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Quest Virtual Reality Stand-Alone-Headset - 64GB

  • Immersive VR system from Oculus
  • 64 GByte memory
  • includes controllers
  • 1x LCD Display (2.560 x 1.440 Pixel)
  • 3D Audio with integrated headphones




Item number: GAVR-071

EAN: 0815820020318

MPN: 301-00174-01

Manufacturer: Oculus


Product information - Quest Virtual Reality Stand-Alone-Headset - 64GB

Virtual Reality is the future of interactive entertainment and this future began back in 2012 with Oculus VR. With a surprisingly successful Kickstarter campaign, the young business set off a renaissance in the world of VR technology and collected 2,437 million US Dollars for the development of the first dev kits. This represented a full 974 percent of the original goal. Supported by famous game developers and plenty of media excitement, development carried on at a steady pace until Oculus VR was eventually purchased by 2014 Facebook in 2014 - now for a total of 2 billion US Dollars. Now the company is introducing the Oculus Quest, a mobile version of its VR glasses. It promises not only unrestricted freedom thanks to its inside-out tracking with six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF), including your body and natural hand movements.

The Features of the Oculus Quest VR Headset at a Glance:

  • Fully mobile VR headset for an original gaming experience
  • Inside-out tracking with Oculus Insight for maximum freedom of movement
  • Four integrated cameras for six degrees of freedom (6DoF)
  • Two OLED displays with a total of 2.880 x 1.600 pixels & Diamond-PenTile Matrix
  • Connectivity via 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ergonomic Design & easily adjustable via fastener and elastic headband
  • Integrated audio drivers for high quality sound

The Features of the Oculus Touch Motion Controller at a Glance:

  • Intuitive hand controls with ergonomic design and ingenious touch controls
  • Two controllers with a total of 10x buttons + 2x analogue sticks & 2x touch thumb rests
  • Precise and lag-free motion tracking thanks to Oculus Insight
  • Extensive motion tracking capabilities for six degrees of freedom
  • Integrated finger tracking via headset

New Generation of Advanced VR Technology

The VR pioneers at Oculus gave the Quest two OLED displays, each with a resolution of 1.440 × 1.600, with a Diamond PenTile Matrix providing vibrant colours. Furthermore, the headset also uses Fresnel lenses. Together, this provides a very fine pixel structure and minimises the fly screen effect. Fixed Foveated Rendering is also implemented, meaning that the middle of the display utilises the full resolution, while reducing the resolution at the edges. The resulting savings in processing power benefit users in the form of improved image and graphics quality. The refresh rate of the two displays is 72 Hz. The distance of the lenses to the eyes themselves (diopter adjustment) can be adjusted by means of an included spacer, which also allows for glasses.

Sophisticated Tracking System

The Oculus Quest uses an inside-out tracking system. A total of four cameras are installed on the outside of the headset. They register the position of the user in the game area that has been defined by the software, the movement of the headset, as well as the movements of the two controllers. In addition, the warning system ("Guardian") activates if the player moves outside of the play area. At the touch of a button, Passthrough+ can be activated to give players a view into the real world via cameras, which provides an image similar to that of night vision devices. The accuracy of the inside-out tracking system is less than one millimetre with very low latencies that are below the threshold of perception for most people.

The Full VR Experience: Oculus Rift Quest VR Headset with Motion Control

Thanks to the Oculus Touch input devices, the Oculus Rift Quest VR headset allows not only motion tracking of the head, but also of the hands - and thus they can now be imaged and used for interactions within the virtual space. The ergonomically shaped controller - one for your right hand and one for your left, are enclosed by a circular sensor ring, in which Oculus has embedded IR diodes. Depending on the game or application, the controllers can function as anything ranging from a paintbrush to a weapon to tools. The two controllers are each powered by an AA battery, which comes included.

