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Delid-Die-Mate X

  • Convenient tool from "der8auer" for the easy removal ("delidding") of the Integrated Heatspreader (IHS)
  • Compatible with Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs
  • Safe and easy overclocking like a pro!


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Item number: FSD8-020

EAN: 4250144801384

MPN: FSD8-020

Manufacturer: der8auer


Product information - Delid-Die-Mate X

Anyone who was building their gaming PC in the early 2000s can probably still recall the numerous instances of broken CPUs, as occurred with the AMD Athlon XP whose silicon core broke at the corners when mounting a CPU cooler. In order to avoid the high RMA rate of otherwise perfectly functioning processors, especially when placed in the hands of less experienced users, proceeding generations of processors - beginning with the AMD Athlon 64 and Intel Pentium III - simplified the process of mounting the CPU cooler by installing a metal heat spreader on the CPU package, thereby successfully protecting the CPU die from damage.

This mostly nickel-plated copper Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) guides the heat produced by the chip into the CPU cooler and distributes the thermal energy over a larger surface area more effectively than raw silicon alone. In order to effectively integrate both components a Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is located between the heat spreader and the silicon chip, which itself has not consisted of solder since 2012. Instead of solder a standard thermal paste is used, and this has also gone on to take the place of solder in all proceeding series of CPU. However due to its relatively low thermal conductivity it has drastically reduced the potential for extreme overclocking.

The proportions of the CPU cooler in this instance are almost irrelevant, since the heat build-up occurs inside of the processor package. To enable effective cooling of this kind of CPU even while functioning under extreme overclocks, daring enthusiasts and extreme overclockers separate the heat spreader with a sharp razor blade or similar tools. This demands the greatest of care and a supreme confidence in your ability to avoid damaging vital components. This radical method holds a not inconsiderable degree of risk for even professional overclockers with a superabundance of experience to call upon.

The der8auer Delid Die Mate X - An Overview:

  • Practical tool for removing the heat spreader of a CPU
  • Quick, easy, and most importantly - no damage
  • Manufactured from premium anodised black aluminium
  • Compatible with current Intel Skylake X & Kaby Lake X processors
  • Safe and convenient professional-level overclocking!

Overclock to the Limit Safely & Easily like an Overclocking Champion!

The grandmaster of benchmarking Roman "der8auer" Hartung developed the Delid Die Mate X with the aim of enabling everyone to easily and safely remove the heatspreader themselves, without having to take into account a shortened CPU lifespan. The name of this CPU delidding tool, manufactured in black anodised aluminium with durable stainless steel components, is synonymous all over the world with CPU delidding. This device allows the heatspreader to be safely removed in under a minute, while the processor requiring delidding is simply inserted into the receiving module of the Delid Die Mate X in accordance with the CPU's arrow marking. Subsequently the slider responsible for delidding the CPU is inserted and then slowly and evenly tightened by means of an Allen key to completely remove the heat spreader, which is then separated from the processor. This method allows the removal process to be performed absolutely reliably and without risk of damage.

This previously dangerous act of DIY is turned into something routine and harmless, thereby guaranteeing that the CPU and the now accessible CPU components survive unscathed. This opens up completely new possibilities in the realm of CPU modding to extreme overclockers and their aspirational counterparts everywhere. The issue of additional heat transfer between heat spreader and silicon has now disappeared and the CPU's temperature falls precipitously as a consequence - even without any overclocking. An additional advantage is that a more premium thermal paste with improved conductivity can and should be chosen, for example the offering from Thermal Grizzly. The results speak for themselves: Temperature reductions of 10 °C to 20 °C are achievable.

A popular alternative for some processor generations lies in the choice of Thermal Interface Material e.g. replacing it with a liquid metal thermal paste offering notably improved conductivity. This subsequently allows the heat spreader and a full cooler to be reattached as normal by means of silicon adhesive. To maintain reliable contact between the heat spreader and the CPU, the third component of the Delid Die Mate 2 is required, this is inserted over the receiving module and enacts a vice-like pressure from above. It should be ensured, however, that the amount of pressure applied is not excessive in order to prevent damage to the CPU.

German Engineered Perfection - Developed by World Overclocking Champion "der8auer"

Roman "der8auer" Hartung (pronounced: "der Bauer") is a young mechatronics student, hardware enthusiast and professional overclocker from Germany. In spite of his relatively young age he has been active in the overclocking scene for may years and has already set numerous world records. Always interested in squeezing the last drops of performance out of any piece of high-end hardware he can get his hands on, the OC grandmaster (as of August 2015) sits at second place in the professional "Elite" rankings of the best overclockers in the world (see! At Caseking der8auer offers a range of exclusive OC products to allow hobbyists to get a taste of the breathtaking performance just waiting to be unlocked, as well as massively overclocked Extreme Gaming Systems for enthusiasts and overclocking bundles or even custom LN2/DICE containers for liquid nitrogen or dry ice cooling.

***Important Warning!***
The removal of the CPU heat spreader is performed at your own risk and always results in the complete invalidation of the manufacturer's guarantee and warranty

Compatibility Information: Without the integrated heat spreader the mounting height of the CPU cooler decreases slightly and, because of this, coolers with fixed mounting heights can no longer be mounted. For this reason please be sure to check prior to installation whether the selected cooler can also be set to a lower mounting height. If you should require assistance, you can contact Roman "der8auer" Hartung personally via this link through E-Mail.

Note: The product photo portrayed here is of a prototype.

