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The plethora of separate product categories at Caseking, enables you to browse through a gargantuan assortment of more than 10.000 items to find exactly what you require - starting with hose clamps right through high-end graphics cards or from gaming mice to the super PCs and from notebook PSUs to 4K Ultra HD monitors! In the process, you may use our comfortable comparison function or keep an eye on interesting products over a longer time period with your very own wish list. Our product texts offer outstandingly detailed information, which is accompanied by also predominantly self-made product pictures.

Above that, in our own Youtube channel Caseking TV, you can often find presentations of our distinct product ranges or elucidating video overviews on more general topics. If there are still questions left, our customer support knows the answers and will gladly advise you thoroughly. Thereby, we do not limit ourselves to telephone and e-mail, but are also at your service on Facebook, Twitter and the largest German hardware forums. On the Caseking shop page, you’re guaranteed to encounter only the best products the market has to offer, available sooner than everywhere else - because there is nothing “standard” here!

The BitFenix Dawn TG is intended to start a renaissance in PC builds. This midi tower combines slick aesthetics and magnificent illumination with innovative features and flexible modularity. It can hold up to an E-ATX motherboard and graphics cards can be mounted vertically with a bundled PCI bracket. There is plenty of room for cooling as well!

The midi tower BiFenix Dawn TG is now availble at Caseking!


The hotly-anticipated Glorious PC Gaming Race Model D Gaming Mouse is finally available. The Glorious Model D has been developed from the ground up for PC gaming enthusiasts, offering the ultimate in comfort, speed and control. Incredibly light yet highly durable, it also includes a strong and slim connecting cable that is paired with large premium-quality G-Skates. The end result is the optimum combination of hardware and features to ensure you enjoy the perfect gaming experience.

The matte versions of the Model D are available now, the glossy from the end of February.


Kolink's Big Chungus & Quantum are Finally Here!

Two new cases are available today from Kolink, a manufacturer renowned for their innovative and high-performance products. Kolink already gave eager fans a glimpse of the Big Chungus back at gamescom 2019, and now you can enjoy this showcase piece in your own home! For those looking for something a little more reserved, look no futher: the Kolink Quantum is also available. This is a standard Midi-Tower, but with an RGB-LED twist that leaves a lasting impression.

Now available at Caseking!


Endgame Gear made a stunning entrance on the gaming peripherals market last year with the XM1 Pro Gaming mouse. Now, the newcomer has taken on board feedback over the last few months and integrated sought after upgrades in a second revision of the XM1. The mouse is also now available in white.

The Endgame Gear XM1 is available now in both black and white for 59,90 Euro at Caseking!


PHANTEKS' Latest & Greatest Hardware at CES 2020

PHANTEKS, renowned manufacturer of premium quality cases, is bringing their latest and greatest developments to CES 2020 in Las Vegas! The Eclipse P300A is adding to their ever expanding array of products with a new airflow-oriented version of the popular entry-level P300 Eclipse Midi-Tower. That’s not all, either: the new Glacier D120 Distro Plate has arrived too! As if cases and components weren’t enough already, PHANTEKS has also brought something a little bit different to the table this time in the form of the Evolv Sound Mini DRGB loudspeaker.

Available to pre-order now at Caseking!


Casemods on Tour: Ali "THE CRE8OR" Abbas 2020

From January 24-26th 2020, Leipzig will be hosting the 18th German Case Modding Championship that is running in parallel to Dreamhack, where Germany's best case modders will be facing off to create the most incredible PC cases. Of course Ali "THE CRE8OR" Abbas will be there, ready to take home even more titles. Yet DCMM 2020 is only the first stop on the CRE8OR Tour 2020. Those who can't wait for DCMM are free to check out a few of Ali's Mods at Munich Airport!

THE CRE8OR on Tour: Preliminary dates will be published here.


Highlights 2019: Bring Your RGB Dreams to Life!

RGB-LED lighting seems to have won the battle for gamers' attention this year, whether in the form of a few blinking LEDs or a cornucopia of multicoloured RGB mayhem - home PC enthusiasts now have free rein to express themselves as they please. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of users putting their painstakingly modded systems in their best light. Christmas is the perfect time to add a little dRGB-LED goodness to your gaming setup...

