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Nitro Concepts

Nitro Concepts
X1000 Gaming Chair - Stealth Black

  • Vibrant gaming chair from Nitro Concepts' X1000 series
  • Stealth Black design
  • Comfortable cold foam upholstery
  • Top ergonomics thanks to flexible adjustment options
  • 60 mm casters for hard- & soft flooring
  • Supports up to 135 kg


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Item number: GAGC-159

EAN: 4251442503123

MPN: NC-X1000-B

Manufacturer: Nitro Concepts


Product information - X1000 Gaming Chair - Stealth Black

Beat the Game: The ultimate tool for office and gaming

With the impressively designed X1000 gaming chair, Nitro Concepts presents the ultimate tool for your workplace and focused gaming. It ensures fatigue-free working and maximum performance at the desk. The ergonomically optimised shape with increased freedom of movement in combination with excellent material composition and the breathable microfibre fabric let the user experience a completely new level of comfort. Finest detail solutions such as lockable 3D armrests with logo integration, gentle rocker mechanism or adjustable backrest together with a matching cushion set included in the package create an absolute premium seating experience.
Nitro Concepts X1000

The Nitro Concepts X1000 Gaming Chair at a Glance:

  • Edged, impressive Design
  • Breathable fabric cover with Carbon-Accents
  • Superior durability due to augmented material strength
  • Comfortable coldfoam upholstery
  • Comfortable custom 3D-Armrests
  • Backrest adjustable up to 125°
  • Top-notch rocking mechanism up to 14°
  • Two comfortable cushions bundled in
  • Large, smooth rolling casters
  • Designed for users up to 135 kg
  • Qualifies as an office chair under DIN EN 1335

Fresh Design with Intense Colours!

The Nitro Concepts X1000 Gaming Chair is setting itself apart with its new unique combination of vibrant colour designs. Combined with premium materials, gamers won't just be able to make exercise their imaginations, they can also expect a wide range of adjustability options as well as optimum ergonomics. The Stealth Black variant is coated in a durable cover which is soft, high-end and extremely breathable. In combination with the porous cold foam upholstery the X1000 gaming chair offers the X1000 gaming chair a pleasant seated experience on warmer days.
Nitro Concepts X1000

A Stable Foundation for Impressively Vibrant Gaming Chairs

To ensure that the breathtaking design of the X1000 series can be enjoyed over the long term, first-class upholstery is used atop an extremely stable steel frame. The high quality materials of this comfy gaming chair ensure that no one has to put up with squeaking and creaking or rapid wear and tear. The combination of outstanding German engineering with high-precision mechanical manufacturing ensures a flawless and extremely durable construction.

The Nitro Concepts X1000 gaming chairs do not just offer impressive highlights, however. The embroidered flame of the Nitro Concepts logo in the headrest lends the X1000 series that certain je ne sais quoi to make it unique.
Nitro Concepts X1000

Superior Comfort Through Premium Upholstery

The X1000 series represents an advancement on the previous Nitro Concepts chairs. The new gaming chairs are fundamentally more open in design terms and offer a marked increase in terms of surface contact area, allowing the ergonomics to undergo a dramatic improvement. Even the seat are as well as the backrest have been optimised. With a 56 cm wide backrest and a 54.5 cm wide seat area, sitting on the X1000 gaming chair is sure to be comfortable.

The porous, deformation resistant cold foam serves as upholstery and can boast of superior durability thanks to its thickness, which has been optimised to meet the demands of gamers. As a result it is not only breathable, but also capable of maintaining its form over the long term. The distinctive shell design also maintains the unmistakable look of a racing seat.

Unique & Improved Adjustability Options

If you've had the pleasure of sitting on the Nitro Concepts X1000 gaming chair, you'll be reluctant to get up again. The fresh, vibrant design combined with numerous ergonomic adjustment options only adds to the effect. The chair is equipped with a robust and durable Class 4 gas lift allowing a 9.6 cm adjustment from 41 to 50.6 cm in height. The integrated rocking mechanism enables you to lean back to 14 degrees. Furthermore the X1000 series offers an adjustable backrest as well as flexible 3D armrests. With such an extensive range of ergonomic options you are guaranteed to enjoy the perfect posture!
Nitro Concepts X1000

The Perfect Position for Every User

Nitro Concepts has used 3D armrests to set new standards in comfort. Due to their superb flexibility they are ideal for the sport-orientated approach of gaming chairs. They can be adjusted comfortably in three dimensions and fixed allowing any user to make them their own. The armrest are also upholstered for maximum comfort and have the Nitro Concepts logo branded in the surface.

