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aqua computer cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO AM4 - Nickel/Nickel

High-End CPU-Wasserkühler von aqua computer, vernickeltes Messing-Gehäuse, vernickelter Kupferboden, VARIO...

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aqua computer cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO AM4 - Nickel/Nickel

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CPU Liquid Coolers for AMD Socket AM4

Anyone who happens to have the knowledge and can afford it will almost certainly choose to go liquid and ideally furnish their Socket AM4 motherboard with watercooling in order to effectively remove heat from their AMD processors. Socket AM4 also supports "Summit Ridge" CPUs as well as "Bristol Ridge" APUs from the Ryzen series of processors. The use of a CPU watercooler on AMD Socket AM4 also enables Ryzen processors to function in silence while providing extremely efficient cooling to make the most of their overclocking headroom.

AM4 CPU Watercoolers Appropriate to Any Taste

Purchasing a CPU watercooler for AMD Socket AM4 motherboards and processors demands a certain level of attention be paid regarding to the compatibility of your cooling loop (fitting sizes, inner/outer tube diameters, for example). Creating a complete watercooling loop from scratch allows all components to be coordinated with each other from the start, something that should be taken into account when attempting to upgrade or expand existing loops.

The choice of a compatible CPU cooler in a standard water block design for liquid cooling Socket AM4 CPUs should also be considered from an aesthetic point of view. Ultimately, unusual and ambitious projects also have to take the buyer's personal tastes into account, especially in light of the range of materials and finishes available to choose from. This is why the relevant manufacturers of liquid cooling components almost always offer a variety of version of Socket AM4 CPU watercoolers.

  • Copper CPU Watercoolers for Socket AM4: Performance-wise this version differs little from its more important counterparts, however they forgo expensive refinements like nickel or special lid materials.
  • Socket AM4 CPU coolers with acrylic covers: The transparent acrylic glass is what makes it possible to view the liquid coolant flowing through the water block, and this is of particular importance when using colourful liquid coolants or additional LED lighting.
  • Watercoolers with acetal covers: The use of synthetic resin on the block not only reduces the cost, thanks to the generally black surface it can also lend your system a particularly high-end and premium aesthetic.
  • Nickel-plated Socket AM4 watercoolers: Firstly the silver-nickel layer offers a superb look, but not only does it look great it also protects the copper situated beneath from corrosion or oxidation.
  • Socket AM4 watercoolers with RGB-LED lighting represent the latest trend and offer a dramatic improvement to the look of your gaming PC!
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