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EPIC Gaming Chair - mousesports Edition - Black/Red

  • Breathable gaming chair from noblechairs
  • with mousesport design
  • Full upholstery & cover in vegan PU leather in black and red
  • 60 mm casters & 4D armrests
+ Das perfekte Add On + The perfect Add On
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Item number: GAGC-127

EAN: 4251442502072


Manufacturer: noblechairs


Product information - EPIC Gaming Chair - mousesports Edition - Black/Red

For those of you on the lookout for a premium executive gaming chair, prepare to breathe a sigh of relief:

The noblechairs EPIC gaming chair is now available in the mousesports Edition and blends PU leather with the premium design and ergonomic posture of an office chair. As a gaming chair built from the ground up for enthusiasts, gamers and power users, a gaming chair from noblechairs represents far more than an ergonomic office chair that draws inspiration from racecar seats. This gaming chair is not just a must-have item for real mousesports fans either!

mousesports is the most successful eSports organisation in Germany and has stormed the leaderboards by taking home a recordbreaking 18 titles in the Counterstrike ESL championships. Since they were founded in 2002, they managed to achieve an array of wins and successes across a wide variety of games including Starcraft II, FIFA and the MOBA Vainglory. In terms of the greatest sporting successes experienced by mousesports, or "mouz" for short, include their placing in the top 3 at the World Cyber Games and the Electronic Sports World Cup, including first place at the ESL Intel Extreme Masters II. This is how the team went about successfully training players capable of bringing home the trophies, such as Faith "gob b" Dayik or Nikola "Niko" Kovac. In total, mousesports has been the recipient of prize money amounting to in excess of three million Euros. The noblechairs EPIC mousesports Edition gaming chair is a celebration of all that they have achieved in this time!

Premium Design - Precision, Machine-Automated Construction

The machine-automated manufacturing enables noblechairs to use cutting-edge equipment to blend premium materials with precision craftsmanship. The steel frames of gaming chairs are welded with the help of robotic arms, similar to what one might expect to see on an automotive production line. This enables the construction of a flawless and exceptionally durable frame. The seat's cover is also tailored with the assistance of industrial sewing machines to allow noblechairs to attain the requisite perfection.

Features des noblechairs EPIC Gaming-Stuhls

The Features of the noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair in the mousesports Edition:

  • mousesports logo adorns the headrest and reverse of the backrest
  • mousesports logo on the rear of the bottom section
  • Premium PU leather covering
  • Comfortable & breathable cold foam upholstery
  • Armrests adjustable in 4 directions
  • Premium rocking mechanism
  • Large, quiet-running 60mm casters
  • Two cushions included

The noblechairs EPIC is the best gaming-chair of 2017!

noblechairs European Hardware Awards 2017

European Hardware Awards 2017

At Computex 2017 in Taipei (Taiwan) the European Hardware Association bestowed on the EPIC series from noblechairs the sought after European Hardware Award 2017 in the "Best Gaming Chair" category and so the excellent range was crowned leader!

The award and all other winners can be seen here (external link).

Caseking congratulates noblechairs on their well-deserved win!

Premium Gaming Chair with mousesports Design & Logos

The noblechairs EPIC gaming chair, available here in the mousesports edition with the official team colours as well as the mousesports logo, is covered in vegan PU leather. The combination of breathable cold-foam and high-quality covering prevents you from sweating even amidst the most heated of online battles.

Attention to detail

Attention to Detail

The stitching on the seams and the backrest was made possible with the help of industrial sewing machines and makes for an elegant addition to the black-red PU leather. An attractive, oval-shaped aluminium plaque bearing the golden noblechairs logo is located at shoulder height and a mousesports logo is also to be found at head height and on the rear of the backreset. These touches help to round out the design of this throne among gaming chairs.

Durable and robust

Durable and robust

The cushioning used by noblechairs consists of a deformation-resistant cold foam with an exceptionally high 55% density. The breathable cold foam improves airflow while simultaneously maintaining its form, even over long periods of use. Standing in stark contrast to competing gaming chairs, noblechairs offers a solid steel frame ensconced within the upholstery.

