed view of their gaming hardware to boot!

Available at an impressively low price now: The Inspire K1!


Caseking, the number one shop for gamers and PC enthusiasts, is once again offering some incredible King Deals in the run-up to Christmas! Insane discounts of up to 50 percent await! Get yourself some powerful PC components, stunning gaming keyboards, stylish cases and - of course - comfortable gaming chairs from noblechairs and Nitro Concepts at incredible prices! Secure your discount of up to 50 percent online at or in store directly at Gaußstraße 1 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The store will be opened specially on the Saturdays prior to Christmas from 10AM to 4PM!

Promotional period: until 26.11.2018 at 23:59 – Grab a bargain while you can! All deals are valid only while stocks last!


Caseking's product range is expanding to include yet another premium brand. Florpad's aim is to protect the floors of gamers everywhere - and do it in style! This manufacturer's protective floor mats have been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of gamers and eSports athletes, and as such is designed to resist heavy loads and includes an extensive range of motifs.

Secure your floor with the perfect Florpad today - available now at Caseking!


Give your noblechairs the treatment they deserve! The noblecare maintenance pack from noblechairs doesn’t just keep your chair clean, your beloved gaming chair will be kept in great condition for years to come – even giving noblechairs the smell of fresh leather, regardless of whether your chair is PU- or real leather. Update: The noblechairs cushion sets are now available to provide additional neck- and lumbar support.

The noblechairs noblecare maintenance package is available at Caseking now!


This Halloween gaming bundle from Caseking and PixelPerfect won’t just chill the blood, it’ll give you a cool PC too! The components are kept ice cool with the help of liquid coolant, offering a drastic increase in performance. Ten horror games and an orange Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Chair help to round out this blood-curdling bundle

Enter our Halloween competition and enjoy our special deals!


The LANCOOL ONE from Lian Li represents a refreshed and revitalised version of one of their most popular lineups. The case succeeds in blending functionality with stylish design and RGB-LED lighting. The LANCOOL ONE is available now in black with standard- and digitial RGB-LED lighting.

Updated 30/10/2018: The LANCOOL ONE Digital White Edition from Lian Li is Available Now!


Within the promotion period, all buyers of a qualified Intel Core i5 / i7 / i9 processor or Caseking full system or bundles with such a CPU will receive a "Master Key" voucher code for redemption of the first-person multiplayer shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 directly at Intel's promo website. In addition, all notebooks with Core i7 or i9 processors of the Coffee Lake H series are also eligible. We will send out the "Master Key" voucher code for Intel's website 1-3 business days after receipt of goods via email. Only end customers receive free gifts. Non-qualified products are not eligible for free gifts.

Promotion period: 25.10.2018 until 30.04.2019 (Master-Key redeemable till 30.05.2019)


Renowned for their premium AiO watercoolers, Raijintek's Orcus series sets new standards for watercoolers everywhere. Raijintek has moved the pump closer to the radiator in an ingenious design update. But Raijintek never does things by halves: The heatsink even allows users to monitor the coolant flow - all the while illuminating it with stylish RGB lighting. The multicoloured Rainbow Orcus RGB is available now with addressable LEDs!

Order Raijintek's AiO Orcus RGB watercooling at Caseking today!


The GeForce RTX 2070 is the new addition to NVIDIA's RTX- series of graphics cards. Based on the Turing architecture, it utilises the three pillars of CUDA-, Tensor- and RayTracing cores to make the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card an incredible performer. Overclocked models from board partners even compete with the flagship models from the previous Pascal-generation of cards.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 is available at Caseking now!


PHANTEKS is proud to present the Revolt PRO, a unique contribution to the world of power supplies. Thanks to PHANTEKS' Power Combo patented Power Combo technology, two Revolt PRO power supplies can be linked together. This power supply, developed in collaboration with Seasonic, is not only fully modular, it has also received the coveted 80 PLUS Gold certification as well as unparalleled failsafe performance thanks to the redundancy that only two PSUs together can offer.

The PHANTEKS Revolt PRO is available at Caseking now!

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