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Ali "THE CRE8OR" Abbas has created a brand new mod for the developer and publisher Bethesda Softworks: the CRE8ODORE. Ali was tasked by the developers of "Wolfenstein Youngblood" to equip a Commodore CM Model 8032 from the 1980s with the latest and greatest hardware. It’s also intended to pay tribute to the game that started it all, the original Wolfenstein published back in 1981 and that has since been hailed as a classic in the pantheon of great PC games.

Read on for more about Ali's latest creation!


Allow the case specialists at BitFenix to introduce the Saber: a promising new Midi-Tower. The front opts for a brushed aluminium look that is clean and ascetic, interrupted only by two vertical strips of lighting evocative of a sword (or a sabre!) - and this is where the case drew inspiration for its name. Excellent airflow is the name of the game, and the innovative side-facing strips double up as dust filters as well as air inlets. They are also easily removed for cleaning. A dust filter is located on top of the case in the form of a magnetic mesh panel. Alternatively, a noise-dampening cover can be used if preferred.

Available for pre-order now at Caseking!


After widespread public demand, Glorious PC Race has released a new model of the sought after model O complete with a smaller and lighter footprint. The result is the model O-, with the added "-" representing a 'less is more' approach without compromising on functionality. Present and correct is the renowned honeycomb design preferred by pros, helping once again to reduce total weight - making it the perfect choice for extended gaming sessions. The striking design and the stylish RGB-LED lighting help make this variant stand out from the crowd. The mouse even uses Teflon glides and a super-flexible cable for optimal mouse movement.

Available for pre-order now at Caseking!


With a raft of new products, PHANTEKS Glacier Series is well-positioned to give any custom loop a new and improved look. Their Glacier D140 Distro Plate is a remarkable example, capable of serving two individual loops simultaneously. The combination of transparent acrylic and a reflective backplate lends the Distro Plate a premium aesthetic. To go with it, PHANTEKS have also released new reservoirs in the form of the R160C and the R220C, also made using transparent acrylic and kitted out with digitally addressable RGB lighting.

The Glacier D140 Distro Plate and the R160C / R220C reservoirs are available now at Caseking!


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Available Now!

After NVIDIA released the new 2060- and 2070- RTX "SUPER" series of graphics cards, the new NVIDIA RTX 2080 SUPER has arrived on the block. The RTX 2080 SUPER graphics cards offer more CUDA cores, more Ray-Tracing units, more Tensor cores as well as increased Base- and Boost Clocks. But that's not all: With 8 GB of 2nd-gen DDR6 VRAM, the NVIDIA RTX 2080 SUPER cards offer a marked increase in data throughput over preceding generations.

Furthermore: Wolfenstein: Youngblood & Control is included with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 SUPER graphics cards!


Streaming PC Buyer's Guide: Stream Like the Pros!

Whether it's big live broadcasts of eSports tournaments, a thrilling round of Battle Royale, or entertaining viewers with arcade and indie titles with friends, streaming has become a serious business. Twitch alone attracts around 15 million viewers every day. But it's not just watched: About 2.2 million Twitch streamers play every day in front of an international audience.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about streaming PCs!


Ducky’s keyboards represent an insider secret among gamers, thanks to their premium craftsmanship and unparalleled design. The ONE 2 Mini from Ducky represents yet another step in this direction: in stylish white with RGB lighting, the gaming keyboard takes aesthetics up yet another notch with a white edition. As usual, this keyboard utilises reliable Cherry switches – helping to make the Ducky ONE 2 Mini one of the most rewarding investments gamers can make into their gaming setup!

The Ducky ONE 2 Mini is available now at Caseking!


In a brilliant surprise debut, new manufacturer Endgame Gear has released their first accessory: The XM1 Gaming Mouse. Lightning-fast signal processing makes this ultra-light mouse with its advanced technology and superior build quality into a powerful tool for aspiring esports athletes and professional gamers alike. In order to achieve increased click responsiveness while maintaining the perfect feel on every click, the XM1 Gaming Mouse (designed in Germany) utilises a patented analogue switch contact algorithm alongside pre-selected mechanical OMRON 50M switches.

Includes patented analogue technology for unparalleled sub 1 ms switch response times!


Solid State Drives (SSDs) are a necessity in just about any PC nowadays. Yet what do we need to be aware of before buying one? This guide will help you to pick out the perfect SSD for your gaming PC. From SATA-SSDs to high-end NVMe-M.2 SSDs. Whether RGB lighting is your thing or not. Whatever you need,Caseking has got the perfect SSD for every PC!

Read on for the Caseking SSD buyer's guide!


The Kolink Bastion Midi-Tower blends great airflow and exceptional functionality with a reserved yet stylish exterior. The spacious interior allows for motherboards up to E-ATX format, graphics cards up to 370 mm in length - and more than enough space for powerful gaming hardware. Up to five 120 mm- and two 140 mm- fans can be installed with ease. Additionally, a stylish RGB-LED strip with a pre-installed RGB-LED fan help to make the Bastion a treat for the senses.

The Kolink Bastion is available at Caseking now!


The Super series of graphics cards from NVIDIA brings an overhauled and even more powerful version of their RTX- series of graphics cards to the market. The NVIDIA RTX "Super" graphics cards are at the forefront of a new wave of gaming graphics set to hit the market. Higher clock frequencies and even better performance is now a reality!

Get the RTX Super series at Caseking now!


The ATH-G1 and ATH-G1WL from Audio-Technica represent premium-quality headsets for demanding gamers. The company has been developing high-precision audiophile products for the high-end segment since 1962. These headsets from Audio-Technica represent the culmination of decades of experience to make for the ultimate in high-end gaming headsets.