Those who like to recline while gaming not only have the option of using the rocking mechanism, but also adjusting the backrest itself. With an angle ranging from 90 to 125 degrees you can both sit back and relax during play or take a short nap during a lengthy load screen. Appropriately enough Nitro Concepts also offer two comfortable and ergonomic supporting cushions for the neck and lumbar regions.
Nitro Concepts X1000

Designed for Hard and Soft Flooring

A durable nylon base serves as the foundation of the X1000 Series. Its five arms are highlighted by the addition of coloured accents and equipped with quiet castors. The 60 mm castors are made from a hard nylon core with a soft polyurethane covering. This means they not only run quietly over flooring, they do so both on hard as well as soft floors. The gaming chair is equipped with a stable base and the hydraulic lift is rated Safety Class 4 supporting loads up to 135 kg.

Technical Details:

  • Height Specifications:
    Total Height (with base): ca. 119 - 128.6 cm
    Seat Pan Height (with base): ca. 41 - 50.6 cm
    Backrest Height: ca. 86 cm
  • Width Specifications:
    Backrest Width (shoulder height): ca. 55 cm
    Backrest Width (pelvis height): ca. 56 cm
    Seating Area Width (total): ca. 54.5 cm
    Seating Area Width (point of contact): ca. 36 cm
    Armrest Width: ca. 10 cm
  • Depth Specifications:
    Seating Area Depth (total): ca. 56 cm
    Armrest Depth: ca. 25 cm
  • Weight:
    ca. 24.7 kg
  • Rocking Mechanism Tilt Angle:
    max. 14°
  • Backrest Tilt Angle:
    90° to 125°
  • Material:
    Steel (frame)
    Cold Foam (cushioning)
    Fabric, PVC (contact area, cover, pillows)
    Nylon, ABS (base, backrest insert)
    Nylon / Polyurethane (castors)
    Polyurethane (armrests)
  • Colour:
    Stealth Black
  • Maximum Load:
    135 kg
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee:
    2 Years
  • Features:
    Practical rocking function
    3D-Armrests with maximum adjustability
    Adjustable backrest angle (90 to 125 degrees)
    Flexible seat surface area
    Two comfortable pillows bundled in
    Deform-resistant cold foam
    Hydraulic gas lift (class 4)
    Strong 5-point base in nylon
    60 mm castors for hard and soft floors
    Stable steel construction in core
    Supports up to 135 kg
Nitro Concepts

Technical Details

Serie X1000
Primary colour black
Seat cover material fabric
Adjustable back rest Yes
Adjustable armrests Yes
Height adjustment Yes
Adjustable seating angle Yes
Maximalbelastung / Gewichtsbereich (exakt) 135 kg
Weight limit 126 to 155 kg (277 to 341 lbs)
Seatbelt guide No
Weight (exact) 24,7 kg
Weight 24 to 26 kg (52.9 to 57.3 lbs)
Gesamthöhe, mit Basis (exakt) 124 cm, 137 cm
Tiefste Sitzposition, einstellbar (exakt) 46 cm
Höchste Sitzposition, einstellbar (exakt) 59 cm
Höhe Rückenlehne (exakt) 86 cm
Breite Rückenlehne innen (exakt) 55 cm
Breite Rückenlehne außen, breitester Punkt (exakt) 56 cm
Breite Sitzfläche innen (exakt) 36 cm
Breite Sitzfläche außen, breitester Punkt (exakt) 54,5 cm
Tiefe Sitzfläche (exakt) 49,5 cm
Gesamttiefe, ohne Basis (exakt) 56 cm
Total height (including base) 120 to 129.9 cm (47.2 to 51.1 inch), 130 to 139.9 cm (51.1 to 55 inch)
Lowest seating position (adjustable) 40 to 49 cm (15.7 to 19.2 inch)
Highest seating position 50 to 59 cm (19.6 to 23.2 inch)
Back rest heigth 80 to 89 cm (31.4 to 35 inch)
Back rest width (inner dimension) 55 to 59 cm (21.6 to 23.2 inch)
Back rest width (widest outer dimension) 55 to 59 cm (21.6 to 23.2 inch)
Seat width (inner dimension) 35 to 39 cm (13.7 to 15.3 inch)
Seat width (widest outer dimension) 50 to 54 cm (19.6 to 21.2 inch)
Seat depth 45 to 49 cm (17.7 to 19.2)
Total depth (without base) 50 to 59 cm (19.6 to 23.2 inch)
Head cushion included Yes
Lumbar cushion included Yes
Material base plastic, nylon, steel

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