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der8auer Core i5-9600K @ 5,1 GHz - Advanced Edition

Intel 6-Kern-CPU (tray) aus der "Coffee Lake-S Refresh"-Familie für Overclocker, vom King-Mod-Team und "der8auer", selektiert / vorgetestet / "geköpft", mit garantiert möglichen 5,1 GHz OC-Takt!,...

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der8auer Core i5-9600K @ 5,1 GHz - Advanced Edition

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der8auer Core i9-9900K @ 4,9 GHz - Advanced Edition

Intel 8-Kern-CPU (tray) aus der "Coffee Lake-S Refresh"-Familie für Overclocker, vom King-Mod-Team und "der8auer", selektiert / vorgetestet / "geköpft", mit garantiert möglichen 4,9 GHz OC-Takt!,...

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der8auer Core i9-9900K @ 4,9 GHz - Advanced Edition



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Daniel awards on 28 Apr 2021 Kann ich nur empfehlen, ausgepackt eingebaut auf die vorgegebenen Werten eingestellt und läuft allcore auf 5,1ghz (in spielen läuft es bei mir auch auf 5,2ghz stabil) danke caseking für ... read on

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Pretested CPUs

Seamless and hassle-free overclocking for extra gaming power!

der8auer Logo Overclocking Guru Roman "der8auer" Hartung (pronounced: "der Bauer") has been working closely with the King Mod team to harness the full overclocking power of the latest processors that come with unlocked multipliers. The der8auer CPUs are put to the test for a minimum of one hour under Prime95 26.6 at 1344K. This unforgiving test is performed on every single pre-tested CPU to calculate the maximum stable clock frequencies. Because this overclocking invalidates the manufacturer's warranty, we compensate with our own 24 month King Mod guarantee.

As a hardware enthusiast and professional overclocker der8auer has been active on the extreme overclocking circuit for many years and broken countless world records. Always interested in squeezing the last drops of performance out of any piece of high-end hardware he can get his hands on, the OC grandmaster (as of August 2015) sits at second place in the professional "Elite" rankings of the best overclockers in the world (see! The rich source of experience der8auer has to call upon is now making its way towards buyers with these hand-picked and stability-tested OC processors!

Intel CPUs: der8auer Advanced, Pro & Ultra Editions

Caseking and der8auer are offering a variety of editions appropriate to newcomers to the world of overclocking as well as experienced overclockers:

  • Advanced Edition

    The Advanced Edition represents the entrance of the world of overclocking. Since these CPUs are also "delidded" for pre-testing, this increases the thermal conductivity of the Integrated Heatspreader (IHS). This means that the single largest obstacle to overclocking, the increased thermals, is partly mitigated. The relatively small premium to the Advanced Edition also makes it suitable for non-OC systems that need to function as quietly as possible.
  • Pro Edition

    The Pro Edition is targeted towards experienced overclockers and offers the largest range of guaranteed OC frequencies. Apart from pre-testing and delidding, the Integrated Heatspreader (IHS) is polished and nickel-plated to enable the heat produced by highly-overclocked processors to be exhausted more efficiently. The Pro Edition is perfectly-suited for gaming PCs in order to tease out the highest possible gaming performance from the CPU.
  • Ultra Edition

    In the Ultra Edition, in addition to pre-testing, the IHS is replaced with a silver (99%) heatspreader. The silver heatspreader enables improved thermal characteristics allowing heat to be removed even more effectively from the processor. The Ultra Edition is directed towards OC enthusiasts on the lookout for record breaking overclocks as well as those wanting to compare themselves to the very best overclockers out there!

Pretested: Yes Yes Yes
Delidded: Yes Yes Yes
Polished IHS: No Yes Yes
Silver IHS: No No Yes
Laser Engraved: Yes Yes Yes

The Refinement of High-End CPUs and the Added Value this Brings

The performance of a processor is closely correlated to the quality of the silicon used. These slight deviations result in the production of CPUs of varying performance capabilities. Since the manufacturing process prevents any direct influence on the quality of the final product by default, the CPUs are designated with the clock frequencies at which they are guaranteed to run.

Take for example the Intel Core i7-7700K whicih, according to Intel, can reach a maximum boost clock of 4,5 GHz. Since this is the minimum frequency that any i7-7700K can be expected to reach, it follows that there are examples which will permit higher clock frequencies. A consumer never knows, with the purchase of a standard CPU, what the maximum operating frequencies will be. It is for this reason that people mention a "silicon lottery" when discussing the benching and testing of a processor.

At Caseking we take on the time-consuming responsibility of pre-testing individual processors and offer our own 24 month King Mod guarantee to replace the original manufacturer's guarantee that is voided due to overclocking. Besides CPU testing we are also proud to be able to offer the following CPU upgrades dependent upon the CPU edition purchased from the "der8auer" range of processors:

  • CPU Delidding

    The CPU delidding process, as it has come to be known, entails the removal of the Integrated Heatspreader (IHS) from the die. Subsequently the factory-applied thermal paste is replaced with Conductonaut liquid metal thermal paste from Thermal Grizzly. This allows improved thermal conductivity, enabling a reduction of temperatures at full load of between 10 °C and 20 °C.
  • The Polishing of the Heatspreader

    Since the factory-mounted heatspreader is slightly concave, this is polished and subsequently nickel-plated. Prior to the heatspreader being remounted it receives an engraving with the der8auer logo as well as the pre-tested clock frequencies and the recommended core voltage.
  • Silver Heatspreader

    Silver (thermal conductivity 430 W/(m · K)) offers improved thermal characteristics in comparison to copper (400 W/(m · K)), which allows, when overclocking, improved heat transfer away from the CPU. Since the Integrated Heatspreader (IHS) is also manufactured from industrial copper, which offers a thermal conductivity of roughly 350 W/(m · K) thereby allowing the accompanying silver heatspreader to reduce temperatures under load by between 8 °C and 12 °C when compared with a regular heatspreader.

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