The arrival of AMD's Ryzen 3000- series also signals the long awaited release of the "Zen 2" architecture based on the new and advanced 7 Nm FinFET lithiography, as well as the release of their accompanying Socket AMD4-based AMD X570 chipsets. AMD's Matisse series of processors also support, when paired with such a chipset, the new and improved PCI Express 4.0 standard. AMD's Ryzen 3000-based Picasso series of APUs have also now dropped, with their Zen+ architecture taking Vega's integrated graphics up yet another notch.

Update: PCI Express 4.0 now available on AMD X570 motherboards!


The AMD Radeon RX 5700-series is based on the new Navi chip using new RDNA GPU architecture and advanced 7nm FinFET lithography. The biggest development of the AMD Radeon RX 5700 and AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT lies in support for PCI Express 4.0, H.265 / HEVC encoding/decoding as well as support for newer technologies like Radeon VR Ready Premium. The whole package promises a significant leap in performance to make for a great 1440p gaming experience. Gamers will appreciate updates to AMD's Boost technology as well as the addition of 8 GB of GDDR6-VRAM at 7.000 MHz with a 256-Bit memory interface.

First PCI Express 4.0 graphics card & H.265 / HEVC encoding!


The EPIC Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Edition represents a premium offering from noblechairs for all the racing fans out there. Created in close cooperation with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Team, this gaming chair includes the exclusive Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport design along with two embroidered Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport logos that adorn the front- and rear of the headrest. The black design includes elements evocative of carbon fibre, accompanied by PETRONAS green stitching to help make the chair into the perfect accessory for all Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport fans. Included are two embroidered cushions which support the neck while adhering to the natural curvature of the spine for optimal ergonomics.

This stylish chair is available now in the Caseking shop!


This case has it where it counts both inside and out: The new Micro-ATX Inspire K2 and K3 cases from Kolink offer uniquely crafted front panels complete with striking RGB-LED lighting. On the inside, despite the diminutive form factor, lies plenty of space for powerful hardware. The low price makes the new Inspire cases the ideal choice for those who appreciate a great deal as much as great design.

The Kolink Inspire K2 & K3 are in stock now at Caseking!


With two semi-passive modes, Super Flower's brand new Leadex III series is pushing the envelope once again. Thanks to the constantly improving technology, the high-performance 135 mm FDB fan manages to be even quieter than its predecessors. The high quality of the semiconductors and capacitors used help guarantee exceptionally smooth power delivery under load. As a result, the fully-modular Leadex III-series of PSUs have earned their highly sought after 80PLUS Gold certification.

The Leadex III series is available at Caseking now!


Gaming chairs are enjoying a renaissance, and not without good reason: Many renowned YouTubers, Twitch-streamers and eSports athletes use them. As a result, this piece of office furniture has earned itself a place in the public eye, even gaining traction outside the gaming community. Fortunately we've put together what you need to know before buying a gaming chair!

Read on to find out more on picking the perfect gaming chair!


Rumours about new AMD have been gathering pace over the last few days. Even back at CES 2019 in January the Texas-based chip manufacturer was rumoured to be on the verge of announcing the Radeon RX 3080, which would be based on the Navi GPU architecture. The RX 3080 and other Navi-based gaming graphics cards from AMD look like they will be based on the 7 nm node. The combination of new architecture and manufacturing processes look ready to deliver massive improvements in performance - all with remarkably low TDPs.

AMD Radeon RX 5000: The new Navi graphics cards have been announced


This super computer has got it all! A powerful, overclocked CPU – two similarly overclocked graphics cards, custom water cooling, all combined together in a single exceptional Full-Tower design, prepare yourself for the Supernova XL from record-breaking overclocker Ian "8Pack" Parry. If you were looking for the last word in power and performance in a single PC, you’ve come to the right place.

Order the 8Pack Supernova XL at Caseking now!


The seventh generation of Ducky’s legendary Shine series is in stock and available now at Caseking in "Blackout" (black) or "Gunmetal" (grey) each of which are also available in six different Cherry MX switch variants. Just one look at the Ducky Shine 7 series and it’s easy to see why it’s back again by popular demand. Highlights of this mechanical masterpiece of gaming keyboard engineering include, among other things, scratch-resistant zinc lettering, RGB-LED lighting as well as PBT Double-Shot key caps.

Ducky Shine 7 Blackout & Gunmetal in stock now!


Water cooled high-end gaming systems are no long a rarity, and well-established manufacturers regularly offer new designs. Yet away from appearances and compatibility changes, little of note really changes. Until now. Overclocking legend and engineer Roman Hartung, perhaps better known as "der8auer", has brought a new and innovative series of water coolers onto the market: Liquid Interconnect Cooling or LINC for short

der8auer introduces the innovative new LINC water cooling system!


THE CRE8OR Presents: The Seasonic QUASAR

Introducing Ali "THE CRE8OR" Abbas' new mod: the Seasonic QUASAR. Built thanks to a sponsorship from famous PSU manufacturer Seasonic, the newest mod from THE CRE8OR represents an homage to Sci-Fi spaceships. Inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and many more Sci-Fi genres, the QUASAR is surely the flagship of the Seasonic fleet.

Ali Abbas presents the Seasonic QUASAR!


The 2019 YOU Summer Festival is taking place from May 24th to May 26th 2019 at the Berlin ExpoCenter. The biggest youth event in Europe offers a busy program of 3 full days of events from the world of music, sports and lifestyle. Of course, Caseking will be present and correct once again showing off brand new hardware in the Gaming Zone – and we’re also looking forward to meeting potential interns and trainees as well!

Visit Caseking at the YOU in Hall 11.2 at stand 300!

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