Technical Details:
  • Dimensions: 145 x 95 x 20 mm
  • Type: CPU Heat Spreader Remover
  • Material: Aluminium / Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Anodised Black
  • Compatible with all Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors using socket 2066
  • Bundle:
    1x Delid Die Mate X
    1x Allen Key
    1x Positioning aid for re-application

Technical Details

Primary colour black
Secondary colour red

Customer review "Delid-Die-Mate X"

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Sehr hochwertiges Tool zum sicheren Köpfen, einer Skylake-X CPU. Würde es jederzeit...
Schnelle Lieferung Zum Produkt: Gut verarbeitet und einfache Funktion....
Manch einer mag sich vielleicht beschweren, dass 90€ für gewöhnlich eine Nutzung viel...
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TOP! Sicheres köpfen in Sekundenschnelle

Sehr hochwertiges Tool zum sicheren Köpfen, einer Skylake-X CPU. Würde es jederzeit wieder kaufen.


Hat super geklappt

Schnelle Lieferung

Zum Produkt:

Gut verarbeitet und einfache Funktion.

Geköpft wurde ein Intel Core i9 7920x in ca. 15 Minuten.


Absolut sein Geld wert

Manch einer mag sich vielleicht beschweren, dass 90€ für gewöhnlich eine Nutzung viel ist. Aber wenn man bedenkt, dass man mit einer sehr hohen Wahrscheinlichkeit ohne Probleme seine 1000+€ CPU Köpfen und anschließend mit dem Schraubstock wieder zu pressen kann, ohne riskante rasierklingen Action, sollte es einem das auf jeden Fall wert sein. Hat super funktioniert. Wer den nicht mehr braucht kann ja gern weiter verkaufen

Karlheinz Massott

Stabiles Produkt!

Die Verabeitung ist Top . Hab damit meinem 7900x geköpft leider brachte bei mir das Köpfen nichts. Max 4.3 Ghz sind machbar da rennt er schon ins Temp limit von 97 Grad. Obwohl gekühlt wird mit ner 360er von Corsair. Schade hatte mir mehr Kühlung erhofft.


Super einfach

sehr hochwertig und gut verarbeitet er erfullt sein job richtig gut aber leider für 3 min arbeit 90 euro.


Echt gut aber teuer

Tut das was es eben soll.
Aber.... 90€ für 2 nutzen a 20sec....
schon sehr teuer.
Wollt ihr meinen vlt für n Fuffi zurück kaufen?
Naja hat aber gut geklapt. Ergebnisse bitte in meiner Bewertung zum Direkt Die Frame nachlesen.


Perfektes Profitool

Einfacher geht es nicht ! Bin absolut zufrieden

Georg Bürgler

Einfach - Praktisch - Sehr gut

Die Verwendung ist sehr einfach und funktioniert tadellos. Der Haltebügel für dass Verkleben nachher ist auch extrem praktisch.
Was mir aufgefallen ist, ist ein Knirschen beim Köpfen, wenn sich der Kleber beginnt zu lösen. Wirkt etwas beängstigend, hat aber keinerlei Beschädigung an der CPU verursacht.
Alles in Allem: Volle Weiterempfehlung.

Andreas Sametz

Ein Meisterstück

Damit geht das Köpfen kinderleichtund nicht nur das. Auch das Verkleben des Heatspreaders ist super einfach damit. Hab meinen 7820X danach stabil auf 5,2GHz bei allen 8 Kernen takten können und bin nichtmal am Temperaturlimit mit ner 280er AIO.

Wer einen Skylake-X oder Kaby Lake-X besitzt sollte das Geld auf jeden Fall investieren.

Torsten W

Praktisches Tool

Habe damit mein i9 7940x ohne Probleme köpfen können. ca.15 C gewonnen. bei zur Zeit noch Luftkühlung.

Christian Stammel

Sehr gutes Werkzeug zum Köpfen der CPU

Hab meine CPU damit geköpft ging alles ohne Probleme. Je nach Anwendung ist der CPU jetzt 15-20 Grad kälter. Kühle mit Wasser. Damit kann man ohne Angst zu haben den CPU zu beschädigen diesen Köpfen.

Alexander Strauß

Geniales Werkzeug - makellos verarbeitet!

Mit dem Delid Die Mate X wird das köpfen zum Kinderspiel - sehr hochwertig verarbeitet, kann man jedem ans Herz legen der noch selbst Hand anlegen will aber dann doch auf der sicheren Seite sein möchte!

Keith White

Delid-Die-Mate X

Delid-Die-Mate X, is very well made also packaged very nice. Had no issue with the item work as expected. Great product.

Frank Wandrey

absolutes Profitool

Habe meine 7980XE - CPU damit "geköpft" und war begeistert, wie gewaltfrei sich das Abtrennen des Heatspreaders bewerkstelligen ließ. Ein absolutes Kinderspiel mit diesem Tool. Deutlich mehr Aufwand hat man da beim Entfernen des silikonähnlichen Klebers. Wer bei seiner teuren CPU auf Nummer Sicher gehen will, nix zu beschädigen, kommt um dieses Teil kaum herum. Daher volle Punktzahl!!!

Daniel Arndt

Sehr gutes Tool!

Ich hatte etwas Angst davor einen teuren CPU selber zu köpfen, aber zum Glück gibt es dieses Tool! Der CPU ist ca. 10-15 Grad kälter - je nach Last - im Vergleich zur Intelwärmepaste.

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This item in currently not in stock and there are no information available about an expected delivery date by the manufacturer. This can delay the delivery to our customers by several months. We cannot guarantee any delivery date. If delivery dates are foreseeable, we will inform our customers.
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