Guarantee & Warranty

Here at Caseking, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Because of this, we constantly strive to provide you with the best service possible in case of a warranty claim, in order to solve your request quickly, properly and to your fullest content.

Seller's Warranty (Gewährleistung) & Manufacturer's Warranty (Garantie)

On the difference between “Garantie” and “Gewährleistung” according to German law:

“Garantie“ and „Gewährleistung“

Garantie and Gewährleistung - both words can be translated as “warranty” in English. Yet the term Gewährleistung (the correct legal expression is Sachmängelhaftung) refers to a warranty period of two years, which is prescribed by German law in §§434 ff. of the German Civil Code in accordance with EU directives and provided only by the seller/retailer itself (e.g. Caseking). It can thus be described as seller's or retailer's warranty, whereas the Garantie or manufacturer's warranty is a (potentially limited) promise of guarantee pursuant to §311 of the German Civil Code, which is voluntarily given by the manufacturers themselves and totally independent from the seller/retailer. Since this is EU law, similar regulations can be found in all member states of the European Union under different names. Caseking is only handling the manufacturer warranty for some manufacturers.

A noteworthy peculiarity of the legal regulations of the Gewährleistung (seller's warranty) is the reversal of the burden of proof after the first six months after purchase. This necessitates that, in case of a warranty claim, a customer must provide evidence that the seed or cause of the malfunction or defect of the product already existed at the moment of purchase and did not result from later (mis)use or natural attrition. During the first six months after purchase, it is simply assumed that the former is the case. However, we acknowledge that it can be pretty difficult for laymen to present such proof when it comes to complex electronic devices and hardware, which is why Caseking is very obliging and accommodating in this regard. We're always using common sense in assessing warranty claims and in general do not demand any complicated evidence from our customers.


Please note: If your product has been paid for via credit card, PayPal or BitPay, any refunds will always be issued back to the original payment method (for PayPal only within 180 days after purchase). In any other case you must provide us with your bank account data through the respective form (see at the top of this page).

Second-hand owners of a product originally sold by us require a declaration of assignment regarding their vendor warranty rights in writing signed by the original buyer. Otherwise we are unable to process your claim. The reason for this is that the purchasing contract exists only between us and the original buyer while the vendor's warranty rights (Gewährleistungsrechte) are never automatically transferred to a new owner of a product. If a manufacturer's guarantee can be or is automatically transferred to second hand owners / is bound to a product and not its owner depends entirely on the respective manufacturer's policy.


The legally mandated period of the Gewährleistung is 24 months for all products, starting from the date of purchase.

King Mod Guarantee for Modified Processors

24 Months King Mod Guarantee Included

Warranty and Guarantee All Caseking-modified Intel processors bearing the der8auer or King Mod brands are originally tray variants without the usual boxed packaging or a CPU cooler. It is generally impossible to invoke direct manufacturer warranties by the manufacturer Intel® for such OEM CPUs. For this reason, Caseking offers a two year guarantee for processors that have been modified on our own accord, which extends beyond the legally mandated liability for material defects (seller's warranty or "Gewährleistung") in order to guarantee functionality within the limits of the modifications and (possibly expanded) product specifications.

The burden of proof on the part of the customer, as required by law when processing a seller's warranty claim starting six months after the item was purchased, is therefore waived. The King Mod guarantee is therefore not just valid for pre-existing defects, but also for those that may arise during proper and appropriate use of the product. However, we reserve the right to reject warranty claims due to inappropriate, negligent or unauthorised use.

The King Mod guarantee can only be processed through the Caseking RMA system. Products fulfilling the RMA criteria will be replaced or, in cases where same product is not available, exchanged against a model of equivalent value (e.g. a newer CPU generation), otherwise the purchase price will be reimbursed in full. Mechanical modifications (e.g. polishing or re-delidding) performed by customers themselves invalidate the King Mod guarantee. The aforementioned modifications are easily identified and proven due to the sealing.

Available Modifications & Combinations of Modifications Include:
  • Delidding (removal of the Integrated Heat Spreader for further processing)
  • Integrated Heat Spreader swap (silver IHS for improved thermal conductivity)
  • Alternative Thermal Interface Materials (improved heat-conducting compound e.g. liquid metal)
  • Pre-tested overclocking (pre-tested to guarantee certain overclocks)
  • IHS lapping and nickel-plating (concave curvature removed to improve contact area)
  • (Laser-)Engraving (with custom logos and distinctive features)
Further information on the specifications and characteristics we guarantee can be found in the product descriptions of the respective products.

