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Gaming graphics cards are a hot topic right now. Whether its talk of the influence crypto-currencies have had on availability or debating the new naming scheme. published the first rumours back in April and more information on NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1180 is surfacing by the day!

Update: Will the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080 Founders Edition use a dual-fan cooler?


The chair manufacturer noblechairs maintains a close relationship with the world of professional gaming and is proud to present a new gaming chair created in conjunction with a famous eSports organisation. The new model is kitted out in a black-red PU leather cover (100% vegan) and bears the logo and team colours of probably one of the most famous German gaming organisations: mousesports. In addition to the red side stripes, the mousesports Edition comes adorned with two mousesports logos, premium red stitching as well as a mousesports logo. Furthermore the chair includes two matching cushions, both of which come bearing the noblechairs logo and that are height-adjustable to meet your exact ergonomic requirements.

The noblechairs EPIC mousesports Edition is available now at Caseking!


Kolink's new Midi-Tower, the Levante, represents virtually the best that airflow-oriented cases have to offer. Not only that, but it also happens to look fantastic at that. With four pre-installed fans, the case comes factory-ready for great cooling. With its RGB-LED lighting, there can be no doubt that this case cuts a stylish figure in any home- or office environment.

The Kolink Levante Midi-Tower is available at Caseking now!


The new Version 3 of the SFX DAN Case A4 is now capable of fitting an AiO water cooler. The smallest gaming case enjoys one other additional point in its favour, on top of its generous array of features. It offers space for high-end graphics cards, optimised use of space as well as perfect airflow: You just won't fit more in 7 Litres, the size of a shoebox, than you will here in the DAN Case A4 V3.

The new version of DAN's case is available now at Caseking!


After the award-winning EPIC Series and the world-first real leather gaming chair, noblechairs is taking the ICON Series to the next level to become the leader in all classes. This executive chair is the remarkabnle result of optimised materials, manufacturing, improved design and fantastic aesthetics in an eccentric sports-car inspired design. The perfected ergonomics ensure a relaxed seated experience and envelopes the user in a sense of pure luxury.

Available for pre-order immediately at Caseking! The PU leather models are available in White, Black-Red, Black-Blue, Black and Black-Platinum White and the real leather variants will be available in black shortly.


There’s no case where high-end gaming hardware would feel more at home than in Kolink’s designer cases, the Stronghold and the Oberservatory. The spacious interior of these cases allow for a variety of powerful components to be installed – and then admired via that tempered glass side panels. Kolink demonstrates once more that good design needn’t cost the world… But a small investment in some attractive lighting wouldn’t go amiss either!

Kolink’s Stronghold and Observatory are available at Caseking.


Overclocking guru Roman "der8auer" Hartung used an overclocked EPYC server CPU to simulate an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990X. Since no exact specifications are available on the HEDT-CPU flagship from the Texas-based manufacturer, he took the rumours and made an educated guess at the likely clock frequencies and overclocked the EPYC 7601 to 3,4 GHz. Additionally, Roman published memory benchmarks so as to differentiate between Quad- and Octa-Channel memory - with some impressive results!

Find out more by watching der8auer's video below!


noblechairs has created the perfect gaming chair for fans of the famous gaming team, Sprout: On the front of the headrest is situated the stylish Sprout logo. This special edition of the popular EPIC series of chairs is adorned in black with green side strips and plenty of velour. A real looker and a must for enthusiasts and fans of Sprout!

The noblechairs EPIC gaming chair in the Sprout Edition is available now at Caseking!


The Panzer Evo RGB Full-Tower and the Turret Midi-Tower from Cougar represent two visually impressive case options with plenty of tempered glass and stylish LED fans which, in the Panzer Evo RGB, even come with addressable RGB-LEDs and a remote control. The Vortex fans are available for purchase individually and are available in the base models with red, blue or white LED lighting, Two further variants with addressable RGB lighting are also available.

The new Cougar products are available to order now at Caseking!


Fractal Design: Elegant, Functional Cases & AiOs

Caseking is now the official distributor of Swedish case manufacturer Fractal Design with their premium and versatile cases as well as their quality fans and AiOs. The name says it all, because the Swedes also rely on the unique appearance and aesthetics of their products. Extensive modularity and support for all types of cooling make Fractal Design cases perfect modders and overclockers everywhere.


The Lian Li Strimer 24-pin RGB motherboard cable enables spectacular lighting for your motherboard's power supply. Thanks to the twelve controllable RGB-LEDs, each visible line can be controlled, resulting in vibrant illumination effects. These can either be controlled using a compatible motherboard with a digital 3-pin RGB header or by using the controlled included in the bundle.

The Lian Li Strimer is available at Caseking now!


In cooperation with professional overclocker Roman "der8auer" Hartung, Lian Li has added another case by the name of the PC-O11 Air to their range, one which is perfect for air cooling. Up to 14 fans can be installed in this stylish case. Of course, several radiators will also fit in the Lian Li O11 Air. As in previous revisions, Lian Li has emphasised an incredibly modular style of design.

