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HERO Gaming Chair Limited Edition 2019 - black/white

  • Premium gaming chair from noblechairs
  • PU-imitation leather in black/platinum white
  • limited edition with noblechairs logo
  • comfortable cold-foam upholstery
  • superb ergonomics thanks to its adjustability
  • 60 mm castors
  • supports up to 150 kg




Item number: GAGC-156

EAN: 4251442503062


Manufacturer: noblechairs


Product information - HERO Gaming Chair Limited Edition 2019 - black/white


The HERO Gaming Chair

The Gaming Chair Made for Heroes When it comes to the design of the HERO Series, noblechairs took onboard input from a variety of professional esports athletes. The result: the most ergonomic and feature-rich gaming chair ever, offering unparalleled comfort even after long hours of gaming and working. The new infinitely adjustable lumbar support integrated into the backrest ensures all-encompassing comfort and ergonomics. The headrest is now filled with memory foam, helping to ensure that the headrest better conforms to the shape of your head. Additionally, the backrest, seat and armrests have all been enlarged. Both sides are covered with a soft, black Velours. When a chair is this comfortable, you'll hardly be able to tear yourself away from your new HERO.

The HERO Limited Edition celebrates the countless satisfied customers along with the numerous awards noblechairs have received from all over the world, in essence the community of people who are the bedrock beneath the growing popularity of our elite gaming chairs. This limited version of the premium noblechairs HERO comes embossed with a stylish design. The black base colour is supplemented by the addition of white surfaces along the chair's sides, lending the gaming chair the modern look of a racing seat in a high-end car. Additionally the chair offers striking white stitching, thus emphasising the sporting aspect of the HERO Limited Edition. The stylish noble chairs logo is embossed on the headrest filled with memory polymer and on the back, the chic lettering of the popular brand adorns the front and back of the comfortable seat on the right.
Features of the noblechairs HERO Black Gaming Chair

Die noblechairs HERO Limited Edition im Überblick:

  • Infinitely adjustable lumbar support for the lower back area
  • Larger seat area and backrest, optimised for long gaming sessions
  • Vergrößerte 4D-Armlehnen mit Polsterung
  • Enlarged 4D armrests with cushioning
  • Comfortable & breathable cold-foam upholstery
  • Designed for users up to 150 kg
  • Includes stylish noblechairs emblem and logo
  • Stylish PU leather in black and white striking white stitching

Comfortable Gaming Chair

Optimised ergonomics is the characteristic that distinguishes chairs that can or should be used over extended periods of time. As the HERO underwent development, noblechairs also took onboard valued customer feedback, deciding to integrate the long awaited adjustable lumbar support within the backrest. This can be adjusted in accordance to the precise needs of your lower back by means of a wheel - a feature that is traditionally only found in the flagship offerings of traditional office chair ranges. This helps the backrest of the HERO to adhere to the natural curvature of the lower back, resulting in a more natural seated posture overall.

Another long-requested feature has also been added, in this edition the seat surface and backrest have both been expanded. The backrest is also larger. Furthermore, even the 4D arm rests have been enlarged. Not only do these adjutments contribute to the overall aesthetics of the HERO Gaming Chair, they also make a marked different in terms of comfort, particularly when factoring in their cushioned design.
Superb Material & Premium Craftsmanship

Achieving Perfect with Machine-Only Manufacturing

As previously, noblechairs opted to bring the same premium-quality craftsmanship to the table when it came to creating the HERO. The techniques were originally established in the famous ICON- and EPIC Series. This degree of perfection is only possible thanks to noblechairs' implementation of machine-only manufacturing.

Just as in the case of manufacturing cars in the automotive industry, specialised robotic arms forge the robust steel frame of the HERO. This guarantees flawless yet extremely durable construction, a characteristic for which noblechairs has become famous in the meantime. Even the chairs' upholstery and coverings are cut and stitched using industrial machines, meaning that end users can rest assured they are getting the very best end result.
Comfortable and Strong

Premium Components

The comfortable upholstery consists of porous, deformation-resistant cold cut foam with an exceptionally high density of more than 55 percent, a quality that allows users to benefit from extra breathability and stability over time.