So read on for more about the world of RGB at Caseking!


Highlights 2019: More Capacity!

Memory has never been faster nor cheaper than it is today in 2019, truly this was a vintage year for SSDs and high-frequency memory modules. Current M.2 NVMe SSDs fully utilise the bandwidth on offer with PCI-Express 3.0 and speeds of up to 4000 MB/s on PCI-Express 4.0 are not unheard of. Today, a 1 TB SSD costs less than ever before, meaning that mechanical hard drives are finally beginning to go the way of the dinosaurs!


Highlights 2019: The Cooler, The Better!

Every computer needs cooling. Insufficient cooling comes at a cost: performance, crashes, or even permanent hardware damage. Coolers and fans not only keep your treasured hardware cool, they're a key part in making a gaming PC that reflects its owner - you!

Today we present the best 2019 has to offer in the world of cooling!


Highlights 2019: Power Up your System

More power for your system!

The power supply is the heart of every computer system. Its task is to supply all components with power safely and reliably under all circumstances. After all, your beloved hardware should not have to cope with too little power or an unstable supply. But pure performance isn't all that counts. In addition to the wattage, other values such as noise volume, efficiency and useful or stylish features can also help a power supply stand out from the crowd.

Today we present to you the highlights of 2019 in the world of power supplies!


Highlights 2019: A new Case for each Case

The case is the first thing you see when you look at a gaming PC. That said, a case is not just a container for your components - it is the single most important component of all when it comes to keeping all your hardware cool and operating at its best. Aesthetics aside, things like airflow and the number of radiator mounting points available are also important to take into account. There are other features too, such as RGB-LED lighting, the form factor, the case type and many more that influence someone’s choice of case. Every year countless new PC cases arrive on the market from established manufacturers, bringing with them swathes of sought-after new features and refinements.

Let us simplify the process for you by presenting our case highlights of 2019!


Highlights 2019: Fastest Gaming Gear in Town

Each year sees a flood of new products arriving on the market, yet only a few set themselves apart from the crowd and catch the collective eye of enthusiasts everywhere. Whether workload-oriented multi-core processor, lighting-fast gaming mice with the response times to match, or high-end graphics cards, all of them deserve extra attention when they succeed in pushing the boundaries of what's possible on PC.

Read on to discover the fastest gaming gear of 2019 and why you need it in your life!


Highlights 2019: Upgrade Your System!

It's the perfect time for upgrades - but make sure you check out our upgrade guide before putting down the cash! Whether gaming chairs and gaming desks, powerful high-end prebuilt systems, mechanical keyboards, gaming headsets or VR, our shop has a massive range of accessories to allow you to get the perfect accessory for your setup.

Upgrade your gaming setup at Caseking!


Within the promotion period, all buyers of a qualified Intel Core i7 / i9 processor (Coffee Lake / Refresh as Tray or Boxed version) as well as Caseking full systems or bundles with such a CPU will receive a "Master Key" code to be redeemed at Intel's promotion website. Software applications, games or bonus content for games worth $275 can be redeemed with this code. We will send out the "Master Key" voucher code for Intel's website 14 days after receipt of goods via email. The offer is limited and only valid while supply last or until the expiry date of the promotion. Legal recourse is excluded. Only end customers receive free gifts. Non-qualified products are not eligible for free gifts.

Promotion period: 02.12.2019 until 31.01.2020 (Master-Key redeemable till 31.03.2020)


The arrival of the LANCOOL II from Lian Li represents the second addition to their highly praised and sought after LANCOOL series. The Midi-Tower offers space for E-ATX motherboards up to 280 mm wide and, thanks to its large side windows with magnetic clasps, affords users an unobstructed view of their high-end hardware. With its digitally addressable lighting (dRGB-LED) that is controlled via the I/O panel and its spacious interior, water cooling and large radiators are sure to look their absolute best. This picture of perfection when it comes to aesthetics and cooling from Lian Li is available to pre-order right now at Caseking!

Caseking exclusive: Includes LAN2-3X Hot-Swap Backpanel for early orders. Only available while stocks of the black version last.