The Lian Li PC-O11 Air is available for purchase at Caseking now!


Today we'd like to kick off our own mini-series on the subject of "PC cooling done differently" and introduce the topic of "Dual-Phase Submerged Cooling". Cooling hardware via air or water is commonplace, and both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Roman "der8auer" Hartung has done some experiments on PC cooling options and introduced the "Aqua Exhalare" to Gamescom 2017.

PC cooling done differently - with a video from der8auer!


noblechairs is proud to present their latest and greatest gaming chair from the HERO series, offering a special focus on ergonomics. The larger backrest is optimised for back support and promises exceptional comfort over the course of extended gaming sessions. As with all products from noblechairs, the HERO series has been manufactured to the highest possible standards.

The noblechairs HERO gaming chair is available now at Caseking!


External enclosures for graphics cards offer some major advantages when paired with an old notebook to give it a fresh lease of life, especially in terms of improving its ability to produce quality 3D graphics. One particular advantage of using an external GPU enclosure is the fact that it enables you to swap out graphics cards quickly and easily. External GPUs can be paired with a compatible workstation- or consumer class graphics card, making notebooks significantly more versatile than ever before. That said, when Roman "der8auer" Hartung hooks up an external graphics card, of course he'll go ahead and overclock it too!

Watch der8auer as he overclocks his external graphics card!


In the previous year the S300 Gaming Chairs from Nitro Concepts have unleashed a revolution in gaming chairs. With fresh and vibrant colours, they coordinate perfectly with your RGB lighting. Additionally, the modern materials and user friendly design along with its low price - in spite of its premium features - have impressed gamers around the world. Today Nitro Concepts adds a brand new colour variant to their lineup: Nebula Purple!

Grab yourself the Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair in Nebula Purple today at Caseking!


Cougar Puritas: The Modder's Dream Case

Attention modders: Cougar's Puritas case is ready to realise your water-cooled, RGB-lit dreams complete with tempered glass on the top, sides and front. The interior also comes with plenty of space for all manner of water cooling and RGB lighting to fully expressing your creativity.

Buy the Cougar Puritas at Caseking today!


Play like the pros! The XG-M1 gaming mouse and H1 headset from Xtrfy help players get those headshots while making sure no one sneaks up behind them. Even professional gamers like Ninjas in Pyjamas opt for the superb peripherals from Xtrfy - and as a result they gave them their sought after official NiP seal of approval.

Xtrfy's new premium and durable products are available now at Caseking!


Overclocking legend Ian "8Pack" Parry is presenting the next generation of his top-of-the-range series of PCs at Computex 2018. The "8Pack Polaris MK2" is a premium system that is overclocked to the very limit and equipped with a custom water cooling loop and extreme high-end hardware. Every Polaris MK2 is built with specially selected components by 8Pack himself, tested and then undergoes a series of torturous benchmark tests. The result is an absolute performance beast capable of meeting any demand placed upon it while being guaranteed to overclocking like no other.

See 8Pack's Polaris MK2 as Computex 2018!


The Bodensee Maker Faire 2018 is set to take place in Friedrichshafen from the 2nd to the 3rd of June, which is part exhibition and part fairground attraction. The Bodensee Maker Faire is a "family-friendly festival for innovation, creativity and technology" according to the organisers. As the same time the sixth edition of the We-Mod-It Modding Masters will also be taking place, and during the Live Modding Event Ali "THE CRE8OR" Abbas will also be ready and waiting with some incredible surprises!

Get ready: Ali "THE CRE8OR" Abbas is on the way to the Modding Masters!


More options for cooling and support for larger motherboards: Phanteks' Eclipse series receives a new addition, this time with colourful highlights! Of course, it also comes complete with a tempered glass side panel to allow users to put their gaming hardware centre stage.

The Phanteks Eclipse P350X is available at Caseking now!


The freshness and variety of intense colours, the modern materials and the user friendly design, all these things have combined to make the Nitro Concepts S300 series incredibly popular. The Nitro Concepts S300 Urban Camo Gaming Chair adds to the collection with a new model with a digital camouflage pattern, something that gives it an authentic high-tech military aesthetic

Computer-generated digital camo like this is used by armies all over the world to enable better concealment in urban warfare.

The new Nitro Concepts S300 Urban Camo Gaming Chair is available now at Caseking!


Is delidding the new Ryzen CPUs worth it? Professional overclocking guru Roman "der8auer" Hartung has been on the case and has prepared an interesting video on the topic. In a further video Roman demonstrated how well the new Pinnacle Ridge processors overclock while setting a new world record for overclocking an 8-core CPU!

AMD Ryzen delidding and overclocking - with videos from der8auer


Fantasy Basel - the Swiss Comic Con - is taking place this year from the 10th to the 12th of May. Over an area of 60.000 square meters, this is the largest Swiss convention for everything to do with films, games, comics and cosplay. There are on the starting line will, of course, be Ali "The CRE8OR" Abbas alongside some of his best builds and projects. This year he also has something special in store: "Armageddon: The Sum of All Fears".

More information on Fantasy Basel is available here!

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