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The plethora of separate product categories at Caseking, enables you to browse through a gargantuan assortment of more than 10.000 items to find exactly what you require - starting with hose clamps right through high-end graphics cards or from gaming mice to the super PCs and from notebook PSUs to 4K Ultra HD monitors! In the process, you may use our comfortable comparison function or keep an eye on interesting products over a longer time period with your very own wish list. Our product texts offer outstandingly detailed information, which is accompanied by also predominantly self-made product pictures.

Above that, in our own Youtube channel Caseking TV, you can often find presentations of our distinct product ranges or elucidating video overviews on more general topics. If there are still questions left, our customer support knows the answers and will gladly advise you thoroughly. Thereby, we do not limit ourselves to telephone and e-mail, but are also at your service on Facebook, Twitter and the largest German hardware forums. On the Caseking shop page, you’re guaranteed to encounter only the best products the market has to offer, available sooner than everywhere else - because there is nothing “standard” here!

Kolink's Big Chungus & Quantum are Finally Here!

Two new cases are available today from Kolink, a manufacturer renowned for their innovative and high-performance products. Kolink already gave eager fans a glimpse of the Big Chungus back at gamescom 2019, and now you can enjoy this showcase piece in your own home! For those looking for something a little more reserved, look no futher: the Kolink Quantum is also available. This is a standard Midi-Tower, but with an RGB-LED twist that leaves a lasting impression.

Now available at Caseking!


PHANTEKS' Latest & Greatest Hardware at CES 2020

PHANTEKS, renowned manufacturer of premium quality cases, is bringing their latest and greatest developments to CES 2020 in Las Vegas! The Eclipse P300A is adding to their ever expanding array of products with a new airflow-oriented version of the popular entry-level P300 Eclipse Midi-Tower. That’s not all, either: the new Glacier D120 Distro Plate has arrived too! As if cases and components weren’t enough already, PHANTEKS has also brought something a little bit different to the table this time in the form of the Evolv Sound Mini DRGB loudspeaker.

Available to pre-order now at Caseking!


The arrival of the LANCOOL II from Lian Li represents the second addition to their highly praised and sought after LANCOOL series. The Midi-Tower offers space for E-ATX motherboards up to 280 mm wide and, thanks to its large side windows with magnetic clasps, affords users an unobstructed view of their high-end hardware. With its digitally addressable lighting (dRGB-LED) that is controlled via the I/O panel and its spacious interior, water cooling and large radiators are sure to look their absolute best. This picture of perfection when it comes to aesthetics and cooling from Lian Li is available to pre-order right now at Caseking!

Caseking exclusive: Includes LAN2-3X Hot-Swap Backpanel for early orders. Only available while stocks of the black version last.


Allow Kolink to present the Refine and Ethereal Midi-Towers, feature-rich cases with plenty of room for powerful gaming hardware. Inside there is room for an E-ATX motherboard and two 240mm radiators that will benefit from the improved airflow. With space for graphics cards up to 380 mm long, even large GPUs will fit comfortably, and with a blend of aluminium, tempered glass and digitally addressable RGB-LEDs, there's nothing to stand in the way of creating a stunning new gaming PC with Kolink's cases!

The Kolink Refine & Ethereal Midi-Towers are now available at Caseking!


Airflow is vital when it comes to maintaining maximum performance on high-end gaming hardware. BitFenix knows that, and that's why the manufacturer has developed the Nova Midi-Tower. The BitFenix Nova Mesh represents a new series on the case market complete with a mesh front. The front panel with its mesh grille makes the case's overall design perfect for meeting the hardware's airflow- and cooling requirements. The dense mesh grille in metal is complemented by the addition of a fine nylon covering that doubles as a dust filter, thereby keeping your components clean without compromising on airflow.

The BitFenix Nova Mesh is available now in black or white,with a closed side panel or TG!


Reserved or outgoing: Kolink has got you covered with two radically different cases for every taste. The Kolink Nimbus offers striking RGB-LED lighting with a cut-out in the front for optimised airflow. The ascetic style of the Kolink Castle on the other hand puts the focus on the installed hardware, allowing users to admire their PC hardware through the tempered glass side door. Minimalist or extroverted, whichever you prefer - Kolink has the case for you!

Kolink Nimbus and Castle now available ta Caseking!


The Kolink Bastion Midi-Tower blends great airflow and exceptional functionality with a reserved yet stylish exterior. The spacious interior allows for motherboards up to E-ATX format, graphics cards up to 370 mm in length - and more than enough space for powerful gaming hardware. Up to five 120 mm- and two 140 mm- fans can be installed with ease. Additionally, a stylish RGB-LED strip with a pre-installed RGB-LED fan help to make the Bastion a treat for the senses.

