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Glacier D140 Distro Plate - Acrylic, Reflective, DRGB-LED

  • Stylish distro plate in acrylic glass from PHANTEKS
  • with two reservoirs
  • 7 G1/4 ports
  • for two separate or one combined loop
  • reflective rear RGB-LED lighting


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Item number: WAAU-534

EAN: 0886523701439

MPN: PH-D140_01

Manufacturer: PHANTEKS


Product information - Glacier D140 Distro Plate - Acrylic, Reflective, DRGB-LED

Distro Plates for custom water cooling loops not only look classy, they also facilitate the design and construction of complex water-cooled systems. This is exactly why PHANTEKS has created this very special product. With its high-quality components, the Glacier D140 Distro Plate ensures a reliable water cooling loop, is versatile in its installation while also looking excellent. The Distro Plate is designed to support two separate water cooling loops, for example to cool a CPU and a graphics card. It can be easily attached to a rear 140mm fan slot and even has ventilation for voltage converters in the surrounding area. With the Glacier D140 Distro Plate, PHANTEKS has once again demonstrated their skill at combining sophisticated function with sublime design.

The Features of the PHANTEKS Glacier D140 Distro Plate at a Glance:

  • Transparent Distro Plate made of acrylic glass with reflective backplate
  • Two separate circuits with a total of seven G1/4 connections
  • Seals made of Viton from the automotive and aircraft industry
  • Designed for installation on a rear 140mm fan slot in selected cases from PHANTEKS
  • Cut-outs for improved airflow over MOSFETs and VRMs
  • Digitally addressable RGB-LED lighting, compatible with most motherboard manufacturers

Functionality meets Design

The elegant PHANTEKS Glacier D140 Distro Plate is made entirely of high-quality acrylic glass and not only allows an unobstructed view of the coolant flowing through it, it also lights up thanks to the digitally addressable RGB-LEDs. The appearance is like none other, and the mirrored back only adds to the overall aesthetic.

The Distro Plate has two reservoirs for two independent water cooling loops, for example for the CPU and GPU. Thanks to the total seven G1/4-inch threaded connections , the two reservoirs can also be connected to create a common loop for two or even three hardware components. In addition to its visual effect, a distro plate also facilitates the design and implementation of complex custom loops. PHANTEKS also includes three sealing plugs.

High-Quality Materials from the Aerospace and Automotive Industries

PHANTEKS uses so-called Viton rubber for sealing the reservoirs and G1/4 connections of the Distro Plate. Its longevity and resistance to high temperatures and corrosive liquids has long been proven in the automotive and aircraft industries. This proven reliability of the materials used makes the PHANTEKS Glacier D140 Distro Plate the ideal choice for professionally designed and built water cooled systems.

The PHANTEKS Glacier D140 Distro Plate is attached to a 140mm fan slot on the back of selected cases from PHANTEKS. The layout of the distro plate is designed so that it protrudes downwards to the sides of the horizontal PCI slots and occupies a distance of three vertical PCI slots. To ensure that surrounding voltage converters and MOSFETs still get enough cool air, ventilation slots are provided on the side.

The LED strip built into the PHANTEKS Glacier D140 Distro Plate is equipped with 21 digitally addressable RGB LEDs, providing superb lighting that is further enhanced by reflective rear. Thanks to the widely used 5VDG connector, the lighting can be controlled directly via appropriately equipped motherboards or their software, such as ASUS Aura Sync, MSI's Mystic Light Sync, Gigabytes RGB Fusion 2.0, ASRock's Polychrome Sync or Razers' Chroma.

The Glacier D140 only fits in compatible cases by PHANTEKS.

When installing the PHANTEKS Glacier D140 Distro Plate, vertical PCI slots are blocked on the case.

Technical Data:
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 138 x 300 x 13 mm
  • Weight: 411 g (without liquid)
  • Material: Acrylic glass
  • Colour: Transparent, Chrome (Mirror)
  • Thread: 7x G1/4 inch
  • Lighting: 21 digital addressable RGB LEDs compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASRock Polychrome Sync, Razer Chroma
  • Lighting connector: 1x 3-pin (5VDG)
  • Compatibility:
    PHANTEKS Eclipse P600S Silent
    PHANTEKS Enthoo Luxe II
    PHANTEKS Enthoo Luxe
    PHANTEKS Enthoo Luxe TG
    PHANTEKS Enthoo Evolv X
    PHANTEKS Enthoo Primo
    PHANTEKS Enthoo Pro
    PHANTEKS Enthoo Pro TG
    PHANTEKS Enthoo Pro M
    PHANTEKS Enthoo Pro M TG

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Technical Details

Liquid cooling component Verteilerplatte (Distro Plate)
Primary colour transparent
Height (exact) 300
Width (exact) 138
Depth (exact) 13
Height 200 - 300 mm
Width 100 - 200 mm
Depth up to 100 mm
No. of water cooling fittings 7x G1/4"
Material acryl glass
Lighting yes
Lighting colour RGB (selectable)

Customer review "PHANTEKS Glacier D140 Distro Plate - Acrylic, Reflective, DRGB-LED"

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Vorab sollte ich sagen, ich habe die Distro Plate auf gut Glück gekauft und war bereit...
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passt eben doch

Vorab sollte ich sagen, ich habe die Distro Plate auf gut Glück gekauft und war bereit im Zweifelsfall selbst passende Löcher zu bohren.

War aber nicht nötig.

Ich verwende seit nunmehr 9 Jahren das Cooler Master HAF Advanced RC-932 Gehäuse. In der Beschreibung war es schon ersichtlich dass die Schnellspanner Befestigung für die Grafikkarte Probleme machen kann und raus muss.
Es war etwas tricky, die Grafikkarte musste zuerst sitzen und ich musste mich an meine Kindheit mit Tetris zurück erinnern, aber effektiv passte die Distro Plate dann exakt an die Rückwand.

So, aber wie nun befestigen, da im Hinweis 1 auf andere Bohrungen hingewiesen wird.

Tipp: Den Hinweis ignorieren weil es insgesamt 6 Löcher gibt.

Phanteks war so schlau und hat neben den hier angegebenen Bohrlöchern noch 2 weitere mit den Standard Abmessungen gesetzt. Die Plate ließ sich absolut ohne Probleme verbauen

9 von 10 Punkten gibt es allerdings nur, da ein Anschluss als Entlüftung vorgeschlagen wird, aber nur zwei ganz normale Verschlüsse mitgeliefert werden. Ich werde mir auf jedenfall noch ein Entlüftungs Verschluss dazu kaufen, für den Fall das ich mal das Wasser wechseln muss. Eine Sekunde nicht aufgepasst und mir lief die ganze Soße dort raus.

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