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Super Flower

Super Flower
Leadex II 80 PLUS Gold Netzteil, modular weiß - 1200 Watt

  • Fully-Modular 80 PLUS Gold 1.200 Watt Power Supply
  • Premium Electronics
  • 7 Year Guarantee and Quiet 135 mm FDB Fans


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Item number: NESF-067

EAN: 4711213444654

MPN: SF-1200F14EG(WH)

Manufacturer: Super Flower


Product information - Leadex II 80 PLUS Gold Netzteil, modular weiß - 1200 Watt

For years Super Flower has been the insider secret in the world of power supplies. Unlike other brands of power supplies, Super Flower are not reliant upon contract manufacture and engineering service providers. Instead, Super Flower bring forth their own power supply factories and a highly-skilled development department. This allows Super Flower to sell their own brand name power supplies as well as rebranded models for other companies, delivering them with superb styling at attractive prices. Consequently it comes as little surprise that Super Flower power supplies are frequently recommended by noteworthy publications as well as satisfied end users.

The Leadex range marks the manufacturer's successful entrance into the high-end segment. With outstanding performance and low noise levels, the Leadex family has set the bar for performance power supplies since the end of 2013. The brand new Leadex II series represents a refresh of the fully-modular 80 PLUS Gold power supplies. Raising the bar yet again with improved visuals and technology under the bonnet, the Leadex II series represents Super Flower's determination to remain at the forefront of the performance segment.

Humming away under the bonnet of all models rated between 650 and 1.200 Watt lies the new Leadex II platform - naturally entirely a product of their own development and manufacturing processes. Compared to its predecessors the new models offer a startling increase in optimisation for use on a 230V European power grid: All Leadex II Gold 80 PLUS Gold 230V are EU certified and are guaranteed to reach over 92% efficiency at medium loads. Even at lower loads of 20% the power supplies reach at least 90% efficiency, while at full load their efficiency remains at 89%.

Furthermore, the 1200 Watt model offered here also meets the 80 PLUS Gold requirements for 115 Volts input voltage when its performance is reduced to 1000 Watts. On a 230 Volt European power grid however, the power supply is designed to be able to provide a full 1.200 Watts permanently even under extreme environmental temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius. Although at first glance this may seem complex, this proves to be greatly beneficial to European users: The guaranteed efficiency in conjunction with the mains voltage common in this part of the world is up to three whole percentage points higher. Thanks to this, the second generation of Leadex power supplies also belongs to the most economical voltage converters available.

Of course the other beneficiary of this improvement is to be found in the reduced operating volume: The higher the efficiency, the less heat produced, and therefore the smaller the cooling requirement. The Leadex II takes advantage of this by falling back to semi-passive cooling for longer periods of time under low to medium load. The low rotational speed of the fans as well as the FDB bearings enables the supply to remain extremely quiet while operating. In comparison to conventional ball bearings, FDB bearings are much quieter, while they also surpass ordinary bearings with regards to their lifespan.

In order to reach such a high degree of efficiency, Super Flower relies on the latest technology: The Leadex II platform comes with a LLC resonance converter in the primary area and DC-DC step down conversion for the +3,3- and +5- volt rails. Using this method of independent voltage regulation allows the voltage output to remain close to the target values even when placed under demanding test bench scenarios (e.g asymmetric load). The entire rated voltage can be output as +12- Volt current if required. In combination with the low ripple, the Leadex II is especially suited for demanding configurations and overclocking projects.

The choice of semi conductors and capacitors shows Super Flower putting a clear emphasis on quality: That's why the primary board uses 105 degree Japanese-brand Elkos exclusively as well as building in solid polymer capacitors. The circuit board utilises A-Brand Taiwanese 105 degree Elkos. In combination with the sophisticated fan control and the long-life FDB fans the average lifespan of the unit reaches around 100.000 hours. With protection against over- and under-voltage (OVP, UVP), short circuit (SCP), overload (OPP), overheating (OTP) and over-current (OCP on the +3,3- and +5 Volt rails) the Leadex II shuts down immediately to protect valuable hardware (and itself) from damage. So with that in mind, it was an easy decision to make when they decided to offer a whole seven-year manufacturer's guarantee on the product.

Visually, Leadex keeps the Super Flower from straying too far from its roots: The case and the characteristic transparent cube connectors for modular cables remain as before. As of now the white LED lighting can be conveniently switched on or off according to preference. This allows the Leadex II to remain an attractive candidate for inconspicuous builds as well as for ambitious modding projects.

As is the case with all other Leadex power supplies, Super Flower has invested in a fully-modular cable management system as well as completely black cabling. This enables you to only connect the necessary cables to the supply. Certainly the 650 Watt model offered here provides an abundance of cable terminals: Besides the 20+4 pin motherboard connector there is a 4+4 pin connector for the processor and a total of four 6+2-pin PCIe connectors available for graphics cards. Further components are supplied with power by means of twelve SATA- and four Molex plugs as needed.