The Kolink Bastion is available at Caseking now!


Functional can be beautiful. That's what Kolink set out to prove with the Phalanx, and in doing so Kolink have left nothing to chance. This case makes installing a huge amount of hardware a breeze, while the mesh front provides ideal ventilation and the four pre-installed dRGB-LED fans help to ensure the case leaves a lasting impression.

The Kolink Phalanx Midi-Tower is available at Caseking now!


A new chapter in the success story of the renowned Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic case that was forged in a collaboration between Lian Li and Roman "der8auer" Hartung is on the way! Lian Li presents, together with Razer, the PC-O11 Dynamic "Razer Edition". The versatile Midi-Tower has been upgraded to include awe-inspiring Chroma lighting as well as the impressive Razer logo.

The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic "Razer Edition" is available for pre-order at Caseking today!


The Netherlands-based premium case manufacturer PHANTEKS is pushing the envelope once more with an exceptionally innovative and well-made case. The Eclipse P600S can be switched with ease from being an acoustically-oriented case into a setup that prioritises airflow. Moreover, it also supports the installation of two systems at once. This versatility makes it the perfect case for any PC, irrespective of whether your preference is for quiet operation or increased airflow

The PHANTEKS Eclipse P600S Midi-Tower is available for pre-order today at Caseking!


Do cases get any better than this? BitFenix has brought us the proof in the form of the Enso Mesh: The flow-optimised front panel markedly improves the airflow of the stylish and functional Enso case. As a result, users' installed hardware will always be kept under control, regardless of whether you opt for water- or air cooling. The added mesh panel makes the installed RGB-LED fan look even better too!

The BitFenix Enso Mesh is available at Caseking now!


Functional yet attractive: Kolink’s Inspire K1 Midi-Tower offers a spacious interior for hardware and cooling, without compromising in the aesthetics department. Behind the tempered glass front lie two RGB-LED fans that glow through the attractive mesh panel. The acrylic glass side panel allows users an unobstructed view of their gaming hardware to boot!

Available at an impressively low price now: The Inspire K1!


Kolink's new Midi-Tower, the Levante, represents virtually the best that airflow-oriented cases have to offer. Not only that, but it also happens to look fantastic at that. With four pre-installed fans, the case comes factory-ready for great cooling. With its RGB-LED lighting, there can be no doubt that this case cuts a stylish figure in any home- or office environment.

The Kolink Levante Midi-Tower is available at Caseking now!


More options for cooling and support for larger motherboards: Phanteks' Eclipse series receives a new addition, this time with colourful highlights! Of course, it also comes complete with a tempered glass side panel to allow users to put their gaming hardware centre stage.

The Phanteks Eclipse P350X is available at Caseking now!


Lian Li's PC-O11 Dynamic: The Midi-Tower for Overclockers

Lian Li has created the new Midi-Tower PC-O11 with the help of overclocking guru Roman "der8auer" Hartung to be perfect for passionate overclockers. Up to three 360 mm radiators will fit simultaneously in this airflow-optimised case. The case also provides abundant space for gaming hardware and cable management, all of which can be admired from afar thanks to the tempered glass side panel.

The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Midi-Tower is available at Caseking.


The Enso from BitFenix is a stylish, spacious Midi-Tower in two colour variants and comes with integrated RGB lighting. It is compatible with ASUS' Aura Sync tech, however it can also be controlled using the installed controller via the I/O panel. The sleek case accepts motherboards up to E-ATX and comes with a tempered glass panel, tool-free removable dust filters and support for water cooling. The new Alchemy 3.0 LED strips are equipped with individually addressable RGB-LEDs, offer Aura Sync compatibility, and are also available with controllers to ensure spectacular RGB lighting effects in every case!

The Bitfenix Enso case and the Alchemy 3.0 RGB-LED strips are available at Caseking now!


The Nova TG from BitFenix represents a fresh spin on the classic, and incredibly popular, Nova. This time round BitFenix has given the Midi-Tower a stylish side window in tempered, tinted glass, in addition to an overhauled interior. Two pre-installed 120 mm fans ensure ample airflow, one of which comes with either red or white LED lighting depending on whether you choose the black or white case variants.

The BitFenix Nova TG is of course available to order at Caseking now!


Raijintek präsentiert mit dem Metis Plus Mini-ITX-Gehäuse und dem Thetis Midi-Tower die neuste Offensive edler Aluminium-Hardware-Behausungen, die beide auf ein invertiertes Mainboard-Layout setzen und mit vorinstallierten 120-Millimeter-Lüftern mit LED-Beleuchtung daherkommen. Zudem sind sie mit großen Seitenfenstern ausgestattet, die einen hervorragenden Blick auf die verbaute Hardware ermöglichen. Die perfekte Symbiose aus Design, Eleganz und Funktionalität.