Pure Ergonomics: 4D Armrests, Height Adjustable Rocking Mechanism

Aside from the improved breathability of noblechairs they also offer a multitude of ergonomic adjustment options, meaning that once you've sat down you won't be in a hurry to get up again. As a result, noblechairs EPIC gaming chairs also allow the height to be adjusted by 10cm. In conjunction with the adjustable rocking mechanism that enables the backrest of the seat to find the ideal ergonomic sitting position, the end result is a chair that makes sure nothing gets in the way of gaming!

Optimum Position

Achieving the Optimal Position for Every User

The 4D armrests of noblechairs are adjustable in four dimensions, making it possible for anyone to find the perfect sitting position. The high backrest can be adjusted to an angle of 135° and the cushions bundled with the chair add an ergonomic and aesthetic flourish to the chair. The small cushion supports the neck and the large cushion supports the lumbar region. The elastic supports the lumbar region. The elastic straps on the cushion enable the cushion to be firmly attached to the chair and the height customised in accordance to the precise needs of the user.

Suitable for Hard- & Soft Flooring

Suitable for Hard- & Soft Flooring

The base of the gaming chair from noblechairs is formed from a five-point powder-coated base consisting of solid aluminium as well as five 60mm casters with nylon cores that make them equally at home on hard- and soft flooring. The Safety Class 4 gas lift is designed to support up to 120 kg.

Noblechairs Accessories

Upgrade Your Throne with Premium Accessories from noblechairs!

These premium chairs deliver, without a shadow of a doubt, a sublime seated experience straight out of the box, and the only way this could be improved upon is with the help of premium accessories developed by noblechairs themselves. In order to adjust the gaming chair to perfectly fit the requirements of the user, noblechairs offers practical 60mm hard floor casters with automatic brakes, which bring to an end any unwanted forwards or backwards sliding during use. Additionally, enable a reduction in the total height of the seat, thereby enabling optimal comfort for smaller users .

noblechairs footrest

Take it to the Next Level with a noblechairs Footrest!

Build on the premium comfort of noblechairs by investing in ergonomic accessories, not just a sensible addition but an active measure against poor posture in the long term. With the noblechairs footrests the noblechairs team has created just such an accessory. The noblechairs footrest maximises not just comfort, it is also back-friendly and helps maintain circulation. They also help to take the weight of your feet and back, contributing to a more natural and health posture. The choice of premium manufacturing materials when it comes to the accessories also helps to complement the elegant design of the chair.

The noblechairs EPIC Real Leather Gaming Chair in Review

Gaming Chair Review

The professionals at took the noblechairs EPIC Real Leather gaming chair for a spin - as well as an indepth review.

First impressions, when it comes to the build, seated comfort, and the adjustability options - personal preferences over the pros and cons of real leather aside - are universally positive when it comes to this gaming chair.


"The noblechairs EPIC Real Leather gaming chair actually deserves 6-stars: This epic and innovative product sets new standards when it comes to design, manufacturing- and material quality. From every angle, there is no doubt about this being an absolutely high-end luxury product - one where the word "premium" alone almost doesn't quite do it justice. This is a clear 'buy' from us!"

Technical Details:

  • Height Specifications:
    Total height (with base): ca. 131 - 141 cm
    Seat pan height (with base): ca. 49,5 - 59,5 cm
    Backrest height: ca. 87 cm
    Inner backrest width: ca. 29,5 cm
    Outer backrest width (widest point): ca. 54,5 cm
    Inner seat area: ca. 35 cm
    Outer seat area width (widest point): ca. 56 cm
    Seat area depth: ca. 49,5 cm
    Total depth (without base): ca. 56,5 cm
    Minimum armrest height: ca. 66,5 cm
  • Approx:
    ca. 27 kg
  • Rocking mechanism adjustability:
    max. 11°
  • Material:
    Steel (frame)
    Cold foam (upholstery)
    PU leather (cover)
    Aluminium (base)
    Nylon / Polyurethane (casters)
    Polyurethane (armrests)
  • Colour:
    Black / Red
  • Maximum Load:
    120 kg
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee:
    2 Years
  • Certifications:
    DIN EN 1335 office chair, ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 2011 office chair, TÜV-test gas lift
  • Features:
    Stylish mousesports design
    Practical rocking function
    4D Armrest adjustability
    Adjustable angle of backrest (up to 135 degrees)
    Adjustable seat height
    Incl. cushions for back and neck
    Deformation-resistant cold foam
    Durable gas lift (Safety Class 4)
    Strong 5-point base in solid aluminium
    60 mm casters for hard- and soft flooring
    Robust steel-frame construction