In short: The second Super Flower's second generation Leadex series is both more efficient as well as quieter than its forebears. The new edition delivers even better voltages and offers an array of attractive features like lighting that can be switched on or off and an extended seven year guarantee.

Technical Details:
  • Dimensions: 150 x 85 x 165 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 2,3 kg
  • Fans: 135 mm (FDB bearings; automatic control with selectable semi-passive mode)
  • Colour: White, white lighting (on/off)
  • Efficiency: min. 92/90/89 % at 50/20/100 % load, 80 PLUS Gold 230V EU certification
  • Active PFC
  • Form Factor: ATX12V/EPS12V
  • Performance: 1.200 W
    +3,3V: 24 A
    +5V: 24 A
    +3,3V & +5V: 120 W
    +12V: 99,9A A / 1.198,6W
    -12V: 0,5 A / 6 W
    +5Vsb: 3 A / 15 W
  • Connectors (modular):
    1x 24-Pin EPS12V
    2x 4+4-Pin EPS12V/ATX12V
    8x 6+2-Pin PCIe
    12x SATA
    4x 4-Pin Molex
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee: 7 Years
  • Protection Circuits: Over- and Under- Voltage Protection (OVP, UVP), Short Circuit (SCP), Overload (OPP), Overheating (OTP) and Over-Current (OCP for +3,3- and +5-Volt Rails)


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Super Flower

Technical Details

PSU formfactor ATX
Power category 1001 to 1200 Watt
DC output (accurate) 1200 Watt
12V power 1198,6 Watt
12V Rail distribution Single Rail
modular yes (semi- or fully-modular), fully-modular
semi-passiv yes, selectable
6+2-Pin PCIe 8x
CPU power supply 2x 4+4-Pin
4-Pin connectors 4x
SATA connectors 12x
PSU fan 135 mm
Illumination yes
Illumination colour white
Colour white
Depth 17 cm
Case fan controller no
Software Interface (digital) no
Efficiency 80Plus 80 PLUS Gold
Efficiency Class Cybenetics ETA A
Volume Cybenetics LAMDA S+

Customer review "Super Flower Leadex II 80 PLUS Gold Netzteil, modular weiß - 1200 Watt"

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fantastico,consegna veloce se non di piu' ddi amazon.ottimo prodotto e negozio
Ich bin super zufrieden mit diesem netz teil hatte vorher das leadex 850w und war auch...
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Super Flower 1200w

fantastico,consegna veloce se non di piu' ddi amazon.ottimo prodotto e negozio


Gaming high end pc

Ich bin super zufrieden mit diesem netz teil hatte vorher das leadex 850w und war auch super zufrieden ... ich habe das asus rampage v extreme verbaut mit einem intelcore i7 5820k und 32gb ram .. viele lüfter und led's grafik karte ist die asus gtx 1080ti founders edition ... habe keinerlei strom probleme es ist super leise und siht auch einfach gut aus der preis ist etwas teuer aber es lohnt sich für mich baut superflower die besten netzteile lg kmg-psyychh ps. Ich würde es immer wieder kaufen und kann es nur empfehlen

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  • Computerbase - Super Flower Leadex II Gold 650W

    + Wirkungsgrad nach 80Plus Gold
    + Allgemein leiser Betrieb
    + FDB-Lüfter
    + Volle Leistung bei 50 °C
    + Beleuchtete Netzteil-Buchsen
    + Vollmodulares Kabelmanagement
    + Vollständige Schutzschaltungen
    + Hohe Bauteilgüte
    + Lange Kabel
    + Sehr gute elektrische Messwerte
    + Sieben Jahre Garantie

  • TweakPC - Super Flower Leadex II Gold

    Das Super Flower Leadex II Gold ist in der neuen zweiten Generation vor allem in der Ausstattung und der Effizienz verbessert worden. Die Effizienz sticht dabei klar hervor und ist das Aushängeschild dieser Serie. Sowohl unter 230 als auch unter 115 V bewegt sich das Modell nicht  mehr wie zuvor auf einfachem Gold-Level, sondern kratzt ganz klar an der Platinum-Stufe. Das neue Leadex II Gold könnte damit tatsächlich eines der effizientesten Gold-Netzteile auf dem Markt sein. Eine gute Spannungsregulation, massive Reserven unter 230 V und gute Ausstattung, sowie eine schicke Beleuchtung kann das neue Modell ebenfalls liefern.


    + Sehr hohe Effizienz für Gold-Level / Quasi Platinum-Level
    + Gute Ausstattung
    + Gute Spannungsregulation im Bereich von 1%
    + Abschaltbare Beleuchtung
    + Aktiv- oder Semipassiv-Betrieb wählbar
    + Hysterese in Lüftersteuerung
    + Lange Kabel, viele Stecker
    + Farbige Sleeve-Kabel als Zubehör erhältlich

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