In contrast to other gaming chairs, a noblechairs HERO chair includes a solid steel frame embedded within its upholstery. This is then coated in a PU leather covering with a thickness of 1.5 mm and, as a result, offering exceptional reliability.

Top Class Adjustability Options

The Perfect Position for Every User

The Perfect Position for Every User

With your new noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair adjusted it to meet your precise requirements, you will also the 10 cm of height adjustability the chair offers, in addition to the convenient rocking mechanism. This allows the HERO Gaming Chair to be angled at up to 11°. Furthermore, the backrest can be set from 90° to 125°.
For Hard- & Soft Flooring

Perfect Support for Head and Arms

The new 4D armrests now fit perfectly with the rest of the chair thanks to their enlarged design, offering significantly more space for your arms.

As previously, they can be adjusted in four dimensions, meaning that every user can adjust them for optimal comfort. Furthermore, the armrests are cushioned with polyurethane and this helps to guarantee the sublty textured surfaces offer just the right degree of grip.
Perfect Support for Head and Arms

Designed for Hard- & Soft Flooring

The foundation of the HERO Series from noblechairs is the powder-coated base made from solid aluminium with five arms and specially designed castors. These 60 mm castors consist of a Nylon core with a polyurethane coating that means they are both quiet as well as equally suited for use on both hard- and soft flooring.

The Safety Class 4 gas lift has been designed in conjunction with the optimised base to offer support for up to a maximum load of 150 kg.

Upgrade Your Throne with Premium Accessories from noblechairs!

Noblechairs Accessories

Optimised Hard-Floor Castors with Automatic Braking

The high-end chairs from noblechairs manage to deliver, without a shadow of a doubt, a superb experience directly out of the box. The only thing missing? The additing of premium-quality accessories from noblechairs themselves.

In order to customise the gaming chair to meet your precise needs, noblechairs offers a convenient range of accessories including 60 mm hard-floor castors with automatic braking function, meaning that unwanted sliding or movement across your flooring is a thing of the past. Furthermore, shorter gas lifts offer a lower total seat height, meaning that the chair is still the perfect gaming throne for smaller users as well.

Noblechairs Foot Rest

Maximise Your Comfort and Maintain a Healthy Posture!

When it comes to optimising your already-comfortable noblechairs, it still makes sense to invest in ergonomic accessories to take steps to actively prevent undesirable postural issues further down the line. With the noblechairs foot rests the noblechairs team has managed to develop just such an accessory.

The noblechairs footrest not only maximises the comfort of the chair, it also happens to be incredibly easy on the back and assists in maintaining good blood flow. It also helps reduce the load on the back and the feet, thereby contributing to a more natural and healthy overall posture. The first-class materials along with their elegant design round out what is certainly a very premium accessory.
noblechairs cushions
Every gaming chair deserves cushions, and none more so than noblechairs - that's why noblechairs has released their own brand of premium quality cushions. Offering improved neck and lumbar support, these cushions support and encourage a more natural posture while making the gaming chairs even more comfortable than they already are. Thanks to their exceptional flexibility and adjustability, the cushions can be placed exactly where they're needed for maximum comfort. Fine elasticated bands help hold the cushions in the desired position.

The noblechairs cushions are both soft yet supportive so as to provide the best possible support while also conforming to the contours of the body. The noblechairs range of cushions are easy to maintain and care for, given that they can simply be washed like any other material. Care and comfort aside, noblechairs cushions aren't lacking in the aesthetic department either: they include the famous noblechairs logo in multiple colours, in this instance in black, stitched into the cushions. By any measure, these represent a must own accessory for the owners of noblechairs everywhere.

Noblechairs Footrest

Keeping Your Gaming Throne in Perfect Condition!

The noblechairs premium care and cleaning kit for real- and PU leather chairs helps ensure you not only enjoy a clean and hygienic seat surface, but it also helps ensure that your noblechairs gaming chair remains looking brand new for as long as possible - while even smelling like fresh leather. To this end, the set offers two colour-neutral cleaning agents, one which serves to clean the gaming chair and the other which helps to apply a protective layer to the surface of the chair and that also gives it the delicate scent of real leather.

