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HL-5100, Custom-Fit In-Ear Headphones - Multiple Colours

  • Professional in-ear headphones from Hörluchs
  • individually customised earplugs
  • 1-Way System
  • Balanced armature drivers
  • premium quality cable
  • includes 3,5 mm adapter & Cerumen filter & case


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Item number: GAPL-980

EAN: 4260448662369


Manufacturer: Hörluchs


Product information - HL-5100, Custom-Fit In-Ear Headphones - Multiple Colours

The Hörluchs HL-5100 are premium quality in-ear headphones directed at professional gamers and musicians, as well as audiophiles and film fans. They demonstrate unparalleled sound quality that, thanks to the high-definition drivers, offer a perfect balance between bright highs and accurate bass notes. Even in ergonomic terms, Hörluchs don't do things by halves: the domes are made from perfectly shaped light-cured resin, customized for each individual user - along with your first name printed on it. The premium quality components and materials, paired with the professional sound quality, help to make Hörluchs the best choice for gamers, professional musicians, and everyone who loves perfect sound reproduction. The Hörluchs HL-5100 headphones are available in a variety of colours.

The Highlights of the HL-5100 In-Ear Headphones from Hörluchs:

  • Superb sound quality for a range of sound signatures
  • 1-Way balanced armature drivers with balanced sound
  • 2-Pin connector for cable directed upwards
  • Robust premium quality cable with 3,5 mm jack
  • Custom-measured ear domes made from durable light-cured resin

Impressive Sound Reproduction with the Hörluchs HL-5100 In-Ear Headphones

Visually, the Hörluchs HL-5100 in-ear headphones are quite striking thanks to their unusually slim, compact and lightweight design. This allows the Hörluchs HL5 to offer unparalleled comfort without compromising on sound. Equipped with high-performance 1-way balanced armature drivers, they offer a first-class audiophile experience with a slight emphasis on bass with incredibly clear audio reproduction and slightly recessed mids - perfect for people looking to take their first steps into the world of professional in-ear headphones and monitors and speakers, moderators or for use in the recording studio. But it isn't just the professionals who will enjoy using the headphones, gamers will also enjoy the precise, linear sound - qualities that will find favour among music aficionados as well as film fans.

Best Ergonomics Thanks to Perfectly Balance Materials and Construction

These in-ear headphones offer other special features, especially the low weight and exceptional comfort - meaning that not only do they provide the best sound quality Hörluchs has ever produced, they also happen to be the most comfortable as well. These in-ears are individually manufactured using an impression that the buyer can have made at a hearing specialist. This is what enables the Hörluchs HL-5100 to achieve a perfect fit. The in-ears are made from a light-cured resin style acrylic with a noise blocking rating of up to 32 dB. The domes will also include the printed name of their proud new owner.

Because of the delicate and highly sensitive nature of the Hörluchs HL-5100 they can be damaged by sweat, dampness, as well as cerumen (earwax). To counter this, Hörluchs have applied their patented and durable anti-cerumen HF4 protection. The fine membrane helps prevent reduction to driver performance due to undesirable environmental factors. The HF4 can be easily swapped out, with a replacement being included with the headphones.

The included cable cuts no corners in the quality department either. It is connected to the earphones via a 2-pin plug, which connects the headphones to the respective output device using a 3.5 mm jack plug. Plastic elements make cable routing a breeze and the gold-plated contacts help maintain perfect signal clarity. In this version, the 2-pin connector is directed upwards which means the cable is easily guided away from the user and towards the back of the head.

The Hörluchs HL-5100 is available in ten different colours as well as in matte- or glossy finishes, black, white, beige, transparent, red, blue, orange, neon, purple and grey.

Custom-Fitted In-Ears

The Hörluchs HL-5100 in-ears are custom made to fit the individual's own ear canal, thereby ensuring the perfect fit. To achieve this, users must first have a professional ear impression made. This impression is generally made at a hearing specialist. This is the only way to ensure the exact and optimal shape to act as a template for customised in-ears. The steps are described at length on the manufacturer's website.

As soon as an order is received at Caseking, you will be directed to Hörluchs. There you will be able to choose the colour you desire, the information necessary for the next steps will be requested, and info on the next steps of the manufacturing process provided. Custom-made Hörluchs products will include the first name of the customer printed for free on the in-ears. The length of time prior to the in-ears being shipped is approximately 15 working days. The customer will receive their customised in-ears directly from Hörluchs.
Technical Details:
  • Weight: 6 g (without cable), 16 g (with cable)
  • Drivers: Balanced Armature drivers for balanced sound imaging
    Frequency range: 20 - 20.000 Hz
    Sensitivity: 118 dB / 1 mW
    Sensitivity: 127 dB(SPL)
    Impedance: 22 Ohm / 1 kHz
    Harmonic distortion: Lower than 0,2 % at 94 / 100 dB
  • Connection: 3,5 mm jack
  • Includes:
    1 Pair Hörluchs HL-5100
    1x Cable (2-Pin to 3,5mm jack)
    Customised In-Ears
    HF4 Cerumen protection
    Protective bag
    Warranty card
    User info

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Technical Details

Design In-Ear
Sound output Stereo
Driver size up to 30 mm
Primary colour blue, grey, purple, orange, red, black, transparent
Driver 1-Wege-System
Illumination no
Compatibility PC, Smartphone
Weight in g up to 100 g
Detachable cable yes
Cable length 190 to 209 cm
Frequency Response 20 - 20 000 Hz
Impedance 22 Ohm
Sensitivity 118 dB/mW
Sound pressure level 127 dB
Connector 3.5 mm jack
USB sound card incl. no

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