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Technical Details

Serie EPIC
Primary colour black
Secondary colour red
Seat cover material synthetic leather
Adjustable back rest Yes
Adjustable armrests Yes
Height adjustment Yes
Adjustable seating angle Yes
Maximalbelastung / Gewichtsbereich (exakt) 120 kg
Weight limit Up to 125 kg (275 lbs)
Seatbelt guide Yes
Weight (exact) 27
Weight 26 to 28 kg (57.3 to 61.7 lbs)
Gesamthöhe, mit Basis (exakt) 129,5 cm, 139,5 cm
Tiefste Sitzposition, einstellbar (exakt) 48 cm
Höchste Sitzposition, einstellbar (exakt) 58 cm
Höhe Rückenlehne (exakt) 87 cm
Breite Rückenlehne innen (exakt) 29,5 cm
Breite Rückenlehne außen, breitester Punkt (exakt) 54,5 cm
Breite Sitzfläche innen (exakt) 35 cm
Breite Sitzfläche außen, breitester Punkt (exakt) 56 cm
Tiefe Sitzfläche (exakt) 49,5 cm
Gesamttiefe, ohne Basis (exakt) 56,5 cm
Minimalhöhe der Armlehnen (exakt) 66,5 cm
Total height (including base) 130 to 139.9 cm (51.1 to 55 inch), 140 to 149.9 cm (55.1 to 59 inch)
Lowest seating position (adjustable) 40 to 49 cm (15.7 to 19.2 inch)
Highest seating position 50 to 59 cm (19.6 to 23.2 inch)
Back rest heigth 80 to 89 cm (31.4 to 35 inch)
Back rest width (inner dimension) Up to 30 cm (11.8 inch)
Back rest width (widest outer dimension) 50 to 54 cm (19.6 to 21.2 inch)
Seat width (inner dimension) 35 to 39 cm (13.7 to 15.3 inch)
Seat width (widest outer dimension) 55 to 59 cm (21.6 to 23.2 inch)
Seat depth 45 to 49 cm (17.7 to 19.2)
Total depth (without base) 50 to 59 cm (19.6 to 23.2 inch)
Minimalhöhe der Armlehnen 65 bis 69 cm
Head cushion included Yes
Lumbar cushion included Yes
Material base plastic, nylon, steel

Customer review "EPIC Gaming Chair - mousesports Edition - Black/Red"

Average customer review
Star Rating
(from 8 customer reviews)
Dieser Stuhl ist mein erster Gaming Stuhl, dennoch bin durfte ich schon einige Probe...
Tino G.
Ein toller Stuhl! Fühlt sich deutlich hochwertiger an, als der Preis es vermuten lässt....
Sehr bequemer und schöner Stuhl mit sehr guter Verarbeitung. Wie lange er hält was er...
No Limit (8)
100% (8)
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Mein Rücken sagt Danke

Dieser Stuhl ist mein erster Gaming Stuhl, dennoch bin durfte ich schon einige Probe sitzen. Dieser Stuhl ist der Hammer.

Er ist sehr gut Verpackt. Als GLS vor dem Haus stand, sah ich wie grob er das Packet aus dem Sprinter lud, ich konnte keinerlei Schäden sichten.

Schnell und ohne Probleme konnte ich den Stuhl aufbauen und zum ersten mal Probe sitzen. Er ist sehr hochwertig verarbeitet.

Bin heute beim Film anschaun sogar einmal darin ein geschlafen obwohl ich nicht im Sitzen schlafen kann.

Kann nur sagen GEILGEILGEIL

Danke Caseking

P.s. Bin gerade in Quarantäne und sitze daher viel vor dem Rechner und jetzt will ich wirklich nicht mehr aufstehen müssen xD

Tino G.