The premium manufacturer noblechairs presents the new, ultra-modern "Black Edition" of the well-known gaming chair models EPIC, ICON and HERO. Equipped with a brand new Hybdrid cover, which is manufactured in Germany, noble chairs guarantee a seating experience that is once again enhanced, setting new standards in terms of comfort, feel, durability and appearance.

Now exclusively at Caseking!


Allow Kolink to present the Refine and Ethereal Midi-Towers, feature-rich cases with plenty of room for powerful gaming hardware. Inside there is room for an E-ATX motherboard and two 240mm radiators that will benefit from the improved airflow. With space for graphics cards up to 380 mm long, even large GPUs will fit comfortably, and with a blend of aluminium, tempered glass and digitally addressable RGB-LEDs, there's nothing to stand in the way of creating a stunning new gaming PC with Kolink's cases!

The Kolink Refine & Ethereal Midi-Towers are now available at Caseking!


One SSI-EEB- or two Mini-ITX motherboards at the same time, along with two power supplies and up to four GPUs, this showcase is more than capable of fitting a whole host of powerful hardware. This makes the tower an ideal option for powerful gaming- or streaming setups. It is this unique degree of customisability that makes it a compelling choice for modders and enthusiasts, enabling owners to create a unique system. The choice of cooling options are equally impressive: two radiators up to a length of 60cm can be installed, as can up to 20 120mm fans.

Raijintek's Eris Evo: Available to purchase at Caseking now!


Renamed: PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Full-Tower

The renamed PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 is a case for enthusiasts. At first glance, the Full-Tower design resembles its predecessor, yet it has undergone an extensive array of upgrades and refinements. Motherboards up to SSI-EEB/E-ATX will fit, as will two power supplies, a second Mini-ITX system or vertical graphics cards. There's no shortage of options when it comes to the installation of custom water cooling either, even for the professionals out there.

Available now at Caseking in Anthracite and Black!


Gaming without a desk? May as well quit out now! Nitro Concepts may have had something along these lines in mind when they came up with the idea, given that this now internationally acclaimed manufacturer has moved into the competitive world of gaming desks! Making this happen is no mean feat, as such Nitro Concepts has called upon a smart selection of durable materials that have been combined to form a cutting edge design in Carbon Black or Carbon Red. Robust, low maintenance and perfect for an impressive gaming setup - experience this and more with Nitro Concepts' Gaming D16 Series Gaming Desks. Highlights include, among other things, a headset holder, height adjustment, cable management as well as a mouse pad that covers the whole surface.

The Heart of Your Setup: Nitro Concepts D16 Gaming Desks!


With the new EVO the popular mini-ITX case Raijintek METIS gets a truly airy update. A fine mesh on the front provides an incomparable airflow. A gigantic 200mm fan can be installed behind it. And now there is room for larger GPUs and more drives. The Raijintek METIS EVO is available with tempered glass or with a solid aluminum cover.

The Raijintek METIS EVO, now available at Caseking!


Kolink expands its power supply portfolio with the new Classic PSUs, which are powerful and quiet at the same time thanks to a modern PCB layout and optimized airflow. The PSUs are certified according to 80 PLUS Bronze. As usual, Kolink relies on high-quality components for a stable power supply. With its extremely quiet 120 mm fan, the power supply offers a further top-class feature - at a low price.

Now available at Caseking!


Airflow is vital when it comes to maintaining maximum performance on high-end gaming hardware. BitFenix knows that, and that's why the manufacturer has developed the Nova Midi-Tower. The BitFenix Nova Mesh represents a new series on the case market complete with a mesh front. The front panel with its mesh grille makes the case's overall design perfect for meeting the hardware's airflow- and cooling requirements. The dense mesh grille in metal is complemented by the addition of a fine nylon covering that doubles as a dust filter, thereby keeping your components clean without compromising on airflow.

The BitFenix Nova Mesh is available now in black or white,with a closed side panel or TG!


The master of award-winning computer mods and umpteen-time winner of the German Masters, Ali Abbas will be present at the German Comic Con in Berlin with a selection of his most impressive creations. But not only that, Caseking and premium brands such as Nitro Concepts will be there too!

Pay Ali Abbas, Caseking and Nitro Concepts a visit at the German Comic Con in Berlin!

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