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The SAG Eliminator: The Perfect Support for Your Graphics Card

SAG Eliminator

PC hardware enthusiasts are being confronted with ever-larger cooling solutions to cope with the ever more powerful performance of longer, heavier and thicker graphics cards. This is especially true if you opt for an extra watercooling block. The result of all this is sag. Graphics cards sink downwards over time due to the fact that even screwing them into the slot is often not enough to keep them in a flat horizontal position. The SAGE can reduce this sag, meaning that the fans can move air, more effectively, while protecting the PCIe slot and even the card itself over the long term.

The world famous modder Ali Abbas, alias The Cre8or, saw these problems and decided it was time to tackle them head on. Enter: The SAG Eliminator - or SAGE for short - a simple yet effective solution for graphics cards.

SAG Eliminator

The Cre8or SAGE at a Glance:

  • Reliably supports even the heaviest hardware
  • Straightforward installation without screws, glue or drill holes
  • Constructed from high quality plastics
  • Includes stylish Ali Abbas emblem
  • Stylish packaging

Premium Build Quality, Easy Installation

The SAGE is made from premium acrylic plastic. Thanks to the high quality constructuion, the SAGE blends right into the PC post installation and avoids getting in the way of the interior of your RGB illuminated case, nor for that matter does it present an obstacle for water cooling gear or large RAM heatsinks.

Ali Abbas is known for being one of the greatest modders in the world, and his keen eye for design has certainly played a role in the creation of the SAG Eliminator. Multiple prototypes were necessary before The Cre8or was satisfied that he had created the perfect support for even the heaviest of graphics cards. Something that was particularly important for Ali in building this product was its convenience: The SAGE is quick and easy to install without the need for any screws or drill holes. The SAGE also comes bundled with the stylish Ali Abbas emblem, which looks great when paired with the SAGE. The Cre8or SAGE is available exclusively at Caseking.

Toolless Installation

Picture 1: The SAGE is attached to the underside of the graphics card and over the top of the motherboard.
Picture 2: The SAGE should be adjusted to the correct length prior to installation.
Picture 3: The locking ring allows the SAGE to be fixed in place.
Picture 4: Finally the Ali Abbas emblem is installed.

The installation of the SAGE is incredible simple and requires neither tools, screws nor glue. As illustrated in picture 1, the bottom part of the SAGE is hooked on to the PCB or the backplate of the graphics card. The upper part of the Sage is attached to the upper edge of the motherboard in the same fashion. The optimal location for the SAGE is on the outer right hand edge of the motherboard, this ensures the graphics card receives the greatest possible support. The SAGE is designed in such a way as to make sure that there is always enough clearance above RAM modules and cables. The SAGE can also be installed the other way round in the unlikely event that RAM clearance is somehow a problem.

Prior to the actual installation, the SAGE is pushed together (Picture 2) so that both ends are the desired distance between the graphics card and motherboard. The locking ring should already be placed on the sloped edge of the upper section, this ensures that nothing will slip when it is finally installed. Now the SAGE is attached to the graphics card, and then to the motherboard. Subsequently, both ridged parts of the SAGE are carefully inserted inwards towards each other until the graphics card is horizontal. The locking ring of the SAGE is then fixed in place (Picture 3).

Installing the emblem takes a little dexterity as it needs to be pushed upwards and then simply latched into the holder (Picture 4).


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