Ein toller Stuhl! Fühlt sich deutlich hochwertiger an, als der Preis es vermuten lässt. Für mich sehr bequem und ausreichend gut verstellbar.


EPIC Gaming Bürostuhl

Sehr bequemer und schöner Stuhl mit sehr guter Verarbeitung.
Wie lange er hält was er verspricht kann ich in einem Jahr sagen.


Wie in Abrahams Schoß

Der Stuhl ist wirklich äußerst bequem, ist exzellent verarbeitet und ein echter Hingucker in jedem Büro/Gamingstübchen ... Alles andere ist nur Spielzeug!


Mousesports Edition

Sehr guter Stuhl. Sogar alleine recht einfach aufzubauen.
Einziges Manko was mir bis jetzt aufgefallen ist, man schwitzt ziemlich schnell auf dem Stuhl.
Das habe ich schon besser "erlebt".


Sehr Zufrieden

Für das Geld ein Wahnsinns Stuhl. Man kann lange sitzen ohne das was anfängt weh zu tun. Top Verarbeitung.



Sehr bequem und gute Verarbeitung

Klüh K-H

EPIC Gaming Stuhl

Top Stuhl, Verarbeitung super und schnelle Lieferung

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    + Multilock function
    + Adjustable 4D armrests
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    + Sehr standstabil
    + Sehr bequem, insbesondere nach hinten gelegt
    + Gute Körperführung
    + Nackenkissen und Lendenkissen sehr schön
    + Gute Verstellbarkeit, insbesondere Armlehnen
    + Bürostuhl Zertifizierung DIN EN 1335
    + PU-Leder sehr robust und unempfindlich
    + Verkürzte Gasfedern für kleinere Personen mit -1,5 und -3 cm erhältlich

  • KitGuru - noblechairs Epic series White Gaming Chair


    + Great build quality.
    + Clear instructions and simple to assemble.
    + Very adjustable.
    + Good to look at with it’s clean and sleek design.

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    Auf der Computex 2017 in Taipeh (Taiwan) hat die European Hardware Association der EPIC-Serie von noblechairs den begehrten European Hardware Award 2017 in der Kategorie "Best Gaming Chair" verliehen und der exzellenten Reihe damit die verdiente Krone aufgesetzt. 

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    Mit dem EPIC Gaming Stuhl, welchen es in verschiedenen Farbkombinationen gibt, macht noblechairs seinem Namen aus unserer Sicht alle Ehre. Der EPIC Gaming Stuhl eignet sich bestens für Anwender, die nicht nur eine Runde an ihrem Rechner zocken wolle, sonder zudem auch einen ganzen Arbeitstag auf dem Stuhl verbringen müssen und somit auf einen entsprechend hohen Sitzkomfort angewiesen sind. Um einem diesen Komfort bieten zu können, hat noblechairs den EPIC Gaming Stuhl mit einer ganzen Reihe an Verstellungsmöglichkeiten versehen, wodurch er einem nicht nur eine bequeme Sitzposition bieten kann, in welcher man auch einmal etwas ausspannen kann, sondern auch eine sehr ergonomische Sitzposition gewährleistet, in der man viele Stunden am Schreibtisch arbeiten kann, ohne das man sich mit der Zeit hin und her bewegen muss, um den Rücken etwas zu entlasten. Mittels der mitgelieferten Kissen kann der Komfort zusätzlich gesteigert werden. Durch seine Ergonomie hebt sich der noblechairs EPIC Gaming Stuhl nicht nur deutlich von den anderen Gaming Stühlen am Markt ab, sondern sorgt bei der richtigen Nutzung auch langfristig gesehen dazu, Rückenschädigungen vorzubeugen. Der EPIC Gaming Stuhl konnte in unserem Test jedoch nicht nur durch einen hohen Sitzkomfort überzeugen, sondern auch durch eine überaus hohe Verarbeitungsqualität.

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    Marketed at 339eur rate, this series Nobechairs Epic chair holds all its promises, look fabulous, high quality, ease of use, all here! If we add to this the ease of assembly and the many adjustment options, we can advise you and award a gold Watermod!

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