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The Making of: "Ragnars Revenge" und "Piracy and Prophecy" - The Pinnacle of Casemodding

Today we are showing two of the incredible casemods by Ali Abbas that will be on show at Gamescom: "Ragnars Revenge" and "Piracy and Prophecy". The Viking-inspired "Ragnars Revenge" won three gold trophies in the German Casemod Championships (DCMM) and represents a truly unique casemod built from the ground up to be different. The Core P5 from Thermaltake was selected to form the foundation of "Piracy & Prophecy" and the casemod pays homage to the swashbucklers of the seven seas.

Caseking at gamescom 2017: Modding Area with Ali Abbas & 6 Master Mods

With his repeatedly award-winning mods, that he manufactures with improvised parts manually like Mac Guyver, Ali Abbas regularly amazes his fans. We are exclusively presenting six of his very best creations at our booth at gamescom 2017 in Cologne. In three making-of blogs we introduce you to all the six exhibited case mods in detail:


Find us here: Hall 8 / Booth C-040 from 23. - 26. August 2017

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Ragnars Revenge: Inspired by Vikings

Ali Abbas presents Ragnars Revenge The term Viking originates, essentially, from the Norse and means "warriors of the sea that travel far from the homeland". They were made up mostly of young Scandinavians that spread fear and terror with their raids during the age of the Vikings (approx. 800 - 1060). In addition to the extensive raiding parties, settlements ascribed to the Northmen have been found as far away as Iceland and Greenland and one Leif Eriksson may even have discovered the Americas as he supposedly discovered Newfoundland in the year 1000. Serving as the inspiration behind "Ragnars Revenge" is the technology of the Vikings which was, in part, extremely impressive.

Here is a (very) short rundown of the unique features of "Ragnars Revenge":

  • 100% custom-built
  • Made entirely by hand
  • Constructed from wood
  • Side panels open via electric motor
  • Foldaway monitor with loudspeakers
  • Opening the side panels plays a video automatically
  • Integrated, hidden webcam
  • Multitudes of tiny moving parts and delicate details
  • Subtle LED lighting
  • Find the full build log with pictures here (external link)

The case was handmade by Ali for the DCMM 2015. In terms of materials he primarily used a combination of poplar, beech, birch and spruce. With the obvious exception of the electronic components themselves "Ragnars Revenge" was handmade from the ground up. Even the tiniest detail was handled with the greatest of care, and the construction of the moving parts make "Ragnars Revenge" one of the greatest casemods of all time!

The side panels open with the help of an electric motor that pulls tiny chains across wheels, and these allow the door to open, and the role of closing the case falls to a spring mechanism. When the side panels open, a monitor on the left side folds out and plays the soundtrack to a well-known TV series. The camera integrated into the case is located beneath the helmet at the bow of the longboat, and this helmet is pulled upwards by the chains at the push of a button.

And yet it is not simply these fun aspects of the case that ultimately define it - moreover, it is the sheer scale and the unparalleled attention to the many filigree details that make this case something truly special. The oars of the longboat move, the miniature attached weapons have textured handles, and even the longboat's "decking" on the side panels was crafted with the aid of a box cutter to give it a more natural aesthetic.

In the following video Ali presents his "Ragnars Revenge" casemod, but for the full effect we recommend experiencing this fantastic mod for yourself! Visitors to Gamescom 2017 in Cologne will have the opportunity to bask in the glory of this masterpiece at Caseking's booth.

Piracy and Prophecy

Ali Abbas presents Piracy and Prophecy "Piracy and Prophecy" brought Ali to a hard-fought second place at the Thermaltake Season One Invitational 2016 and won the DCMM for the third time in a row, bestowing him with a never-before-seen hat trick in the casemodding category. As the name "Piracy and Prophecy" suggests, Ali takes on the subject of Pirates, a mythos that had inspired him in light of the cornucopia of books and films the subject has spawned over the years. A lot of small details, like the reservoirs disguised as rum bottles, or the wireless antenna that acts as a mast for the crow's nest, all combine to make for a mod that is both functional as well as fantastically unique in its style.

Here is a short rundown of the special features offered by "Piracy and Prophecy":

  • Based on the Thermaltake Core P5 wall case
  • Manufactured entirely by hand
  • Created with the use of wood
  • Hardware with custom watercooling
  • Wireless antenna doubles as a mast for the crow's nest
  • Rum bottles acts as reservoirs
  • Integrated display
  • Multiple moving parts and details
  • Subtle LED lighting
  • Find the full build log with pictures here (external link)

The "Piracy and Prophecy" casemod takes an inventive approach to combining elements of an olde worlde sail-boat with the aesthetics of a treasure chest. The Thermaltake Core P5 forms the foundation for this masterpiece and the components used for the custom watercooling as well as the power supply both originate from Thermaltake. The rear of the mod resembles the stern of a ship and handcrafted canons above the rum bottles double as switches to allow you to adjust LEDs or the open the tray of the optical drive for example.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! - Of course no pirate-themed casemod would be complete without rum, so two cut-in-half bottles adorn the back. The highlight here is that moored behind those bottles are the reservoirs for the custom watercooling. What does this mean exactly? That they have the uncanny appearance of bottles full of rum! A wireless antenna was additionally used as a mast for the crow's nest, the ideal lookout for spotting fresh loot!

The case shaped so as to be reminiscent of Davy Jones' treasure chest, in which the souls of drowned seafarers are kept captive. Plenty of skulls and crossbones adorn the case and LEDs enhance the individual details of the case. A monitor is located on the right side of the modified Core P5 which, at the push of a button, turns 90 degrees so it is visible. A small accessories drawer is also integrated into the base of the case mod.

Ali Abbas presents "Piracy and Prophecy" in the following video, and for those who just can't get enough of this case, we are pleased to announce that this - and several more world-class case mods will be present for your enjoyment at Gamescom 2017.


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