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Universal PWM Fan Hub, Retail - Black

  • PWM hub from Phanteks
  • regulates fan speeds
  • supports up to five 4-pin- and three 3-pin fans
  • controlled via 4-pin PWM motherboard connector or wired remote control


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Item number: LULS-316

EAN: 0886523001430


Manufacturer: PHANTEKS


Product information - Universal PWM Fan Hub, Retail - Black

The already extensive catalogue of accessories offered by renowned case manufacturer PHANTEKS has expanded once again in the form of this PWM fan hub that can be installed on the back of the motherboard tray. The function of the PWM fan hubs is as unique as it is ingenious: this allows users to control up to eight 3-pin fans like PWM out of the box when paired with a compatible motherboard. To do so, simply connect the bundled 4-pin PWM cable with the motherboard connector and hook up the SATA power cable to the PSU. Now up to three 3-pin- and five 4-pin fans can be connected directly to the hub.

The PHANTEKS Universal Fan Controller Fan Hub at a Glance:

  • Hub from PHANTEKS for five 4-Pin- and three 3-Pin fans
  • Controllable via motherboard or wired remote
  • Powered via SATA cable
  • Cables and installation materials included

Control via Motherboard or Remote

Only the speed signal of the first fan (FAN 1, white connector) is read and passed on to the motherboard, the RPM values of the other fans cannot be displayed. When using the hub, please check if all fans are running and turning fast enough. They will now be voltage controlled together, in the same way as If they were PWM fans that were each connected to a corresponding PWM connector!

Alternatively, the fans speed can be controlled by a wired remote. Three speed levels are available. The remote control is connected to the input connector as a replacement for the cable that otherwise connects the hub to the motherboard.

Easily Expanded and Installed

For those who feel eight fans just doesn't cut it, additional fans can be connected using an optional Y-cable to. For this purpose, PHANTEKS has also included the necessary adapter cables. Only FAN Connector 1 must remain separate due to the speed reading. The PWM fan hub is an extremely interesting addition to all cases where lots of fans need to be controlled automatically at one time.

To ensure that everything works properly even in non-branded cases, the package includes two self-adhesive hook-and-loop surfaces to allow the hub to be attached to the case. This makes the PWM hub easy to install and remove if needed.

Note: If the 4-Pin PWM cable of the hub is not connected to a PWM connector on the motherboard, but instead to a 4-Pin- or 3-Pin port that is voltage regulated, the additional SATA power connector cannot be used, or all fans will spin at full speed. By omitting the SATA power connection to the power supply, the maximum load capacity of the PWM hub is limited to a total of 30 Watts!

Technical Details:
  • Colour: Black
  • Connections:
    1x SATA power 12 Volt from PSU
    1x 4-Pin PWM to motherboard
    1x 4-Pin PWM to primary fan (speed output)
    4x 4-Pin-PWM
    3x 3-Pin
  • Package Contents:
    PWM Hub
    1x 4-Pin PWM cable to motherboard
    1x 2-Pin-to SATA power cable to PSU
    1x Wired remote (5-Pin)
    2x Self-adhesive hook and loop fastener for universal case installation
  • Manufacturer's guarantee: 5 Years

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Technical Details

Primary colour black
Connector 1 (internal) Fan (3-Pin) SOCKET 3x, Fan (4-Pin) SOCKET 5x, SATA (power) PLUG

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