Handling of your claim


Please take into account the following information on how to return your item(s) prior to sending back any goods to allow us to process your return as quickly as possible:

  1. Always return each product completely, that means including all the parts and accessories supplied with it and in its original packaging, just like you received it from us on delivery. Only such components that have been put together by us can also be returned in an already assembled state, whereas individual parts and products bought separately always have to be sent back in exactly the way we have shipped them originally.
  2. Please also adhere to any handling advice given on the product itself or in the manual regarding transportation in order to maintain your warranty rights. For example, it is imperative to always dispatch motherboards with LGA sockets (that didn't come with a processor pre-assembled by Caseking) with a safely attached socket cover for protection and without any CPU mounted on it. For questions or issues complying with this, please contact our RMA department for help.
  3. Please bear in mind that the outer packaging of the product itself is insufficient for being used as sole shipping packaging (with the exception of some PC cases), since it does not provide adequate protection for transport. Improperly boxed and padded wares will be shipped back at the sender’s expense. Such return claims cannot be processed any longer and products declared as faulty will be exempt from replacement or refunding, as they have most likely been damaged due to the unprotected shipping. In an event like this, the product warranty is always voided and any rights to claims are forfeit.
  4. Always use an insured shipping method when returning goods on your own without using our free parcel stamps (meaning no "DHL Päckchen" for example) and never use mail envelopes or similarly insecure packaging items for your return.
  5. If possible, please include a thorough fault description for each product as well as a copy of your invoice with your return package. This will simplify and speed up processing. You can use the printed RMA form for this purpose.
  6. Spare Parts for Gaming Chairs: In the case of faulty or defunct gaming chairs, we are often able to deliver spare parts in order to avoid a complicated return of the entire gaming chair, which should be more convenient for end customers. Before requesting a parcel stamp using the claims/RMA form, please contact our complaints hotline, use our contact form or our community forums to find out what is possible regarding your specific problem. Please create two to three well recognizable photos or a short video of the defect also showing the product's invoice for this purpose. These photos and/or videos can either be uploaded via a filehosting service (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive etc.) and the respective links posted in the fault description text field of the RMA/claims form or in our support forums or attached directly to an e-mail at "[email protected]" along with your request.

Free Returns at Caseking

Returns (Claim) In case of a revocation / withdrawal of one or more items with a (total) value of at least 40 Euros or in case of a justified claim due to a material defect, all customers residing in one of the countries named below will automatically receive a DHL postage stamp within one business day upon submission of the RMA form that entitles you to free return shipping to us. Returns from all other countries or returns from Germany with a (total) value amounting to less than 40 Euros receive no free shipping stamp and must bear the shipping costs themselves. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept packages sent freight collect. However, in certain cases we can still reimburse your shipping costs after having processed your return. (see further below for more information)

Free package tags can be created for the following countries:
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
Attention: Please note that shipping of repaired or exchanged items to countries outside the EU may incur import duties and fees. Please contact your local customs office for further information.

Possible shipping cost reimbursement for returns without a free parcel stamp:

If no packet label can be generated for your country, the return must be shipped independently and correctly stamped. Parcels sent freight collect cannot be accepted. In the event of a withdrawal / revocation within 14 days with an (overall) value of the goods amounting to at least 40 Euros or a justified complaint according to the seller's warranty sent in without a free parcel stamp, we will reimburse any shipping costs incurred after completion of the processing up to a reasonable amount after having received a scan of your shipping cost receipt. The original shipping costs (shipping to the customer) will also be refunded in case of a complete cancellation of an order. In case of a revocation of purchase with regard to articles with a (total) value of below 40 Euros the costs of transport will, as a rule, not be compensated.

Shipping Address for Return Shipments without Free Parcel Stamp:

Caseking GmbH, Logistikcenter, RMA-Abteilung, Gaußstr. 1, 10589 Berlin, Germany
The upper limit of the reimbursable postage due orients itself on the usual shipping costs for insured parcel to Germany common in the respective country of origin using national transport service providers or, in case of parcel shipments from Germany without a free parcel stamp, on the respective current prices of DHL and requires you to present documentation (a receipt) of said costs. In general, however, shipping service providers can be chosen freely. We would like to point out that the most favourable (cheapest) insured shipping method must always be chosen for all return shipments. Express surcharges will not be refunded by us under any circumstances. Possible receipts for the costs of return shipments from abroad can be sent as a scan or as a clearly recognisable photo by e-mail to [email protected]. We kindly request patience for a few days while it is processed.
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