Natural Gestures and Motion Tracking with Force Feedback

The layout of the controllers is similar to that of the Xbox One gamepad, but split between two hands. Each controller has a trigger button for the index and middle fingers, and a grip button (which you press by clending your fist), an analog stick, two action buttons, and a small menu button. In addition to the analogue sticks, there is a capacitive thumb rest with a comfortable rubberised surface. Both the thumb rests and the buttons can also register whether they are being touched by the user, without even having to press a button. Combined with simple gesture recognition, this allows individual hand and independent finger movements to be simulated. Last but not least, the controllers are equipped with force feedback motors for vibration, for example in the event of collisions with objects in the virtual world.

In addition to the visual refinements, the 3D audio drivers also provide excellent acoustic immersion. Alternatively, there is a 3.5-inch audio jack for your own headphones or headsets. The headset has a 3.5-inch jack plug for external headphones or headsets. The rechargeable battery integrated in the HMD comes with a Type C power supply unit and USB cable. Two AA batteries required to operate the controller are included in the package. Setup is performed via WiFi and Bluetooth. This requires a smartphone with Android or iOS.

Technical Details:

  • Weight: 570 g (HMD)
  • Display:
    Type: 2x OLED Display with Diamond PenTile Matrix
    Resolution per Display: 1.440 x 1.600 Pixel
    Refresh rate: 72 Hz
    Viewing field: TBA
    Lens distance: 58 to 72 mm
  • Motion tracking:
    Inside-Out with four cameras
  • Ports (total):
    1x USB Type C
    1x 3,5 mm jack
    WiFi 802.11ac
    Bluetooth 5.0
  • Memory: 64 GByte
  • Includes:
    1x Oculus Quest VR headset
    2x Controller (includes 2x AA batteries)
    1x USB cable
    1x 12V PSU
    1x Spacer for glasses

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Customer review "Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Stand-Alone-Headset - 64GB"

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Die VR-Brille macht immer wieder aufs Neue unfassbar viel Spaß. Ich hab die Brille...
Stephan A.
Die Oculus Quest ist für mich als Xbox Spieler ein absolutes Upgrade, um nun mittendrin...
Dies ist die VR-Brille, auf die man schon seit Jahren gewartet hat und auch der nächste...
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Ich liebe meine Quest

Die VR-Brille macht immer wieder aufs Neue unfassbar viel Spaß. Ich hab die Brille jetzt schon öfter mit zu Freunden genommen und wirklich jeder ist von der Auslösung und Qualität begeistert.

Stephan A.

Absoluter Gamechanger

Die Oculus Quest ist für mich als Xbox Spieler ein absolutes Upgrade, um nun mittendrin statt nur dabei zu sein. Mich hat bei VR immer das Investment in einen PC und die Kabel gestört. Mit der Quest wird das alles umgangen. Keine Kabel, kein PC. Dafür ist die Bildauflösung wirklich beeindruckend. Mittlerweile ist die Vielfalt an Games im Oculus Store recht groß. Für 449€ ist der Preis im Vergleich zu HTC deutlich günstiger. Alles in allem, ein Empfehlung!



Dies ist die VR-Brille, auf die man schon seit Jahren gewartet hat und auch der nächste Schritt in die Zukunft von VR.

Selbst Personen im meinen Umkreis, welche sich nicht als VR Fans bezeichnen würden, haben diese Brille getestet und sind nach wie vor sprachlos und begeistert wie schnell sich diese Technik entwickelt.

Zum Schluss sei gesagt, dass ich diese Brille zu 100% empfehlen kann.

Ich hoffe, dass Sie mit dieser Brille genau so viel Spaß haben werden wie ich!



Die Quest ist eine mobile Gaming/allround Brille bei der man keinen PC benötigt. Das macht sie zu einem unfassbar guten Gerät!
Eine super Grafikleistung, tolle Spieleauswahl und guter Tragekomfort.
Ich kann Sie überall mitnehmen und jeder der bisher skeptisch war hat nur 2 Minuten BeatSaber gespielt und wollte sie nicht mehr hergeben :).
Für mich ein absolut innovatives Produkt und das ist die Zukunft!


mega VR Erlebnis

würde ich nie wieder her geben. Spiele, Filme und Videos gucken, alles ist mir der Oculus Quest möglich.
Ich muss sagen im VR Bereich hat sich in den letzten Jahren wirklich was getan.

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