Packaged in attractive bottles with a dispenser, the cleaning- and polishing agents can be applied using the included microfibre cloths and the premium quality sponge. All contents are beautifully packaged in a manner appropriate to its namesake: noblechairs.

Technical Details:

  • Height specifications:
    Total height (with base): approx. 127.5 - 135.5 cm
    Seat height (with base): approx. 46.5 - 54.5 cm
    Backrest height: approx. 89 cm
    Width of inner backrest: approx. 32.5 cm
    Wide backrest outside (widest point): approx. 57 cm
    Width seat inside: approx. 35 cm
    Wide seat outside (widest point): approx. 52 cm
    Seat depth: approx. 50 cm
    Total depth (without base): approx. 55 cm
    Width of armrests: approx. 10.5 cm
    Armrests' depth: approx. 27 cm
  • Weight:
    approx. 28 kg
  • Tilt angle of the rocker mechanism:
    max. 11°
  • Backrest angle:
    90° to 125
  • Material:
    Steel (frame)
    Cold foam (padding)
    Shape memory polymer (headrest)
    PU synthetic leather (cover -> seat + contact surface + back)
    Aluminium (base)
    Nylon / Polyurethane (castors)
    Polyurethane (armrests)
  • Color:
    Black (cover), White (side panels, logo, seams)
  • Maximum load:
    150 kg
  • Manufacturer warranty:
    2 years
  • Certifications:
    DIN EN 1335 Office chair, ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 2011 Office chair, TÜV tested gas pressure spring
  • Features:
    Integrated lumbar support for the lumbar vertebrae
    4D armrests with maximum adjustability
    Adjustable angle of the backrest (90 to 135 degrees)
    Flexible seat height
    Deformation resistant cold foam
    Memory Foam in the headrest
    Column with long-life gas spring (class 4)
    Strong 5-point base made of solid aluminium
    60 mm rolls for hard and soft floors
    Sturdy steel construction in the core
    Loadable up to 150 kg

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Technical Details

Serie HERO
Primary colour black
Secondary colour white
Seat cover material synthetic leather
Adjustable back rest Yes
Adjustable armrests Yes
Height adjustment Yes
Adjustable seating angle Yes
Maximalbelastung / Gewichtsbereich (exakt) 150 kg
Weight limit 126 to 155 kg (277 to 341 lbs)
Seatbelt guide No
Weight (exact) 28 kg
Weight 28 to 30 kg (61.7 to 66.1 lbs)
Gesamthöhe, mit Basis (exakt) 127,5 cm, 135,5 cm
Tiefste Sitzposition, einstellbar (exakt) 46,5 cm
Höchste Sitzposition, einstellbar (exakt) 54,5 cm
Höhe Rückenlehne (exakt) 89 cm
Breite Rückenlehne innen (exakt) 32,5 cm
Breite Rückenlehne außen, breitester Punkt (exakt) 52 cm
Breite Sitzfläche innen (exakt) 35 cm
Breite Sitzfläche außen, breitester Punkt (exakt) 52 cm
Tiefe Sitzfläche (exakt) 50 cm
Gesamttiefe, ohne Basis (exakt) 55 cm
Minimalhöhe der Armlehnen (exakt) 66,5 cm
Total height (including base) 120 to 129.9 cm (47.2 to 51.1 inch), 130 to 139.9 cm (51.1 to 55 inch)
Lowest seating position (adjustable) 40 to 49 cm (15.7 to 19.2 inch)
Highest seating position 50 to 59 cm (19.6 to 23.2 inch)
Back rest heigth 80 to 89 cm (31.4 to 35 inch)
Back rest width (inner dimension) 30 to 34 cm (11.8 to 13.3 inch)
Back rest width (widest outer dimension) 55 to 59 cm (21.6 to 23.2 inch)
Seat width (inner dimension) 35 to 39 cm (13.7 to 15.3 inch)
Seat width (widest outer dimension) 50 to 54 cm (19.6 to 21.2 inch)
Seat depth 50 to 54 cm (19.6 to 21.2 inch)
Total depth (without base) 50 to 59 cm (19.6 to 23.2 inch)
Minimalhöhe der Armlehnen 65 bis 69 cm
Head cushion included No
Lumbar cushion included No
Material base aluminum, plastic, steel