Die neuen Raijintek Gehäuse Metis Plus & Thetis sind ab sofort im Caseking-Shop erhältlich!


Hersteller Raijintek präsentiert mit dem Asterion Classic einen Midi-Tower der Extraklasse, der sich von bisherigen Raijintek-Gehäusen stark abhebt und einen wesentlich edleren Auftritt hinlegt. Optisch überzeugt der Midi-Tower vor allem durch seine Oberfläche aus gebürstetem Aluminium in Schwarz oder Silber und den beiden seitlich angebrachten getönten Hartglas-Seitenfenstern. Dazu kommt eine solide Ausstattung mit drei vorinstallierten 120-mm-Lüftern sowie ausreichend Platz für potente Gaming-Hardware und umfangreiche Kühllösungen.

Der Raijintek Asterion Classic Midi-Tower ist ab sofort bei Caseking bestellbar!


Der be quiet! Dark Base 900 Midi-Tower ist ein außerordentlich flexibles und leises Gehäuse, das Modularität, Kompatibilität, Funktionsvielfalt und Design in einem vereint. Neben umfangreicher modularer Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten bietet es drei vorinstallierte be quiet! SilentWings-3-PWM-Lüfter und verfügt über hohes Potenzial zur Luft- oder Wasserkühlung. Die üppige Ausstattung aus hochwertigen Materialien und nützlichen Funktionen rundet das Gesamtkonzept gekonnt ab und lässt die "Dark Base"-Gehäuse zur perfekten Herberge für High-End-Gaming-Systeme, extrem übertaktete Systeme oder sehr leise Wasserkühlsysteme werden.

Der leise und modulare Midi-Tower ist in Orange, Silber oder Schwarz bei Caseking lagernd!


Aerocool präsentiert mit dem P7-C1 einen neuen Midi-Tower mit hexagonalem Design, großem Seitenfenster und schicker LED-Beleuchtung zum äußerst attraktiven Preis. Sie haben die Wahl zwischen einer schwarzen oder weißen Version sowie einem Seitenfenster aus Acryl oder aber aus edlem getönten Hartglas. Darüber hinaus bietet es ein umfangreiches Platzangebot für Luft- oder Wasserkühlungen sowie für Datenträger und Gaming-Hardware. Nützliche und coole Features wie Staubfilter, viel Platz für Kabelmanagement und ein ausgeklügelter Airflow runden das ohnehin schon eindrucksvolle Gesamtpaket wunderbar ab.

Der Aerocool P7-C1 Midi-Tower ist ab sofort bei Caseking bestellbar!


Mit dem BitFenix Aurora präsentiert der erfahrene Hersteller das neuste Schmuckstück seines Midi-Tower-Portfolios. Das edle Design wird hauptsächlich von den beiden getönten Hartglas-Seitenteilen dominiert und durch eine dynamische Linienführung ergänzt. Zudem bietet es viel Platz für Hardware und verfügt über eine ASUS Aura kompatible RGB-LED-Beleuchtung. Passend dazu stellt BitFenix auch die Alchemy 2.0 RGB-LED-Strips vor, die ebenfalls mit ASUS Aura gesteuert werden können.

Das BitFenix Aurora & die Alchemy 2.0 RGB-LED-Strips sind ab sofort bei Caseking bestellbar!


Das Zeitalter langweiliger Computer-Gehäuse aus simplen Stahl ist vorbei. Der Trend geht definitiv in Richtung ausgefallener Materialien wie z.B. Glas. Der anidees AI-Crystal verkörpert genau solch ein modernes Gehäuse und verzaubert den Nutzer mit zwei Seitenwänden und einer Front aus je 5 mm starkem, getönten Hartglas, welches atemberaubende Blicke auf die verbaute Hardware zulässt. Neben der außergewöhnlichen Optik bietet der stylische Midi-Tower ein äußerst üppiges Platzangebot für ausgewachsene Gaming-Hardware und leistungsstarke Kühlkonzepte.

Der anidees AI-Crystal Midi-Tower - ab sofort bei Caseking erhältlich!


be quiet! präsentiert mit dem Dark Base 900 und dem Dark Base Pro 900 seine neusten Gehäuse-Meisterwerke, die nicht nur einen modularen Innenaufbau besitzen, sondern auch besonders leise sind und üppige Luft- oder Wasserkühlmöglichkeiten aufweisen. Das Gehäuse bietet dabei viel Platz für üppige Gaming-Hardware und verfügt zudem über eine besonders elegante Optik.

Der leise und modulare Midi-Tower ist ab sofort in Orange, Silber oder Schwarz bei Caseking bestellbar!

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