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Credit Card

Paying with Credit Card

On this page you can find all the needed information concerning the payment with Credit Card. If you have any further questions concerning Credit Card, you can contact one of our Service-Members at any time.

Pay with Credit Card At Caseking you can also pay using a Credit Card. After a successful payment by Credit Card, the order is processed immediately. You can use the following Credit Cards: Visa and Euro/Mastercard. For your security the "Verified by Visa" check is part of the ordering transaction in case your bank activated "Verified by Visa" for your Credit Card. Ordering with Credit Card is very easy and comfortable and can be done in 2 or 3 easy steps (depending on your bank):

1. Add the product to your "Basket", proceed to "Checkout" and use "Credit Card" as payment method
2. Verify and confirm your order. Depending on your bank, you will now be processed to the "Verified by Visa" page. If your bank does not support "Verified by Visa", your order is completed
3. Register for "Verified by Visa" and set a personal password for your Credit Card. If you have done that already, you can complete your order transaction by entering your personal password

After the completion of the order transaction, you will be forwarded to the Caseking website again. Your order is now being processed and shipped.


"Verified by Visa"
""Verified by Visa" is a service of your bank and is not being used by all Visa or Euro/Mastercards. By setting up a personal password you make sure that your Credit Card cannot be used for online transactions in case it gets stolen. "Verified by Visa" is another security feature besides the Card Verification Code on the backside to prevent misuse of your Credit Card by unauthorized persons.

Setting "Verified by Visa" up
If you pay with your Credit Card for the first time after it has been activated for "Verified by Visa", you have to setup your Card for the process first. To verify your identity, you have to enter certain personal data that have been stored by your bank. The registration process is exclusively done by the authorized website of "Verified by Visa". You leave the Caseking website for the registration process. To finish the registration, you have to set a personal message and a personal password.

Paying with "Verified by Visa"
After setup of the "Verified by Visa" process, you will be forwarded to the "Verified by Visa" website in order to finish the order transaction at Caseking. Make sure that your personal message is being displayed in the "Verified by Visa" window. By entering your personal password, the order transaction is completed and you will be forwarded to Caseking again, were you can see the confirmation of your order transaction.

Lost your password?
In case you forgot your personal password of your Credit Card for the "Verified by Visa" security check, you can click at the password link in the "Verified by Visa" window. Now follow the instructions of your bank in order to retrieve your personal password.

Personal message
With the personal message, which you have to set during the registration process for the "Verified by Visa" process, you make sure, that the "Verified by Visa" window is authentic. Make sure that the personal message you set is being displayed in the "Verified by Visa" window before entering your password.

Further information about "Verified by Visa"
"Verified by Visa" is a security check by your bank. You leave the Caseking website for the verification progress. This step is necessary in case your bank has activated the "Verified by Visa" check for your Credit Card. If your bank did not activate the "Verified by Visa" check for your Credit Card, you can complete the order transaction at Caseking by confirming the order details. Ask your bank for further information about "Verified by Visa".

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