Customer review "noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Limited Edition 2019 - black/white"

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(from 6 customer reviews)
Dominik F.
Punkt 1: Der Stuhl sieht in echt nochmal edler und nobler aus als auf den Bilder....
Myles Blunsdon
First off like all have said the post was quick , box is really big 2 must have or 2...
Preis Super, nur im Lieferumfang waren bei mit keine Kissen mit bei und der GLS Bote...
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Dominik F.

Top Produkt, top Lieferzeit, top Support

Punkt 1: Der Stuhl sieht in echt nochmal edler und nobler aus als auf den Bilder.
Punkt 2: Die Lieferung war nach erstaunlichen 2 Tagen vor meiner Tür. Wahrnsinn!
Punkt 3: Der Aufbau war leicht, aber zeigte trotzdem nochmal wie gut und ordentlich verarbeitet dieser Stuhl ist!
Punkt 4: Der Stuhl war außerordentlich sicher verpackt
Punkt 4: Leider war ein Riss an der rechten Armlehne. Kurz den Support angeschrieben, den Fehler gemeldet und nach einem Tag die Rückmeldung bekommen, dass sie die Ärgernisse entschuldigen und sie mir sofort das Ersatzteil zuschicken. Das alles ohne nervige Gegenfragen. Erstklassiger Support!
Zusammengefasst gibt es keinen Grund erstens bei Caseking zu bestellen und zweitens ein Produkt von Noblechairs zu bestellen!

Myles Blunsdon

Tip Top chair

First off like all have said the post was quick , box is really big 2 must have or 2 boxes maybe good idea.
opening the box you will find it packaged amazing 1 of the best unboxing experience iv had but was no cool sticker to be found and no pillow either.
The chair is a lot bigger then the photos project, tho am very happy so far highly recommend spending the €20 more for the pillow......


Top Stuhl

Preis Super,
nur im Lieferumfang waren bei mit keine Kissen mit bei und der GLS Bote hat das Paket einfach im Keller unter der Treppe abgestellt. Nach einem langen Arbeitstag noch 34Kg hochschleppen war eine eher ernüchternde Erfahrung.
Alles in allem aber top!

Dominik G.

Einfach gut

Der Versand ging seeeeehr schnell!! Dafür schon mal ein großes Lob!
Die Verpackung hat den Stuhl einwandfrei geschützt!
Der Aufbau war kinderleicht!

Der Stuhl ist sehr bequem und macht einen wirklich hochwertigen Eindruck!!

C. Eckhardt

Top Stuhl aber vorsicht Kissen nicht inklusive

Habe den Stuhl schon länger auf der Wunschliste gehabt und mir zum Black Friday dann im Angebot geholt. Mein Bruder hatte sich vor 2 Monaten den selben Stuhl (schwarz/schwarz) zum vollen Preis bestellt und bei ihm waren die Kissen im Lieferumfang enthalten. Meine Freude an dem tollen Angebot wurde enorm gebremst als bei mir keine Kissen mitgeliefert waren. Nach einigem suchen auf der Seite, musste ich dann auch entdecken, dass bei dem Angebot keine Kissen mitdabei sind. Das schmälert die 26% Rabatt natürlich erheblich. Trotzdem toller Stuhl und die Versandtzeit war auch top!

Stefan Fronz

Im Original noch schoener

Erstmal Versandzeit superschnell.Die Stickerein sehen einfach extrem hochwertig aus.Genau wie der Rest vom Stuhl.100 mal besser als auf den Fotos.Ich bin froh , das ich einen Kunstlederstuh ohne Loecher in der Sitz und Rückenlehne habe..Viel besser zu pflegen.Und sieht besser aus.Die Armlenen sind für mich perfekt.Schoen weich.

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