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Credit Card

Credit Card

On this page you can find information concerning "payment via credit card".

If you have any further questions concerning credit card payments, you can contact our customer support at any time.

Payment via Credit Card

Payment via Credit Card

Naturally you can pay your order via credit card at Caseking. If a payment by credit card is successful, the order is considered paid and will be processed immediately and shipped as soon as possible.

You can use the following credit cards: Visa and Euro/Mastercard. For your security the "Verified by Visa" check is part of the ordering transaction in case your credit card company activated "Verified by Visa" for your credit card. Ordering with a credit card is very easy and comfortable and can be done in 2 or 3 easy steps (depending on your credit card company):

  1. Add the product to your "shopping cart", proceed to "checkout" and select "credit Card" as payment method
  2. Verify and confirm your order. Depending on your bank or credit card company, you will now be forwarded to the "Verified by Visa" page. If your bank or credit card company does not support "Verified by Visa", your payment will be already completed after this step.
  3. "Verified by Visa" requires you to register and set an individual password for your credit card. If you have already done so, you can complete the order process by entering your password.

Once payment has been made, you will automatically be directed back to Caseking, where your order is fully completed and paid for and can be directly prepared for shipment.

Please Note: Your credit card will be charged with the total amount immediately after ordering. The direct booking of the full payment amount is independent of the delivery status of the ordered items.

Further Information:

"Verified by Visa"
"Verified by Visa" is a service provided by your bank / credit card company and is not enabled with all Visa or Euro/Mastercards. The creation of a personal password prevents your credit card from being used for payment processes on the Internet in the event of theft. "Verified by Visa" is an additional means of protection next to the verification number on the back of the card to prevent the misuse of your credit card by unauthorized individuals.

Setting up "Verified by Visa"
If this is the first time you have used your credit card since switching to "Verified by Visa", you must first activate your card for the service. This is done by requesting personal data which is stored at the bank / credit card company in order to verify your identity. Registration takes place exclusively via the authorized page of "Verified by Visa". Here you leave the Caseking webshop. During the registration process, you must then specify a personal assurance message and a personal password.

Paying with "Verified by Visa"
Once you have set up the "Verified by Visa" service, you will be redirected to the "Verified by Visa" page as the penultimate step in the Caseking ordering process. In the "Verified by Visa" window, make sure that your personal assurance message is displayed correctly. By entering your password, you complete the order process and are then redirected to the Caseking confirmation page.

Forgot your password?
In case you have forgotten your your password for the "Verified by Visa" security query, you can recover it by clicking on "Forgot your password?" in the "Verified by Visa" window and following your card issuer's instructions.

Personal Assurance Message (PAM)
With the personal message that you specify when you register for "Verified by Visa", you ensure that it is an authentic "Verified by Visa" window. Therefore, when ordering, make be certain that your personal message is displayed correctly in the "Verified by Visa" window before entering your password.

More information about "Verified by Visa"
"Verified by Visa" is a security check provided by your credit card institute. For entering the password you leave the Caseking webshop. This step is necessary for the activation of "Verified with Visa" by your card provider and cannot be bypassed. If your credit card issuer has not activated your credit card for "Verified by Visa", you can complete the order process as usual by confirming your order details. Further information on "Verified by Visa" can be obtained from your credit card company or bank institute.

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